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The ‘Pelosi Problem’ Runs Deep

The ‘Pelosi Problem’ Runs Deep

Norman Solomon

Nancy Pelosi will probably be the next House speaker, a prospect that fills most alert progressives with disquiet, if not dread. But instead of fixating on her as a villain, progressives should recognize the long-standing House Democratic leader as a symptom of a calcified party hierarchy that has worn out its grassroots welcome and is beginning to lose its grip.


Paygo is one interesting topic mentioned.

Every new program can easily be pay as you go by cutting subsidies to Nancy’s oligarch capitalist friends.

Paygo = cut subsidies to rich people for things that build a prosperous and healthy country for everyone.


I think it is okay to leave Pelosi in the Speakers chair for the next 2 years. The House does not even have the power to get a Traffic Light approved on any Main Street USA.
So, nothing can really get accomplished during the Trump administration, so it does not matter who is Speaker.
In two years once progressives take over the House, the Senate and the Executive Branch she will definitely have to go.
But in the meantime, she knows how to prevent the Republicans from further robbing our Treasury and protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, better than anyone else in Congress.
Once the Dems take complete control of the government in 2020 there is no place for her and her minions.
The corporate lackey Dems have no role in the forthcoming Progressive government, they must be sidelined or better still replaced with representatives that ignore legal corporate bribes and respond to the demands of the People.


I think it would be an object lesson to others to fire her and replace her, seniority be damned, with one of the progressive freshmen. Allowing her to continue as Speaker will signal to the D base that the changes they demanded are irrelevant—that war, anthropogenic climate disruption and corporate malfeasance, among other pressing concerns, will be tolerated as before.


It seems to me that that basic problem of the progressives is that they are outnumbered in the Democratic Party with regard to both voters and members of Congress. To get the progressive agenda called for there is a need for more voters to go along. The center left has the numbers to make Pelosi the Speaker of the House and basically set the agenda. However, there is has been some shift to the left, especially when it comes to health care and the minimum wage.

You can’t be pro-climate, pro-peace, pro-Palestine, pro-Single Payer and support the Democratic Party

Dems Eye Hawkish Eliot Engel to Chair House Foreign Affairs Committee

In order to frighten Americans into supporting a U.S. takeover of Iraq, Engel falsely claimed just prior to the 2002 war authorization vote to invade Iraq that the Iraqi government was still producing chemical and biological weapons. He was among a rightwing minority of Congressional Democrats who voted to authorize the illegal, unnecessary, and predictably tragic U.S. invasion of that oil-rich country.

DNC Will Take Fossil Fuel Money After All

That was fast. Just two months after the Democratic National Committee (DNC) unanimously prohibited donations from fossil fuel companies, the DNC voted 30-2 on Friday, August 11 on a resolution that critics say effectively reverses the ban, The Huffington Post reported.

Democratic Megadonor Haim Saban Attacks Senators for Urging Humanitarian Aid to Gaza Strip

Saban is a powerful figure in the Democratic Party, a massive donor to party organs and one of the top contributors to Hillary and Bill Clinton’s political careers. His most visible political advocacy, however, is for hawkish pro-Israel causes. “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel,” he told the New Yorker in 2010. Saban played an early leading role in fighting against progressive Rep. Keith Ellison’s failed bid to win the Democratic National Committee chair, calling the Muslim Minnesota Democrat an “anti-Semite and anti-Israel individual.”

Nancy Pelosi Rejects Single Payer Being Added to Democratic Party Platform

Their failure to support a proposal that the majority of their base wants illuminates the growing disconnect between elected officials and their constituents and the massive influence of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Americans want single payer health care, and the obstacles blocking them from the system they want are special interests, which are bought and paid for Democrats in office who avoid taking principled stances on issues.Democrats like Pelosi don’t stand for anything because fighting for something like single payer health care would upset the party’s wealthy donors.

It Groundhog day, over and over again. The only difference between this and the Bill Murray version is things are not getting better at each iteration of “hope and change” democrats.

What peoples SHOULD do are immaterial as to what IS done and the Democrats have two years to demonstrate it “for real this time”. If nothing changes and they come back with “well we did not control the Senate or the Presidency” then it another groundhog day.


One big reason for a red wave in 2020, ensuring that Trump will be the last President of the United States. Because - when this deadly fossil fuel global economy crashes the next time, it ain’t getting back up again. But Nancy had a good life, tinkering around the edges. When the bugs are gone, the corals are gone, and the Arctic ice is gone, we will all be nothing but a pile of bones. Tinker with that, Nancy!


I agree, Pelosi has the chops to marshal votes and to keep the Demos together through the next two years–We have got to think strategically, in the long run–Look toward 2020, when the Demos can take even more seats in congress, & keep the recently won seats and take over the senate, and the executive–The Republican party will become a permanent minority party, like in California, which is the model for the future of the country–Progressive overreach (and I consider myself a progressive) is a danger right now, a snarled up Democratic party, split will only replay the McGovern campaign of ('72).

Yes—like most Ds voting to pass that $717 billion-dollar Pentagon budget.

Well played.


BEGINNING to lose its grip?  The Damnocratic Party lost its grip decades ago.  Solomon is right about one thing, though — just as Tweetle-Dumb is merely a symptom of a thoroughly rotten RePoopLickin’ party, P’Loser – like Hilliary – is merely a symptom of the thoroughly rotten other half of the Duopoly.


Schumer is even worse. A really good read:


Good point. For next 2 years, Pelosi will manage well. Her legislative experience and savvy will be an asset. And why give the Republicans someone new to demonize going into the next election? Why give them the “liberals are radical and crazy” card to play? Let them continue to pound on Pelosi, who is familiar and difficult to make a monster.

One WORD for Pelosi Roost: OUST!
Seriously. It IS necessary.


This is a depressingly excellent article – obviously the House and Senate still need a serious cockroach fumigation!


Once again the left is faced with a lesser of two choice to make. Sequoia makes valid arguments on what can and can’t be accomplished. Save what can be saved, investigate what has to be investigated without getting nit picky and show the country what direction we would like to head in 2020.


First as tragedy then as farce.


can you say Citizens United?

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Nancy Pe losi will NOT protect social safety net programs. “Embrace the 'Chained CPI,” -Nancy Pelosi. She now wants to revive the committee to look into IF there really is climate change. You are OK with this? We need real leadership in the House if any of the momentum you describe for 2020 is to have a chance. If what we get is more neoliberal politics as usual, how do you expect people to feel about all the work they have put into 2018 (let alone 2015-16).


Agreed. She will not protect social security and tax/pay bill is evidence of that.