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The Path Beyond Extinction and Escape: Return to Earth, Regenerate and Share

It might be more simple than we imagine. We learn to love from those who love us…without that initial dose of life vaccine I think it is hard to expand our horizons to include other species. Children come full of light, and the desire to love…but that yearning must be mirrored.

I learned to love the natural world from my parents…and from being exposed to it. Growing up on a farm helps…venturing into the wild helps…though I suspect if you grow up with people who only care for money, status and power…that early potential to love gets twisted into consumption.


You aren’t alone. We aren’t alone. But we do need to read more thinkers like Vandana…talk up the possibilities of living sustainably, and reach out to each other. It doesn’t look good…but let’s do the right things anyway.

Yearr ago, my partner and I decided to be arrested against the keystone pipeline…we didn’t think it would do any good, but wanted our grandkids to know we’d tried. Well that Biden fellow you’re going to hold your nose and vote for, has promised to cancel that pipeline…which stillisn’t built nearly 10 years after the arrests.

So we never know how far our individual actions can go. Let’s proceed.


My take on “Planet of the Humans” was that photovoltiac solar array tech can be misused to serve only an elite few. The “rooftop solar” vs vast “solar farms” debate is still being won by elite proponents of the latter who also think “driverless” car tech isn’t nonsense. “Planet of the Humans” makes a valid point against Silicon Valley Technofix.

That solar power – like any technology – can be badly deployed is a valid point. But that is not Planet of the Humans’s main point about solar and wind. It prominently showcases factually false claims about the very nature of renewables – not surprisingly, alas, since one of the film’s producers is Ozzie Zehner, author of the anti-renewables book Green Illusions. In the film Zehner makes false fundamental claims – false in terms of physics, engineering. E.g., he tells the camera while visiting a solar installation: “One of the most dangerous things right now is the illusion that alternative technologies, like wind and solar, are somehow different from fossil fuels. You use more fossil fuels to do this than you’re getting benefit from it. You would have been better off just burning the fossil fuels.” That is false, and Moore should retract. There’s a reason why dozens of scientists and groups have been expressing shock and outrage about this film.

I know there are many here who do not believe in God and the bible, but the bible does speak of this raping of the earth in the end times as breaking the everlasting covenant, which is to responsibly steward the earth, and thus the curse, which is the economy that is played by the billionaires, continues to devour the earth.

Isaiah 24:4 The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish. 5 The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. 6 Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.

NOOOO! Don’t invite those sociopaths to “terraform Earth”–what it need is restoration, mainly by desisting from destructive practices–not to turn the technophiles and androtheists loose to experiment with our only planet.


Beautifully put, Igilman. I especially like your boat analogy.

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The fastest way to move power from the select few to the many is through decentralisation of the economy .
Localise the economy , off the grid solar is the future as is community based renewable energy,food and off course Hemp :alien:

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Yes Caroline we all feel as you do I’m sure ,as humans and the planet go through these changes caused by our choices.

For me the writings of Neale Donald Walsch help and give us hope …the book Conversations With God Book 4 …Awaken The Species …gives us 16 differences between ours a primitive species the toddlers of the universe if you will and Highly evolved Beings .
This might blow your mind and seem a bit out there but its help in another form.

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If it should not be called economy, is diseconomy a better term?

Honest debate (rooftop vs solar farm) gets a pass even in your reply. The debate I believe most important is BEV vs PHEV vs HFCEV. Here’s your chance to be shocked and outraged. I am absolutely certain and can prove without a doubt that plug-in hybrid PHEV tech offers more potential benefits, advantages and applications than all-battery BEV like the Tesla ‘S’ sedan, the most over-rated EV on the road. Its “Big Battery” BEV model is a deplorably inequitable and wasteful misuse of resources.

As for debate, honest or otherwise, we haven’t been having one, since you’ve never mentioned the only claim I’ve made in these comments from the beginning – that Moore’s movie, whatever else it does, foregrounds major falsehoods about the energetic futility of solar and wind power. Search up the horrified responses by climatologist Michael Mann, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and many other experts, if interested. As for the merits of rooftop vs. centralized PV, much less various electric vehicle technologies, I haven’t even disagreed with you – the war is all inside your head. Carry on. Over and out.

Not sure I could answer your question, but I’m with jujudahl and Vandana Shiva in my love for nature and our fellow species. And like you I don’t understand the exploitive & destructive nature of those who attack nature and seek to dominate others. While I grew up in a family that appreciates the natural world & the intrinsic worthiness of its creatures, it feels to me an ingrained natural part of me. I love my encounters with animals and plants (aside from a few annoying insects and microbes), & nature brings me an inner peace.


I’ve been assuming that wildlife organizations, etc. are fighting through litigation these environmental rollbacks, hopefully preventing most of them from taking place before Trump is dethroned. Do you know what proportion of his environmental attacks have been implemented?

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What I dislike about Zehner is his denigration of renewable fuels. I think they’re not the panacea that many consider them to be, but they’re certainly a huge improvement over fossil fuels.

What I do like about Zehner is the numerous other ways he proposes for tackling climate chaos and environmental destruction that could make this a much better world. I wish he would emphasize the latter.

Shiva - once again producing the best stuff on the “internet” …

Great question!

This would be another very helpful article with the title being your wording!

In the meantime I found these, among others:



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