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The Parkland Kids Have Triggered Conservative Snowflakes


The Parkland Kids Have Triggered Conservative Snowflakes

Ryan Cooper

Over the weekend, the March for Our Lives event featured gigantic rallies across the nation, including one in Washington, D.C., that drew several hundred thousand people — depending on estimates, perhaps the largest single rally there in American history.


Hypocrisy is one of the prerequisites to being a conservative.

Being on the wrong side of History, is another.


But let’s try to make conservatives History nevertheless.


Hatred of “the Other” is another, as is “Refusal to take Responsibility.”


While the piece is good the use of the term “Snowflake” is not. “Snowflake” was invented by bigots to attack “political correctness.” The war on political correctness is actually a war of racist wanting to call other races names and sexists who want to use sexist terms. Anyone who doesn’t like it, is a “snow flake.” We “melt” when faced with “reality” which is always bigoted blanket statements. The term should go into the trash. The whole thought behind “snow flake” is Rovian. It’s as bad as calling people unAmerican if they don’t support war. It’s fascist. Please stop using it.


I’ll drink to that.


Yeah, and as an extension of that, I always find that there are lots of behavior-proxy’s that can be used to predict the propensity to “conservatism” in a person.

Conservatives will never extend any kind of courtesy to other people if it involves even the most miniscule chance of impact to their “private property”. This is seen in inconsiderate car-parking and driving behavior, and of course the types of vehicles they buy (needless to say, you never see a conservative using public transit - or on a bicycle), and attitudes toward any kind of harmless intrusion on their property - even adjacent activity.

And when conservatives recreate outdoors, there absolutely HAS to be a noisy, smelly internal combustion engine somewhere in the picture - and when on their noisy ATV’s - all consideration of the other landowners - especially when the landowner is all of us - i.e. USFS, Dept. of Interior, or local government - goes totally out the window.

Come to think of it, has anyone here EVER met a “conservative” who gives a flying fuck about ANY property or resources held in common - Air, rivers, groundwater, global climate?

And of course, except for maybe the upper classes of New York City in their penthouses, conservatives will always live out in the outer suburban/McMansion belts. They will only eat out in corporate chain restaurants - and the closest they will get to trying the food of other nationalities are the “Outback Steakhouse” or those generic pseudo-mom-and-pop tex-mex greasy spoons on the suburban strips. Most generally, they are terrified of trying anything new or different.

Conservatives react with alternating terror and loathing upon sight of a black man. And just plain loathing toward a Latino man or woman, or black woman.

Of course there are lots of personal behavior cues to pick out a “conservative” too - from waking gait to speech to grooming…


“Racial prejudice, anti-Semitism, or Hatred of anyone with different beliefs has no place in the human mind or heart.”
~Billy Graham~


Grooming: they wear sweater vests and use brylcreem to slick back their hair :sunglasses:


Good quote, except that it is what Graham said, not what he really thought. Graham condoned all wars and was a sycophant to all presidential war criminals.


On the other hand, the term “fascist” gets thrown around to denounce actions one does not agree with regardless of whether those actions have anything to do with that ideology. From what I’ve seen, no point of the political spectrum is immune from name-calling.

I have no problem with Ryan Cooper using the term “snowflake.” The American political right has gained the high ground in using language, as George Lakoff has noted often, and that includes, as you note, the pejorative term “politically correct,” which I take to mean women and minorities trying to have the same rights and privileges as white males and those who support and identify with them.

Also, my understanding is that “snowflake” is derided by the right because of the implied celebration of diversity: No two snowflakes are alike, and we need to laud all those differences. As opposed to the strict regimentation of the authoritarian followers attracted to inflexible leaders dictating the talking points that are quickly parroted through the MSM, social media, and the Right Wing Noise Machine. Or as Laura Ingraham would put it, just “shut up and sing” from the common hymnal and don’t be “unique.”

So, while Cooper might not be alluding to the uniqueness of “snowflakes,” the right likes to use that term as an insult to make the target “butthurt,” and I say throw it back on them since they’re clearly butthurt by the Parkland kids.

In a sense, the right’s attack on them is a good sign because it suggests that they perceive the movement as a viable threat. It’s disgusting that the right has labeled survivors as “crisis actors” and ridiculed Parkland survivor David Hogg’s college-application rejections (although you can bet that any acceptance will be quickly derided as “snowflake privilege”), but that also seems to indicate their need to discredit a viable threat.

And if that means throwing the term “snowflake” back at them, I’m all for it because these folks don’t fight fair. Reclaim or neutralize their language.


Cooper is not using the term, “snowflake” as diversity, but as - they are being weak and crying over the change we are fighting for. Snowflake has absolutely become a fascist term in the tool box to call someone a name and silence them if they stand up for human rights. It’s not unlike bigoted name calling - it’s creating a class to be bigoted against - the people who the Right consider too sensitive and need things like politically correct speech or speak out against using Indian names for football teams. If you understood the fascism in HRC’s last campaign of blanket statements repeatedly used to denounce every group that didn’t vote for her in the last presidential election(IE all men who didn’t vote for her “hate women” and she had her supporters repeated that non stop and never addressed the corruption the non supporters were accusing her of), then surely you can understand the fascist motive of the term, “snowflake.”

Perhaps you should visit how Nazi propaganda started in WWII.


Cooper is obviously using the term “snowflake” as a dig at followers of the conservative noise machine, who use this term to belittle progressives and liberals who give a shit about other people.

The fact that the cons are going into meltdown mode against the public stand of the Parkland survivors and the new movement for gun control, makes “snowflake” a perfect term to throw right back at them.


Snowflake, eh… Here in Canada we know what snowflakes can do in a driving wind and in large numbers. They’re not to be ignored.


Your point is correct. I hate to see us adopt the ugly slurs which originate on the Right. We are better than that.


Your post is spot-on correct, in my opinion, based on many years of observing these behavioral traits increase. I drive professionally, a lot. These personality types are easy to spot, as they tend to be the most aggressive and dangerous drivers on the road. They seem
to have a preference for the big SUV’s and the big gaudy pickups ( I am not referring to normal farm/work trucks). You are also correct about the ATV’s, as well as the waterborne
equivalents such as Jet Skis. Loudness, speed and aggression seem to be their calling card.


“If you think that people whose skin is a different color from yours dare beneath you, then you are
particularly not my friend.”

–Willie Nelson–


It is all part of this emergent right wing culture that is now on steroids. Dangerous as hell.

The Pentagon through “advising” the direction of Hollywood militant films, the NFL close to having Generals calling play by play, monster truck manufacturers advertising trucks as “tough” as in the “tough guy” driving it, military involvement in violent militant video gaming content…are all drivers of this movement.

Put everything together…fascist President, Corporate State Congress, mass surveillance, MIC accounting for over half of the budget, wars of Empire launched by a lying corporate captured MSM all with roots to a seminal day just chock full of unanswered questions…and you have one big fucking scary mess.

American exceptionalism I suppose.


Too bad he didn’t live by that.


Great, now there’s gonna be conservative “safe spaces” as well? Looks like everyone is turning into pussies.