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The Party of Lucifer

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/04/07/party-lucifer


Robert Forrestal votes.

In full faced regalia. Will the poll worker say the picture on his other voter suppression I.D. does not match or will he be asked to remove said mask?


One has to wonder if they will then march over to the GOP controlled government and cough and spit all over them?

“You are incredibly safe to go out” Republican @SpeakerVos tells his constituents, in full gown, gloves and mask.

Ah, but will YOU be “incredibly safe” when they spit and cough all over you when you are in your office after they rip your mask off?

Lastly, these voters are all voting for Bernie, right?


And a long ago query from 1492 … "You’re going to be doing what behind that mask, kemosabe?


They should be but incredibly, will not. They will vote for the dementia sufferer, who will lose to Trump in an election fraught with fraud.


The sight of this clown in his PPE telling people they are “incredibly safe” is so preposterous, if you were to pitch it as part of a movie screenplay, it would be rejected as too ludicrous to be believed. Every day, every fucking day, there are happenings in the US that were once inconceivable. I now believe anything, any fucking thing, is possible and even unavoidable in this country’s descent towards an end as bad or worse than Nazi Germany.


“They will vote for the dementia sufferer…”

At least that’s what the machines will say.


Really liked your post, good suggestion about the “Aimed” coughing, sneezing, spitting towards these evil shit for brains Fascist/Demonic/republican miscreant bastarsd! Hope you are right about the Bernie vote!


“The Party of Lucifer”

Biden was onboard with this folly, guess that makes the DNC, Lucifer’s helpers.


Ricky, sometimes it is really difficult to keep perspective. We need on one hand acknowledge the truth that our essence is one and the same but on the other the need to condemn most forcefully the expression that is so hate-filled that we wish our perceived enemies to place them in danger. I do not really wish the moral monsters to die--we shall all do that soon enough–but that they stop spewing their poison.


If they ar not voting for Bernie, they should be. This pandemic, and the pathetic response
to it, should remove any doubts about the rightness of Bernie’s message. It is plain to see that he was right and continues to be so. This system needs a major overhaul. The Coronavirus is revealing the US house of cards for what it is.


This is why we vote Democratic.

The progressive movement can only come into its own once the far right has been defeated. Until then, progressives and centrists must stand together.

Do not underestimate Joe. The old man has it in him to win, and with the pandemic exposing the weakness of Trump’s administration and economy, I think he will. And if that happens, and then Biden decides that he is too old for a second term…

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Donald Trump, His Administration, And His followers Are Going To Continue Hurting People

As a boy, I discovered the holocaust by accident. I was at a library and, like many boys, I was drawn to the books about war. The books with photos were of particular interest and while thumbing through one about World War II, I stumbled on a photo of a pile of bodies at a German concentration camp. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And when I read the caption, I could not believe what I read - I could not believe that human beings could do such horrible things to other human beings. But, as I grew into adulthood, I began to understand that though the Holocaust was uniquely horrendous, in both its planning and in its application, it was far from unique in being an example of what human beings are capable of doing to each other.

Human beings can be the most brutal of animals. Throughout history and around the world today, one can point to events that confirm this fact. But human beings also have the capacity for great empathy and compassion. And two of the primary things that separate the brutal beast in us from our capacity for empathy and compassion are the conditions within which we live and the social contracts and structures that monitor and manage those conditions.

When our social contracts and structures are based on empathy, compassion, and concern for the general welfare of the people and the environments within which they live, the brutal beast in people is calmed and the best in people is allowed to come forth and thrive. But when those contracts and structures are corrupted, compromised, and unstable, and division, fear, suspicion, and mistrust are allowed to grow, the beast in people begins to come forth, and the potential for a holocaust is increased.

Leadership is a key factor in whether the beast or the best is made manifest in the social relations of the human-animal. When a leader exhibits wisdom, intelligence, and effectiveness, and projects a calming, reassuring, and unifying aura, the beast in people remains dormant and the best in people is allowed to awaken to meet life’s challenges and flourish. But when a leader behaves foolishly, lacks intelligence, is mendacious, and projects a disturbing, doubtful and divisive aura, the best in people is discarded and the beast begins to awaken. When this happens, meanness, cruelty, and violence start to increase, and the potential for some form of holocaust becomes more evident.

In a properly functioning republican democracy, the optimum conditions for bringing out the best in the people ideally exist. But, by their very nature, democracies are also vulnerable to conditions that can lead to the worst in the people being drawn out. The very fact that in a democracy the people are allowed to pick their leader, leaves a democracy open to the people voting for a leader who ultimately may not act in their best interests, or the best interests of the majority of the people, or even in the best interests of democracy itself. This can lead to the potential dissolution of democracy and its replacement by some form of totalitarianism, with the potential for perpetrating some form of a holocaust.

We are now living in a time where the negative conditions of which I write appear to be upon us. And those conditions have allowed an angry minority of the American electorate to place in the White House a demagogue and narcissist, who is foolish, unintelligent, and mendacious, and projects a disturbing, doubtful and divisive aura. And what is worse, and most disturbing, is that this man, and the people he is hiring to work with and for him, are now doing things that hurt people.

