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The Path to Victory on Net Neutrality in the House of Representatives


The Path to Victory on Net Neutrality in the House of Representatives

Ernesto Falcon

The United States Senate has voted to overturn the FCC and restore net neutrality protections, the fate of that measure currently rests in the House of Representatives. While many will think that the uphill battle there makes it a lost cause, that is simply not true. Together, we have the power to win in the House of Representatives.


This might also be called one of the most revealing listings going into midterm elections. It separates the wheat from the chaff in terms of how our participation in the ‘economy’ is defined.

We are already on our way down the path of the “internet of things”. At a point in human history when predatory capitalism is eating the planet alive, all of us who have small business interests must watch very closely - because this represents one of the most pervasive sea changes into monopolization or into the natural, absolutely necessary most agile mode of engagement to meet the crises on the horizon. No government or industry will be capable of such agility. They’re too busy playing god without a tool set even sufficient for the most elementary means of repair.

The crossroads at which we stand are, from my point of view, multidimensional. On one path we face generations of pollution - conceptually as well as physically - something we do not have a choice about addressing. It must be done or spaceship Earth dies. We will need the greatest breadth of human creativity and the most agile means of getting creative stewards connected. ‘Economy’ MUST regain its root meaning of care of the home [planet] of OIKOS. That includes the JOY of knowing that the means are EMPOWERED.

On the other path, the metaphor of ‘fossil’ could not be clearer. We already know what a fossil is yet continue to take the oil out of the ground and those who have accrued such dead wealth expect - delusionally- that, like the “magic” of advertising, the high priests of industry will defy physics - not to mention quantum physics. As a dear old friend used to say, it “ain’t a happening thing”.

THE PLANET NEEDS AN OPEN INTERNET - because the dinosaurs this time around …


When I call Debbie Dingell’s office, it’ll be to insist that she drum up support for signing the discharge petition.

Let’s see whatcha got Debbie: After touting your ability to work across the aisle, can you change some Republican minds? I’ll be watching. I’ll be telling my neighbors about your efforts…