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The Path to War with Iran Is Paved With Sanctions

The Path to War with Iran Is Paved With Sanctions

Joseph Cirincione, Mary Kaszynski

The Trump administration is laying siege to Iran. Taking pages from the Iraq War playbook, senior officials paint a picture of a rogue, outlaw, terrorist regime bent on acquiring nuclear weapons and whose “malign activities” are the cause of all the chaos in the Middle East. They know what they are doing. They have done it before. They are building a case for war.

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Many Amerikans will absolutely fall for it again. Those that do not will be ostracized or ignored. Again!


American’s will fall for it because the mainstream media has not even addressed any of this with facts; only soundbites that promote Bolton and Pompeo’s lies. Just like Iraq, the news will be merely state sponsored propaganda for war. They will scare the people into accepting another war to “keep America safe.” American’
s are so ignorant, and incurious.


People should check out Lawrence Wilkerson on the Real News----he talks about how the US has weaponized the dollar and this could be a turning point for the US empire. Any other country watching this stuff must wonder if they are next----Not even Canada has escaped US wrath.

The COMMON people around the world must HATE the US. The people of Yemen—The people of Palestine----The people of Venezuela–The people of Somalia .

And last night in the townhalls foreign policy was a no show----HOW MANY PEOPLE DO THE US MILITARY KILL AROUND THE WORLD ON A DAILY BASIS??? To Sanders credit he brought up Yemen.

US FORIEGN POLICY NEEDS TO BE GROUNDED IN --------INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM----We should not be supporting countries that don’t support INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM----but the problem of course is that INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM does not exist in any country including the United States. When are the COMMON people going to realize they have the POWER! And who has the real power to change the world----the PEOPLE of the US.

The US is ruining the lives of millions of people in multiple countries. And largely, the American people do not care. We are a nation of bullies and killers. Now we are led by complete psychos, who were brought in by a blithering idiot, a childish man who only enjoys his office now that he realizes that Congress (and the American people) don’t care that he is making a fortune off his position and will allow him to fulfill his every fantasy of holding the power of life and death of millions in his hands.

I quibble with this line in the article: “Both [Pompeo and Bolton] are manipulating a distracted and largely uninformed president into a confrontation he may not actually want.” Trump does not care one way or another about the lives of anyone not related to himself. He does not mind confrontation with anyone as long as he knows he can control the weaponry. This is a guy who has suggested using nukes on other counties just for spite, let’s remember. If he had any issue with a violent confrontation with Iran or Venezuela or anywhere else, he would simply get rid of Pompeo and Bolton. God knows he’s gotten rid of personnel before.

He LIKES being in a position to wreck lives, wreak havoc, and threaten entire nations. He is totally on board with this crap; that much is obvious. Enough with the excuses that someone else is “making him” do this or that. Hold him accountable, damn it.

And by the way, this is pathetic - only 3 comments on this article, which is about one of the most egregious abuses of the US policy of “power projection” and the blatantly illegal use of sanctions and economic siege warfare going on today.

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A sobering article.

"When widespread flooding devastated Iranian cities and infrastructure, claiming 60 lives in one week, the United States faulted the regime for the ‘mismanagement that has led to this disaster.’”

According to one report, U.S. sanctions prevented humanitarian aid from reaching desperate Iranians. Same story in Venezuela: aid is only permitted when it’s a battering ram against a government Uncle Sam doesn’t like.

Does anyone believe Pompouseo when he sheds crocodile tears over the suffering of Venezuelans – or Iranians?

The people are smarter after the many false flags by our war mongering government and MIC. I don’t think the people are going to be enticed into war with Iran without a false flag operation. A Golf of Tonkin style fake attack on a U.S. war ship wouldn’t surprise me.

And let Iran have nukes, or remove the Israeli ones. As a matter of fact take away the Israeli guns. If they still want to confront Palestinians do it with sticks and stones. A fair fight perhaps.

“The real question is whether America will fall for it again.”

I assume this statement is rhetorical. The American people have shown time and time again how easily they are fooled by war mongers who use an external enemy to take minds off domestic problems. They even fall for the same lies multiple times.

Well screw Pompous ass. The do as we say, not as we do crap has to stop. Our hypocritical terrorism will get many of us killed some day.