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The Peaceful Exercise of Free Speech: Making Pinochet Proud


The Peaceful Exercise of Free Speech: Making Pinochet Proud

Amidst escalating anti-immigrant fever in a country intent on betraying its rich heritage, police in sanctuary city Portland, Ore. didn't just arrest peaceful protesters chained together to block deportations; they shrouded them in Gitmo-like hoods and earmuffs. Police said they wanted to protect protesters from power tools needed to free them, but some saw the eerie optics as a sinister "humiliation ritual."


You notice of course that none of the cops directly doing this “dangerous work” are wearing anything “protective.” Creeps.


Many years ago, I wrote that Abu Ghraib was just a practice run for here at home.
Well, “They’re heeere!”


One applicable framing, that of malignancy, is articulated by psychiatrist and one of the original founders of Duty to Warn , Robert Jay Lifton, on DN! this morning.

two terms: malignant narcissism and malignant reality


What’s next?

Water boarding of folk arrested protesting ICE?


Always fun to hear government officials saying they are “balancing” your free speech rights with shutting you up when they feel like it.

I once wrote my congresswoman (a Democrat) asking her to do something to outlaw the extreme torture of downed cows at slaughterhouses, and her reply was that she was “balancing” my concerns with the concerns of slaughterhouses to maximize profits.


Portland Oregon where I live, is home to a growing amount of false flags and bullshit crises actors.
Recently, Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland, hired a 40 yr. old black woman by the name of ‘Danielle Outlaw’ to be the police chief. Right away I sensed that she was being brought in for some outrageous activities, involving the police strangely cooperating with protesters to put pressure on Trump that their neocon Democratic masters want. Hence the photo shoot that looks like Guantanamo Bay for a completely staged action. Local pathetic reporters from KBOO could not even name the “group” involved in the crises actor play.
Bottom line we are being rushed by a collaboration between deep state media and secret societies. Control and manipulation of the police is part of the game. As Antifa likes to say “F— the police, we are the police!” A deep state coup against Trump will unleash a Red Terror to rival the Bolsheviks.


I also live in Portland and am totally disappointed and angry at the lack of control that our Mayor and new, highly touted, police chief have over enforcing a state and city resolution of being a sanctuary city. That means that the city of Portland does not use its resources, YES, THAT INCLUDES THE POLICE, to enforce federal immigration laws. Where the hell was our high mayor and touted police chief that he hired??? Asleep, or frightened of ICE(or the police union)? I wager that they both are having a good laugh at seeing how ineffective our city is at enforcing it’s resolutions.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for “officials” to bully and manhandle the citizenry but when it comes to enforcing our local and state mandates against the Federal government (?) our officials fold. It seems that Oregonians wasted their time and effort to get sanctuary resolutions passed by their governments, only to see the enforcement to be ignored. Further, citizens who tried to do the enforcement that the local and state entities refused to do, get mistreated by the ones that should be doing the enforcement. Our police are pretty good at that and think it’s great fun.

Folks, we’re being overcome with official bull—t and inaction and laziness in important places.


Some years ago, various South American countries were in deep financial doo doo. I forget the acronym, but the big banks would come in and loan money to the country, at interest, to ease the pressure. The country had to sign papers giving all their assets to the company. I think it was Bolivia that I am thinking about. The government had to sign almost everything over to big companies (Privatize the assets) to get the loan. I think Beckman (their SA company) got the water rights. In the cities, they fired most of the workers and raised the water rates enormously. With nobody left that knew the system, it quickly broke down. Water was scarce, so they raised the rates again. Then they went to small villages and told them that their town wells now belonged to them and charged for the villagers taking water out of “their” well. Police shot quite a few protesters. This “privatizing” went on, spreading to almost everything a profit could be squeezed out of.
*Finally, the people revolted, but that was built into the plan as well. After much violence and death, the companies felt they had gotten everything they could squeeze out of the country, took everything that wasn’t nailed down and left.
*In this country, the situation is a bit different. The big companies and bankers own most of the country, its government, its courts, its law enforcement and its military.
*We the People are being pushed beyond our limits by the fraud and deceit in this government and Wall Street. As there is little or no “redress of grievances” left to us, and “freedom of speech” is no more, sooner or later, there will be a revolt.
*When we were first being Bushwhacked by the shrub, he had a string of no-bid concentration camps built by KBR. (“For use should there be a bird flu epidemic, an immigration problem, or such other use as the President may determine.) Posse Comitatus was revoked, the “SA” is increasing in viciousness, beatings, arrests, etc.
*The rules for declaring martial law have been altered to the point where it can almost be declared if the President has a nightmare.
*When We the People have finally had enough and the protests turn into revolt against this criminal mob that has bought the government, there will be troops in the streets and the camps will begin to fill up with those who object to being stripped and run by criminals.
*When Wall Street has wrung us dry, I am sure they will suddenly find a home in Switzerland, leaving us to deal with our chaos to the best of our remaining ability.
*I hope this turns out to be another “bad novel,” but I am not so sure.


Ted Wheeler is a Trustifarian moderate Republican in cashmere clothing. What’d ya expect? The developers are making so much money off gentrification, they’re wetting themselves at Salt & Straw.
The message is, " Move to Gresham ". Their cops are even worse.