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The Pejorative and the Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/22/pejorative-and-trump


The fakery of the Bleached House, of Congress, of the Supreme Court, of the corporate news media, of Hollywood, of the whole sickening spectacle that masquerades as “reality” … when will people say ENOUGH? Look at that fake hair, look at that fat phony in the Bleached House. Look at the moralizers on tv, listen to the drivel that spews from their mouths. Listen to the lies lies lies drip drip drip… these hollow people rule the world, their minds are rotted out. Nihilism, egoism, vanity, corruption, greed, sick souls… they hold power but use it only to demean, to mock, to abuse. They know nothing of love, nothing of kindness, nothing of service. They don’t even try. What is going on?


The dopamine hit of self pleasure is the only raison d etre for Trump and many of his current supporters. His current supporters have had to deal with more reality than he has, but may still be privileged in ways that let them skirt responsible social interaction or empathy for those outside two degrees of separation.

This is not to condone the delusion of those from the opposing party. The reason Trump won was Obama’s inability to address the issues, while being perhaps one of the most eloquent speakers in recent politics.

The American Media has done a great job of keeping the populace at an infantile mindset. Entertainment at any cost and at all times is the source of the constant dopamine hit. When that is not enough, an Oxycotin epidemic is waiting to happen.


Excellent and thoughtful commentary! Thank you.

At this time the USPS is in the sights of the mindset you write of, and there is also a very different vision beyond the predatory greed and depraved indifference for the nation, people and environment of the trump regime - that is what The Common Good represents, in this following example, beautifully engraved in the words that define the USPS Service. Thanks to @evolver for bringing these words of love and unity to the fore.

"“Motto” of the Postal Service, Two Postal Tributes Chiseled in Stone:

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of
their appointed rounds.”

“Messenger of Sympathy and Love
Servant of Parted Friends
Consoler of the Lonely
Bond of the Scattered Family
Enlarger of the Common Life
Carrier of News and Knowledge
Instrument of Trade and Industry
Promoter of Mutual Acquaintance
Of Peace and of Goodwill Among Men and Nations.”


The end is near. He just doesn’t know it yet.


A guarantee:
Down in the polls, Trump’s pejoratives and negative campaigning are just getting warmed up.

[And I’m pretty sure the Pocahontas Trump was comparing Kopmala to was Liz Warren.]

[Pejoratives (like Kopmala) work, by the way – just ask Crooked Hillary.]

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Hi thyIacine13:
I think that a fake democracy produces a Iot of fake peopIe. When America was forming, it was lucky to have France heIping it----------but IsraeI seems to be the CongressionaI favorite friend—aithough I don’t think they are helping us at aII----but Netanyahu is doing weII. : )


agreed: Pocahontas = Warren

Orangeman’s misogyny so overwhelms his microscopic mind he’s utterly exhausted after spewing out the “Pocahantas” slur – practically the only time he’s come up with an anti-woman adjective besides “nasty” – which is unfortunately Freudian, indicating the only uses Orangeman can imagine for women are nasty uses. Unfortunate because I don’t want my imagination roving there. Ultra-uber-ick!

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I teach composition and rhetoric to instructors, and I think that there is a time to discuss this sort of thing, and that it can be here if anyone really wants to do that.

At the same time, we might have some perspective:

  • We live in a country with a market for humans in which the government seizes children and loses them.
  • We live in a country in which central institutions run a massive pedophile ring for the purpose of blackmailing and controlling politicians
  • We live in a country that jails people in unprecedented numbers, for profit
  • We live in a country that bans drugs and sells entry to smugglers
  • We live in a country that bombs so many countries and people that we cannot keep track
  • We live in a country that persistently works to destroy governments that attempt to care for their citizens, often succeeding
  • We live in a country that prosecutes and persecutes journalists and kills its citizens without trial for political speech
  • We live in a country in which government tracks all communications and sells some to private interests
  • We live in a country in which government hires mercenary thugs to anonymously patrol city streets.
  • We live in a country that could provide healthcare to its citizens, but prefers to pay more money to avoid that

Enough. We all know that this could be a long list. There’s nothing wrong with assailing Trump’s rhetoric–or Biden’s, though in this Trump really is something special, if in nothing else.

But so what, really?


I have a small contribution, a sort of thesaurus of names and name descriptors for Trump derived from online stories, comment threads, friends and a small number from me. Some time ago I thought I would put together a list of the names writers have hurled at Trump. I figured it would net maybe a couple dozen names at most.

The count is currently at 2,126. And I gave up really working at it some time ago. But they just keep showing up. So, if nothing else, in that sense, “The Trump” is a real provider. But then I say that in the intro at the top of the list. (warning, they are wide ranging and not all are polite)
These are in alphabetical order and after the names there is a list of associates’ names and sayings.

Oh, Trump knows it and like a desperate and cornered animal, he is liable to do anything in order to stay the Amerikan, Fuerer! Looks to me that it will become very ugly when we are told the October surprise.

In the comment sections I have been calling him Liar Trump. IMHO “Liar” should be officially added to his name as the name to use formally and informally in preference to his given name.

President Liar Trump, Mr. Liar Trump, or more informally simply use Liar as his name – almost everyone worldwide will know which elderly child is being referred to.