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The Paris Agreement Is Set to Go Into Effect. Will it Be Trumped?


The Paris Agreement Is Set to Go Into Effect. Will it Be Trumped?

John Light

The European Union on Tuesday voted to opt in to the Paris climate agreement, paving the way for the historic global pact to go into effect next month. That means this first US-backed international effort to keep climate change under control will enter into force right around the time the US will elect its next president.


One only has to go back to the days of George W. Bush to realize what a disaster Trump would be for fighting climate change. Valuable years were lost in the effort because of Bush. Like Trump he was climate change denier but did reverse himself late in his second term. But even after he acknowledged the obvious he undermined global efforts by setting up parallel climate meetings to the UN climate meetings. Trump would certainly cancel Obama's executive order and provide no US leadership on this issue. Bush was horrible and Trump would almost certainly be at least as bad. Ralph Nader played a role in electing Bush. Will history repeat itself with Jill Stein playing a role in electing Trump?


As far as Paris is concerned, when Obama and his Democratic Party rubber stamps in Congress pass TPP between November 9 and January 19 it will "be trumped", irrespective of who is inaugurated on January 20.

As far as WWIII is concerned both the Democrats and GOP are under just as much Wall Street pressure to accelerate it and its revenue stream for their military industrial complex (MIC).

IF Trump IS elected the DNC (not Stein voters) will have all the blood on its hands for railroading Clinton into the general election, just as the DNC (not Nader voters) has all the election 2000 blood on its hands for refusing to demand a Florida recount.


Obama's climate legacy!!?? His end of term climate change PR is an insult to Reason and Planet Earth. The greater part of his presidency was spent bending over a barrel of oil.


"Crooked Hillary" isn't crooked. We haven't had a world war in over 70 years so I don't know why you are so concerned. And "lose" only has one "o."


Hey you "lesser evil voting is for centrists suckers" : I would like to hear you justify the actions of a Floridian who knowingly voted for Nader in 2000 in light the resultant stonewalling on AGW by the fossil fuel-friendly Bush administration; {lets put aside the death, suffering, destruction, and trillions wasted on the Iraq invasion and its continuing aftermath}.


It will likely be " Trumped no matter which one of these two sorry ass candidates wins. The Donald says it's all a hoax from China and HRC has some position tidbits on her website that's just political position fluff. She is obviously more concerned about opposing Putin-Russian-Chinese villainy -- which is trumped up -- than she dealing with the problem that many of us think is the most important issue on the "table" because it's burning a hole in the table.


So defensive. Tell me how Wall Street profits from a nuclear WWIII?


No. Stein is no Nader. This is not dull Gore v compassionate Bush. Stein will not be relevant to results. Vote as you please.


We'd better start plugging those methane leaks on the Arctic shelf and in the tundra. That tipping point has been passed. I suppose we could outsource to China the making of gigantic steel plugs or even better gigantic steel cones with pipes on them so we can then feed the methane to a natural gas facility on a giant Chinese-built ship and then sell the natural gas to China to help it smelt the steel to make the giant methane-capturing cones..............

Paris was a sick joke written 30 years too late.How on earth are we going to stop 7 billion people churning out CO2, nearly half of them in Asia where status and face boils down to the the amount of energy one can openly squander?.


By selling futures in reconstruction before the war starts?????????


But we have had a world at war during the last 70 years.


Nothing can ever change and Obama is terrible. Thank god progressives didn't always have the cynical attitude I see around here or Medicare and Social Security wouldn't exist.


Can't blame Stein if Trump is elected. Bernie was consistently beating him in the polls until the DNC and Crooked Hillary kneecapped him. The blame will go to the DNC who would rather lose than see Bernie in power.


Yep, it was stolen--by 4 million votes. It would have been great if Bernie won, but he didn't. In primaries, some candidates win, some lose, and that's how it goes. Bernie's still in the Senate and will be chairing either budgets or health and education if the Drms win. He can work with Clinton, but Trump will be a no-go for sure.


"Whether or not the world confronts climate change could boil down to how Americans vote."

No, it can't. Both corporate candidates along with 95% of Congress, and the courts, are denying climate change--Trump whether it exists and Clinton how serious it is and that it's here and how fast the effects are happening. Both completely deny the radical changes that will be needed to avoid horrific consequences--changes to the system they've spent their lives exploiting and supporting. Clinton is making a decision--conscious or un--to cut loose most of humanity and most of life on Earth in order to save her constituents--the corporate oligarchy. It's unlikely to work; she and they underestimate the connectedness of of the world and the direness of the eco-psychological crisis.

"The Paris agreement itself is not enough to ward off climate change, but it lays the groundwork for a future, more aggressive deal. "

No, it doesn't. The Paris deal is a mass-murder suicide pact meant--consciously or not--to quell the populace because the oligarchy and politicians can't or won't confront reality. It's up to us to force a real agreement, by peaceful revolution and peaceful direct action to shut down the fossil fuel industry and replace it with efficiency, wiser lives and clean safe resilient renewable energy. We need to reforest the planet and transform industry and agriculture to ecological forms; we need to help the poor achieve decent, sustainable lives while drastically reducing the impact of the rich. IOW we need to radically equalize global society, and neither corporate duopoly candidate will ever do that. In fact they'll both oppose it, violently.

Climate Catastrophe is happening so fast we need to reduce GHGs by at least 90% in the next 8 years or less to avoid exponentially rising risk of effects so devastating that we'll be unable to implement the solutions and unable to avoid the end of civilization. The Paris agreement isn't anywhere near enough, and the changes are happening so fast now and the point of no possibility on both 1.5°C and 2°C are coming up so soon that Paris is completely inadequate to handle it. Our only chance is a revolution massive and relentless enough to convince those in power to commit to a radical mobilization or to remove them from power and replace them with people who will do the job. It doesn't matter whether Trump or Clinton gets in office, this is the only solution that will work.