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'The Pandemic Is Accelerating,' Says WHO Chief, Warning of 'New and Dangerous Phase' of Coronavirus Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/pandemic-accelerating-says-who-chief-warning-new-and-dangerous-phase-coronavirus


China and Germany have new outbreaks:



The “Pandemic is accelerating,” and the GOP is “slamming on the brakes” and steering us into the path of oncoming death and destruction.

Can we please get the tar and feathers ready now?

And perhaps we can save a little for the DINOS in the Democratic Establishment.


No Trump fan here but I get suspicious when numbers keep getting thrown around without any analysis.

  1. Where are the new cases occurring geographically?
  2. How many require hospitalizations?
  3. Death Rate?
  4. Age breakdown?

Sorry, but here in the US it is an election year and there are vested parties interested in keeping the fear going until November.

We need qualified, non-partial, reasonable, medical/scientific professionals to provide the data, not CNN, NPR, Fox or the NYT.


China and Germany. They have implemented lockdowns again in certain cities.


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From the article:

" President Donald Trump, meanhwile, told the Wall Street Journal this week that testing for Covid-19 is ‘overrated.’"

As someone posted recently, no one knows better than the Pwesident what being “overrated” is all about.


The DINOS think removing Confederate portraits from the walls of Congress after sitting there for 150 years, is action.

If it wasn’t so pathetic, it’d be funny.


Gosh, maybe they’ll remove Confederate (neoliberal) dogma from Congress too, after sitting there for fifty years.


Also, what is really pathetic to me is one wonders what it will take to eliminate the pictures and accolades of all the war criminals from the capital like: Reagan, Johnson, Bush, Clinton, Trump and too many others to list here. What is needed is a war criminal wall in Washington D.C.


A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    28 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   4.  01/30/2020           5           5
>   8.  02/27/2020          11          16
>  12.  03/26/2020      85,340      85,356
>  16.  04/23/2020     780,229     865,585
>  20.  05/21/2020     706,032   1,571,617
>  24.  06/18/2020     607,093   2,178,710

Our “stubborn plateau” of new cases represents stasis in USA’s outbreak. Better than a steep rise, but not any progress, either. Apparently primed for new highs in USA soon, but you never know in the context of all the monkey business so many states play with their reporting of COVID-19 cases.


You did read that it is the WHO led by the Ethiopian Mr. Ghebreyesus that did the analysis and announced this, right? Why would the WHO care about what happens in November in the United States?

The new exponential acceleration in new cases is being led by the Brazil, the US, India, Mexico and Peru. Only one of them is having an election in November.

Here’s the data - knock yourself out:


Framing a dangerous pandemic in political terms is offensive and dangerous. But then, even hurricanes have become political events in the vile USA. Now doubt even an asteroid impact of interstellar origin would become “political” and “about an election” by the Trumpists.


Lately the US cases are rising again - the large acceleration in southern states and California outstripping the decline in cases in New York and the northeast.

The CDC data is no reliable. Go to worldometer:


There is going to have to be a revision of the DSM-5 after this election to include political paranoia and a few other national maladies.

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Where to start?

Which “vested interest” benefits from a shutdown? Especially with this horrific government, both rotten parties and them telling workers, local governments and small business to drop dead? We need things because of public health concerns, and those in power refuse for class and ideological reasons to put in place economic policies to get us through this. We have zero chance of getting through the environmental crisis. This rotten society will collapse, and it isn’t far off.

You do realize the limits to data collection overall, right, especially during a pandemic, and especially when the agencies that could gather and analyze the data are already overwhelmed? You also realize that there is always going to be an UNDERREPORTING of COVID-19 cases, right? People have died from COVID-19 that weren’t tested, or their deaths were attributed to other causes. Those numbers, whatever they are, are a floor, not a ceiling. And those outlets are problematic, but not because they can’t report on studies by others. They are problematic because they are giant networks owned by corporations, economically reliant on other corporations for ad revenue, and the on air talent is rich and has a clear ideological and class bias. Even if they report on a study, do you trust them to be truly objective, and to report on things that are in opposition to the interests that own and fund those networks? One network you named is actually encouraging people to act recklessly, as if some of the data ambiguity is a green light to act with no regard to public health and the lives of other people.

The virus is spreading, we have opened up with no clear planning and in many places in violation of all things health professionals say we should be doing, and we are set to overwhelm the healthcare system, a system that wasn’t working well before the pandemic and was the worst system in the developed world to begin with.

The real problem is that we have two choices in the coming election in the two major rotten parties, and they are both horrific candidates. Trump is a monster, and Biden opposes the healthcare system best suited to get us through this, and opposes the economic reforms we need to get through this and to really deal with the environmental crisis. He spent the entire primary lying about that healthcare system, which had an impact on the zombie older voters that pushed his zombie campaign across the finish line. On our current trajectory, with either of them and whatever younger, female version of Biden he chooses as his VP, we are effectively locking ourselves into a decade or more of policies that will lead us to collapse. I am told by people with no working brains that this is pragmatic.

And you starting your comment with “No Trump fan here” is the equivalent of saying, “I don’t mean to be racist but…”, and then the racist comment follows.


I’m in the midst of Laurie Garret’s Betrayal, about the state of public-health responses. I wish WHO came off smelling better in that narrative. They’ve been challenged by strange pressures originating from international politics from the git-go. It seems almost impossible to disentangle public-health from politics, domestically or internationally – though such entanglement is always destructive of human lives.


This discovery reported at the Guardian:

4h ago 16:10
Italy: Covid-19 was present in two big cities two months before first case was detected

The coronavirus was present in two large Italian cities in December, more than two months before the first case was detected, a national health institute study of waste water has found.

That suggests the virus appeared in Italy around the same time it was first reported in China.

Researchers discovered genetic traces of Sars-CoV-2 - as the virus is officially known - in samples of waste water collected in Milan and Turin at the end of last year, and Bologna in January, the ISS institute said in a statement seen by AFP on Friday.

Italy’s first known native case was discovered mid-February.

The results “help to understand the start of the circulation of the virus in Italy,” the ISS said.

They also “confirm the by-now consolidated international evidence” as to the strategic function of sewer samples as an early detection tool, it added.

The results feed into an effort by scientists around the world to trace the virus’s family tree.

Updated at 4.27pm BST


I don’t trust Worldometers, as their terminology betrays very suspicious political bias.

I don’t trust CDC either, but their numbers are official, and they don’t use racist terms for diseases, like the troglodytes at Worldometers.

My preferred unofficial source is Covidly.

Yes, the fact that Reagan ( whom my late uncle knew personally and told me before he passed away: " Ronald was one of the most corrupt people he had ever known") is the darling of the Republican Party corroborates your post.

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Now being openly discussed, and I think it’s a worthwhile conversation, is quarantine for people over 75-years-old. That’s the population overwhelmingly being hospitalized and dying. The numbers in assisted living facilities alone are staggering:


Yes, we need solid data. The “be afraid, be very afraid” armwaving is really old by now.