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The Party of Ideas


The Party of Ideas

Mike Lofgren

I recently attended a conference at the Niskanen Center. It was a think tank gabfest at which the participants were disillusioned conservatives hoping to chart a course toward a saner political center-right. Jonathan Chait did a near-ecstatic write-up of the meeting and its promise of a conservative movement with fewer XYY chromosomes.


Mike should do one of these for Liberals too…
(There would be at least two “ideas” that would be absent from both: class and imperialism.)


The myth of Trump the businessman falls apart when you consider that reality TV is the only business that he has ever gotten a return on investment greater than what he could have gotten on an FDIC “insured” account at the local bank. Trump has profited more from going bankrupt, leaving creditors and investors holding the bag.

Rather than applying sound business principles, Trump and the GOP run the US like a reality TV show with the 99% kicking in money to hand to the 1% to give the illusion of return on investment. Its far worse than Madoff’s Ponzi scheme with far more victims present and future.


Bill Clinton was President in 1999, so this de-regulate and make Government smaller not just a creed of the Republicans. Bill Clinton was the fellow that implemented Welfare reform and started the ball rolling on Privatizing all Government functions.

Advocates of something called the “Free market” are seriously deluded. They refer to those markets as “Natural” which is an absolute crock. They are the very opposite of something that is “Natural”. The market is manipulated and is a construct. It as natural as logging a million acre forest to plant 1 million acres of Soybeans and like that million acres of Soybeans , Capitalism is a “Monoculture” where the only thing that is of importance is money. As far as the Capitalist is concerned as long as MONEY being grown everything else around it can die and disappear because nothing else has value.

The Fable of King Midas , one so in love with Gold that everything he touched turned into Gold, from his food to his drink from a Rose to his daughter applies here. King Midas recognized this ability as a curse. The Capitalists have not yet learned this and never will until it too late. There are no Gods on Olympus to feel sorry for them.


Yes, it was Clinton who ushered in repealing Glass-Steagall for his bosses (who included the Koch Bros). But all of us Nader supporters and other “third-party” supporters were fantasists then as we are now when we send alarms out about following the Sheepherder into reforming the Dim wing of the capitalist imperialist Duopoly.


Mr. Lofgren,

You left one word out of the title of your article.

The Party of Bad Ideas.


So, Sen. Bryan Dorgan’s speech condemning the repeal of Glass-Steagall on the Senate floor during debate, was just " fake news " because he was a Democrat. Along with Sens. Feingold, Boxer, Harkin and others.
But, your big fat paintbrush has got to slop it all over everyone except yourself, of course. Your funky history leaves out a few things of import, but what the heck. It’s always the Democrats.


Yeah, but it’s Rand Paul who filibustered against universal surveillance and 4th Amendment violations. Are we to imagine because of that that the Republican Party does not approve of such things, or even that it is less approving, overall, than the Democrats?

None of these people seem to be 100% evil, if you have a look at it real close. But it’s a walk of shame on both sides of the aisle.


Russ Feingold v. Rand Paul since 9/11. I’ll take Russ. His personal life was put on trial, btw.
Wisconsin’s white nationalist Koch Groupies are something else, aren’t they? The stupid runs deep in Kurd Country.


Yeah, we could do with fewer Kochs.

To do anything worthwhile, one must break with either party, though. It is in many ways the same neoliberal-neoconservative coalition, whether one fights it from within either parties or from without.

It just does not get much to do it from the libertarian right, since that victory would just hand the ball to the next corporate bully.