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The Party Formerly Known as Republican

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/08/party-formerly-known-republican

The party formerly known as Republican just changed its name to Democrat.


The GOP has been an organized crime syndicate from the time it burned down the house of Civil War Union General George Stoneman after he left the mob.


"The Republican party has made a grave mistake in ceding the party to Donald Trump. "

The Republican and Democrat Parties have both made grave mistakes in embracing neoliberal capitalism, war mongering, anti-environmental practices, etc.


The Republican Party is now the Trump Party.


Exactly! the repukkke party has been RICO ever since after Eisenhower, the last non-bad, I repeat, non-bad Republican. All other so-called republicans after Eisenhower, from joe mccarthy and nixon onto newt gingrich-reagan to bushes-trump (the last one is the culmination of repukkke evil) have been RICO, most tragically, normalized in America as a mainstream party. I’d just add to Goodman - never give Law and Order credits to trump, not even in the wildest irony! trump-pence regime are the OUTLAW AND DISORDER!


My late father had voted for Regan; twice. He told me why, years before he died in 2003. He voted for Regan the Second time; because he didn’t like Walter Mondale. I voted for Clinton, in 1992. Then, in 1996; I voted for Ralph Nader. I just wished that Bernie had stayed in the race longer.

I supported Ralph in 1996 when He ran as a third party candidate, but I was politically young and naive then and had no conception that the political system was so corrupt that Mr. Nader never had a chance.

I saw the same thing in 2016 when I called Bernie a progressive con and proved it in 2020 when Bernie pretended he had a chance at POTUS and had to know the corrupt DNC had already chosen Biden/Harris.

As for Reagan, my late Uncle knew him personally and said: " he was one of the most corrupt politicians he had ever meant!"