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The Passage of California’s Proposition 22 Would Give Digital Platform Companies a Free Pass to Misclassify Their Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/23/passage-californias-proposition-22-would-give-digital-platform-companies-free-pass

I remember when the internet came out into the real world with all of these fantastic socialist utopian ideas which exist there. Wide eyed and bushy tailed “entrepreneurs” and neo-techno-hippies “sharing” everything with an app (for that). All the I.T. college grads got jobs making buckets of money, sharing among each other which made everything look profitable while everyone else tried to keep up and be cool. Then the Wolves of Wall Street got their hands on them. It turns out socialism can not be profited from, so it is all propped up in the pyramid scheme.
PRO-TIP: Bankers do not give loans because they believe in your vision. They are driven by taking your money with (or without) your permission.

Voted against it. Support AB5. Did so happily.



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Poydock is right on target about what this bill means. Misclassifying labor as “independent contractors” robs them of a century of protections.