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The Pandemic Is Raging Out of Control, So Pompeo Invited 900 People to an Indoor Holiday Party?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/04/pandemic-raging-out-control-so-pompeo-invited-900-people-indoor-holiday-party

This would be the time for the Biden team to publicly state that any staffer or government employee required to attend these parties, will be reinstated if they lose their job for refusing to attend these Covid super spreader events. Pompeo and others in the current administration prove an Ivy-league education doesn’t provide you with common sense, and also in Pompeo’s case, our military academies don’t instill any honor. Covidiots one and all. .


I’m sorry for this reaction but I can’t keep my eyes off the wife’s, er, adornments. Real? Photoshopped? Implants? I keep waiting to hear the sound of balloons popping…
They will make it a bit hard to intubate her, though, because of the weight.
Every party they make, every group they invade, Covid will be spreading because of them( a riff from Every Move You Make)


You had me at “adornments”. :))))


No loss of life here. All 900 soulless zombies. It doesn’t matter. Let these jackasses meet their maker and if you are braindead to even have any of these people in your intimate circle and don’t take precautions yourself, you earned covid and any sickness it causes you. Period. Full stop.

All 900 should be required to sign a statement releasing any medical professional from any obligation to treat or assist them if they get sick.