Starting with the attempted Muslim ban, the ICE roundup of undocumented immigrants, and more recently the separation of children from parents seeking asylum, Donald Trump, and an administration that includes sycophants, neo-fascists, and crooks, continue to commit actions that are hurting people. While Trump tries to befuddle politicians, the news media, and the rest of us with his ridiculous, unstable and mind-numbing executive actions, statements, and tweets, real people have been, and continue to be, hurt by real actions. And these actions appear to be coming right out of Mein Kampf, the personal diatribe and playbook left behind by Adolph Hitler, which Donald Trump is said to have read.

The promotion of German nationalism and racial purity, the destruction of liberal democracy and communism, and the bringing of a new order to the world were all priorities of Hitler and the Nazis. And the German People, after the humiliating loss of World War I and the suffering brought on by both the war and the depression, had no faith in the fledgling, ineffective Weimar Republic and no unity with each other. Hitler offered them greatness, unity, and a new world, and they either voluntarily or involuntarily accepted it.

When the Nazis came to power, some folks liked what they were doing, some folks laughed and scoffed at them, some folks went along to get along, and some folks just kept their heads down. And little by little, Hitler and the Nazi Party enacted their mad agenda until it was too late to do anything and a second world war, that killed many millions through combat, starvation, disease, and murder, was foisted upon the entire world, all in the name of making Germany great again.

When Hitler came to power, he made the German people an offer that they ultimately could not refuse, and he used lies, laws, brutality, and murder to cinch the deal. Donald Trump and his cronies are using lies, laws, the likes of ICE, and, if there was even tacit approval of the Khashoggi fiasco, complicity with murder to move their agenda forward and, supposedly, make America great again.

Hitler got control of the German press. So far most of the American news media have resisted Trump, but one wonders if the press will eventually roll over for him. Hitler set up what he called ‘The People’s Court.’ Trump has been able to get control of the American Supreme Court by filling it with two justices who support his agenda, and one wonders how long before the Supreme Court is virtually under Trump’s permanent control. Hitler convinced German politicians and capitalists to join him. Most American Republican politicians have already joined Trump, and though, so far, Democrats have resisted him, one wonders if a weak American Democratic Party will eventually roll over for him as well. And many crooked American capitalists have not only joined Trump but are now in his cabinet. Hitler convinced the German police and military that it was in their interest to follow him if they wanted to return order and pride to the German nation. So far, the American police and military have remained neutral, but support for Trump is high among many of the rank and file and one wonders how long before some manufactured crisis allows Trump to declare martial law and finally take complete control of the nation through the use of those in the police and military who support him.

Those of us who recognize what is happening must remain united and strong, and we must continue to resist the administration and agenda of Donald Trump. We must never tire and never give up or give in. We must work all day, every day, and in every way to stop him from hurting people. Whether it’s resisting a Muslim ban, or ICE, or the destruction of Obamacare, or the building of a wall, or the pollution of our environment, or an attack on LGBTQ people, or an attack on a woman’s right to choose, or an attack on people of color, or an attack on Native American rights, or an attack on entitlement programs, we must fight every step of the way - and we must never lose heart or faith in each other, because each other is all we‘ve got.

Mark my words, if we do not nip the insanity of Donald Trump in the bud before it grows any further, we will all regret that we did not act sooner and more decisively, both to save our democratic republic and ourselves. This is not a drill. This is not a false alarm. Donald Trump, his administration, and his followers are going to continue hurting people.



Oh Hell yes!

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Or that the moral monsters were prevented from running and achieving public office.


In a word, bullshit. There is no more time for continued incremental change controlled by the moneyed “elites” of the Duopoly and their corporate johns, while the majority of this nation’s citizens suffer for the lack of basic rights, including and especially free and universal health care. How many of us will die during this pandemic, because we can’t afford “insurance” and therefore have no hope of medical care? How about you and the other “blue no matter who” people start giving a damn about people you don’t know—or perhaps don’t want to know?


Your post is excellent, HRB. I hope it will be read by any and all who may be contemplating not voting at all. We must get rid of this pestilence inhabiting the
White House, as well as the other threat to democracy, who presently occupies the Senate
Majority Leader’s chair. This election may be our last chance.

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Hi Manieac:
Maybe that politician was trying to pretend he was a doctor??? : )

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I agree. “Incremental” basically means never. We’ve had 40 freaking years of incremental. Instead of inching forward we’ve been shoved back, knocked to the ground and a jack boot placed firmly on our necks. Incremental is for suckers.


Hi JamesRogersBush:
I think you should add Netanyahu to that Trump description

: Attention World---------- BDS brings a better world world without killing anyone or stealing their land and their lives.
BOYCOTT , DIVEST and SANCTION those evildoers of the world------they are many, but so are the PEOPLE!

This is the most well-constructed case against tRump and his minions that I have read anywhere. You have aligned tRump’s abhorrent statements and actions with those of another sociopathic, autocratic, and clever despot so it is plain to see how despicable they are. The call to action and the warning in the last two paragraphs are encouraging and frightening. Making decisions in real-time is hard. The best leader is one who knows history, has insight into the dark-side of human behavior, defines the situation clearly and concisely, and offers hope. This can be a Churchill or a Hitler; a Roosevelt or a tRump. Those of us who hope for the betterment of humankind and hold to the international declaration of human rights must think deeply about what you have written and decide which side of history we are on. We must ask is this a pivotal point for the US. If we answer yes, then we must act.