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The Party of Lucifer

Thank you for articulating my own thoughts in a clear, thoughtful manner of which I am mostly incapable.

It is time. The time has arrived. No more ‘wait, now is not the time’. NOW. I know what must be done. You know what must be done. We know. We all know. They have stolen too much from us for too long. They have stolen our safety. They have stolen our meager earnings. They have stolen our joy and replaced it with fear and hate and depression. They are not humane. They will never be humane. They must leave us. They must go into a place of isolation where they can no longer harm us. We must locate such a place, possibly the most remote island on the earth, transport them to that location and leave them. They must never be allowed to leave that island. Perhaps they will find a way to survive and live in harmony. Perhaps not. Regardless, they must leave us. They are hurting our Earth, and they are hurting us. They must be stopped. They must leave us.

Thanks for propagating Trumps conspiracy theories , you are like a virus yourself. My only question are you doing it consciously or this is trolling is part of your job?

Biden was onboard with what ? What a pile of malarkey! You are helping Trump to get elected, you are helping a Lucifer.

Exactly what Trump conspiracy theory are you accusing me of propagating? That Biden has dementia? Or that the election process is fraudulent? You said I am like a virus, so I would like to know just what you are getting so emotional about that you would compare me to something that is killing people all across the planet.

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“Biden was onboard with what?”

With going forward with the normal voting in WI. It’s not “malarkey”, it’s public knowledge.
Wake up, your party leaders don’t care about you or your health, and it’s your party that’s helping Trump to get reelected, not me. They had a chance to beat Trump with a candidate that cared about the people, and was the best chance to attract Independent voters to, beat Trump. What did the party do…everything they could, to make sure he was defeated.
Point your anger where it belongs, the DNC.


I see you moved on to propagate another one ! How predictable, but after all this is the game plan stem by step .

You still can’t explain your position or what facts you have to dispute what I said, so you show yourself to be an empty vessel.

Every sane American knows it is way past time to show this fool the door. To save more American lives push him through that door this very day, close it, lock it, and arm it with … whatever to make certain this utter failure of a President and a human being never returns.

Yes, thank you well done!

There have been 1,027 convictions of Election Fraud in recent years, and mostly in and out of post offices: delayed ballots, lost ballots, ballots sent to dead people and used by others, ballots to people in each of the three or four registered places, etc, etc.
California only cleared out, after forced to do so, all dead and otherwise gone voter from their voter register: 5 million!
2.8 million in USA have more than one registration!
Recent postal votes in New Hersey harvested 19% faulty ballots!
And add to it “Democrat” Ex-Congressman Michael Myers, election organiser from 2012 to 2016, convicted of 5 Felony Election Frauds.

And there is Sen Tim Scott defending a racist President----so you want to keep low income people out of the suburbs----Really???So much for the American dream====ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS TRUMP IS A TORY-----UNAMERICAN

We the Resistance need to co-opt Trump’s now famous quote: “There has to be ‘retribution’ when you have crime like this…”