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The Pentagon Budget Is Bigger Than It’s Ever Been


The Pentagon Budget Is Bigger Than It’s Ever Been

Here’s a quiz: Your boss gives you a budget. You ignore it and ask for more money than anyone in your position has ever spent. How long would you expect to keep your job?


The biggest surprise is that anyone could have possibly imagined a “shrinking” military budget!


I am surprised that Ms. Pemberton actually thinks that by letting my representative know how I feel would override his allegiance to the MIC donors.


“But really, the boss is us. Let’s make our priorities clear to the people we elected.”

That’s cute…

Seriously, I would submit that when the choice is between a lying, warmongering, neoliberal, corporate GOP candidate, or a lying, warmongering, neoliberal, corporate Democratic candidate, there is but the illusion of choice, the illusion of democracy where there is none…

I would further submit that the problems within the US are far beyond that which voting could possibly ameliorate…

The US spends more on its military than the rest of the world… COMBINED, too many people making too much money off of the MIC to possibly change at this juncture…


A choice between a lying, warmongering, neoliberal, corporate GOP Candidate, or a lying, warmongering, neoliberal, corporate Democratic candidate"

Both choices stink, imho, but the Democratic Candidate is almost worse, in a way, because the Democrat is pretending to be a peaceful person who pretends to care about other people, when, in fact, he cares not. As dislikable as the GOP Candidate is, at least one knows what they’re really and truly dealing with.


“now that the post 9-11 wars are winding down”? Never mind Libya, Syria, Iraq again, Ukraine, Africa, covert op’s, including preparation for (more open) war on the working class people of the U.S. (MRAP’s, LRAD’s, NSA/COINTELPRO, Operation Earnest Voice…
The “War on Terror” (War OF Terror for Oil) is only partly finished. One big goal is yet to be achieved: the re-taking of Iran. “We” had Iran after “our” (the CIA’s) coup in 1953.
“Our” 1% want it back. How dare those people kick out our empire? (Forget SAVAK’s torture, mass murder…)
Syria is the next step towards retaking Iran, since it’s a powerful ally. Remove the ally, and you can go for the real target- Iran with its oil, refineries, and prospective pipeline route to the large oil deposits in the Caspian region.
More wars, more “free trade” agreements, fewer rights, more oil to disrupt our planet, all courtesy of “Democrats”, as well as Republicans!
Both parties are beholden to the wealthy. We need a non-corporate party to replace them if we
want to survive in any decent fashion. The Greens REFUSE corporate donations.
Both parties’ popularity are way down. Sixty percent of Americans want a new party. Many of us
tried the “lesser” (Slicker) evil for about a century. It didn’t work. Why don’t we try something logical and compassionate?
We MUST replace these mis-leaders, AND their system.


The War Pork Budget is bigger than the entire remainder of the whole US Governmet!

Let us not forget that when those elected pork farmers vote yet again for even more Pentagon Pork.

Remember, it is either bombs or infrastructure. It is either bombs or respectable jobs doing things we need to be doing. It is either bombs or making sure poor or dispossessed children get enough good quality food. It is either bombs or education for the next generation. It is either bombs investment in renewable energy. It is either bombs or befriending instead of bombing others around the world. It is either bombs for destroying nature or protecting our natural inheritance. It is either bombs for Wall Street Casino Moguls or it is small business loans.

Tell your member of Congress. You can count upon getting a reply that makes no commitment to reduce the Pentagon Pork Factory. And then you have some good campaign material with which to write a letter to the editor, to organize in your neighborhood, and to write at blogs, like this one.


That is why US elections have long been called making a choice between the evils of two lessers.


Maybe she thinks more highly of your capacity to see that letter as an opportunity to allow the representative to speak for him/herself so you can then take the evidence into the neighborhood on behalf of the anti-war candidate in subsequent elections. Maybe she is generous enough to suppose some of us delight in being responsible citizens.