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The Part About MLK White People Don’t Like to Talk About

The Part About MLK White People Don’t Like to Talk About

Zenobia Jeffries Warfield

“A lie cannot live.” —Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“…at least not forever.” —Zenobia Jeffries Warfield

At the time of his death, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most reviled men in the United States. Today, we remember him as the beloved Dr. King, and many of us refer to him as such.


I’ve always agreed with RMLKJ’s analysis that the real problem was the white moderates, even as in my current incarnation as a middle aged white male, just not moderate. In general moderates are really quite conservative in the true sense of that word. They abhor boat rocking and venerate the even keel. They furl their sails at the least breeze. They stick their heads in the sand at the news of military oppression in far away lands. “What could we ever do about it?” is their response. The answer is “Nothing, as long as that attitude is maintained”. Until more moderates push away from the denizens of distraction and challenge themselves with uncomfortable truths there is little hope for any leadership arising and sustaining itself in this country.


Here is a link to a page on biblical citations about loving your enemy. “Love” in this case is agape . There is an element of recognizing that we really are a single organism that we live to learn about. Our “enemy” can terrify and terrorize us in exceedingly subtle as well as deadly ways. We all die in the end, which begs the question, what, precisely, does it mean to be alive?


The forces of Evil that the authoritarian elites push on us in order to profit from our pain and suffering, will never extinguish the Peace and Love in the hearts of good men and women.


A bit poetic, but worth a heart, and I’m a little stingy with those. Otherwise they don’t mean as much.

But the “crackers” will still play the separate’s card. Let’s hope that the peace and love you mention wins out in the long run.

“The Part About MLK White People Don’t Like to Talk About”…
just LOVE that gross generalization.

White people ain’t no different than anybody else, honey!


So you can use the word “crackers” but not the word “niggers”? Double standard?

Peace and Love will not come from hoping, only doing.

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A lie certainly not only lives, but prospers in the world; a world Dr. King held up as religiously fraudulent. His most disappointing experience was that the white mainstream Christian churches didn’t support his demand for the most basic Christian value: social and economic justice.
But he also knew of a different world, where truth reigned forever;
and where no lie can live. This truth he lived and died for; and so of him the saying holds true: “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make free” (Jn.8.31-32). No wonder our society fears his memory.

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The Birmingham Jail quote can be equally applied to the LOTE crowd running the democratic party:

“I agree with your goals but the general population isn’t ready for such a giant leap. So yeah, we’ll get to your issues later. But first we must defeat the more evil R’s. Just don’t scare off all those suburban swing voters we so desperately need with your - gulp - socialist talk.”

Well, we did just that. For two years Obama had a majority in both houses. And before anyone jumps in to remind me it wasn’t filibuster-proof, explain how Trump was able to pass his tax cuts with only 51 votes. And notice how quickly the republicans got to work on those tax cuts and deregulation. The reason the dems didn’t increase taxes on wealth, pass single payer, help unions, scale back the pentagon or surveillance state and hold those Ponzi-scheming criminals on Wall Street responsible for theft is because they never had any intention of doing so; not because they couldn’t.

Bernie, Ocasio and any other real progressive can only do so much within the party because the leadership repudiates their philosophy of economic populism. Once Clinton carried the dems over to the dark side of corporate and wealthy sponsors, the party’s fate was sealed. And that’s why it’s so frustrating that these same progressive voices don’t start a third party.

We’ve been way too patient for much too long. Stagnant wages, an ever-worsening health care system, global warming and endless war are ripping the country/world to shreds. And even if it means another 4 years of Trump, then so be it. Every movement takes time to flourish and a progressive third party is the only one I will support from now on. To the DNC apologists, give me one single example where the points of crises I mentioned will be meaningfully addressed if, say, Joe Biden, somehow wins the next election. Time’s up.

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Several MLK celebrations near me are promoting charity type ‘service’ while tacitly, or overtly, denigrating social justice activism. Some had parts that were particularly disturbing such as presentations by JROTC, ROTC, and/or military. I noticed a few with the military contingent sporting clothing with the ‘Freedom Isn’t Free’ slogan which I find particularly offensive given that it is often used to justify imperialists crimes against humanity.


“the real problem was the white moderates,”

No, the real problems are the Liberals. More to the point, Neoliberals like what most of the Democrats are now. The Democrats were not happy with MLK when he spoke out against the Vietnam war. That includes a lot of blacks as well. Just like today the Democrats have sacred cows or should I say, cash cows. Check to see where your congress people stand on liberation for the Palestinian people. Or as Hillary Clinton told AIPAC, if they boycott Israel, they go to jail. Unlike the apartheid in S. Africa, Israeli Apartheid is acceptable. MLK spoke for all oppressed people. Not just for some. That’s what got him trouble.

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" Dr. King was widely disliked for his message of liberation for oppressed people in this country"

The White washing of MLK. No, he was more disliked because his message of liberation for oppressed people of the WORLD by this country. He became a pariah when he spoke out against the Corporate sponsored Vietnam war. And this was from the Civil Rights movement.



Thanks for straightening this out for me. I must have had blinders on to not see King in the proper light.

King was no more a pariah than the millions of soldiers and civilians alike, that angrily marched in protest to the corporate war whores. Outside of the MIC and it’s politician lackey’s the other block of detractors were mainly the southern state bigots.
To be just, I would qualify that by saying, certainly not all citizens of southern states practiced bigotry.

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Apples and oranges, starting with historical precedents. You must be white.

What frequently gets lost in MLK’s message is the worldwide historical contest. His message was being publicly spoken all over the world at the time, in countries coming out of colonization into national liberation, in countries with socialist republics in communist systems etc…It was a historical moment when the oppressed all over were gaining momentum. MLK’s message was contemporary.

Our Gandhi.

I had a lover who enjoyed my calling him “nigger” while I made love to him. “Nigger” can be a term of affection. “Cracker” is not. It is an ethnic slur. But hypocrisy lives in all demographics, liberals as well. You must be a cliché.