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The Paris Agreement: 1.5C to Stay Alive


The Paris Agreement: 1.5C to Stay Alive

Bianca Jagger

On 12th December at 7:16 p.m. Laurent Fabius, French Minister for Foreign Affairs and President of COP21, announced to a room packed with ministers, negotiators, NGOs and prominent guests "I see the room and I see that the reaction is positive. I don't hear any objection. The Paris Agreement for the Climate is adopted." His voice quivered with emotion as he banged his gavel on his sounding block, marking the end of a tense and often strained two weeks of climate negotiations.


Disappointing, to see Jagger conclude that the vapid, sentimental dross oozing from this so-called agreement represents some kind of accomplishment with any relevance to carbon emissions.


Thank you Bianca for this very well written, descriptive, Heartfelt, and thoughtful article about the nuts and bolts of COP21 from the inside.
The skepticism prevalent now just a week past the end of COP21( on this website and others) is actually in many ways a positive sign. COP21 is not only an ending of decades of derisive bickering, it's the beginning of powerful and systemic Change. It's a time of optimism coupled with considerable fear and anxiety over what is to become of us and our World. By uniting together in spirit as one, we will find the courage to Make the Leap.


I don't believe there is any chance of meeting the 1.5C target. It reduces the carbon budget for the 2C budget almost in half. As it is, the pledges amounted to about double the 2C budget. The link below gives an idea of what it would take to attain the 1.5C target and saying it would be extremely difficult is an understatement. India is planning to double its coal-burning capacity, which is similar to that of the US, by 2020, and then triple it. Bianca Jagger fails to mention anything about positive feedbacks such as thawing permafrost. James Hansen has stated that he thinks these the tipping point for these feedbacks is likely to be just beyond 1C, which we should reach during the next 10 years. Bianca Jagger also did not mention the role of aerosols from coal burning that block sunlight and have a cooling effect. Stop enough coal burning and rather quickly most of these aerosols will no longer be in the atmosphere and the temperature is likely to jump several tenths of a degree Celsius.



Completely agree.
They are quite clearly willing to destroy life on Earth for their quick, high profits.


Thanks for pointing out that the conference menu had limited vegetarian options. If this was a serious conference there would have been zero meat options. People who ignore half the problem are not serious environmentalists.