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The Partisan Use Of Preemption Is Surging


The Partisan Use Of Preemption Is Surging

Jim Hightower

We the People are being burgled. Again.

The latest hit is just the latest in a long string of political robberies, a nationwide crime wave being pulled off by moneyed elites and their political henchmen. With each heist, they haul off a little more of our democratic power: the ability of the working majority to have any real say in the corporate and governmental decisions that affect us.


Jim, If the ‘Home Rule’ movement doesn’t stop the thievery, what’s next?

**Armed Rebellion? **


Obviously, anyone who insists that Single Payer health care be left to state/local gov’t is setting up single payer to be squashed by the “higher” gov’t.


My home “Commonwealth” of Pennsylvania, ruled by a gang of reactionary throwbacks in the right wing town of Harrisburg in the Trump-loving Susquehanna Valley, safe in their gerrymandered districts in that great swath of forests, farms, and hundreds of dirty old towns between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, is on every item of Mr. Hightower’s list. Of all the states I’ve lived in or visited enough to get to know their politics, Pennsylvania is by far the most right wing, reactionary, and corrupt - which is quite an accomplishment considering its neighbors to the west, southwest and east.


This article is about state governments. I doubt the federal government would do what you are suggesting. As has been seen in Vermont, Colorado and California, the insurance industry is capable of squashing single-payer all by itself at the state level.

I could only wish the government of my “Commonwealth” was as good as the federal government, and yes, that is saying a lot.


Its called “extrapolation”.


Clearly part of the decades-old War On Democracy — the one war our “defense forces” pretend they don’t see.


I hear it all the time, it is just easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.


Thanks, Jim, for trying to raise awareness of this serious threat to what little democracy we have left.

This preemption surge is a direct result of Republican gerrymandering since 2010.

Does anyone still believe that we are still living in a free country?