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The Pandemic and the Trumps

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/23/pandemic-and-trumps

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The Trumps have never been, are not now, and never will be anything resembling leaders of men and women.

They have proven to be the lowest form of human beings, similar to cavemen, snorting and grunting in order to make their wishes known.

Only those with similar basic instincts relate to this primitive behavior.

As we all know from our teachings, cavemen went extinct, and those few dinosaurs that somehow managed to survive, are destined for the tarpits.


And we all know what happened to King Lear, who was barking mad. He was betrayed by his children. I can see Ivanka easily in the role.

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Hi sekhmetsdaughter:
King Lear’s 3rd daughter, was a good one, but the FOOL gave truth solace to the mad king. Although, when the money goes Trump won’t get any solace anywhere.
" What’s in a name?" It will be a relief to see a bunch of TRUMPED Trumps.: )


“Brazil is the country enduring the worst suffering of any country in the world from the coronavirus.”
I just couldn’t let “Great minds think alike” go without adding a doh.
The wording grotesque minds seems more accurate to label DJT #45,
he the impolite person to never mention at gatherings and get togethers.