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The Pentagon’s $125 Billion Cover-up


The Pentagon’s $125 Billion Cover-up

Miriam Pemberton

Let’s say you ask somebody a question. They give you an answer you don’t like, so you pretend you didn’t hear it. Probably all of us would cop to something like this at some time in our imperfect pasts.

For most of us though, that pretending hasn’t included trying to hide $125 billion.


Yet another indication that the USA has lost is marbles.
Oh !
Not recently.
Any adult in the last 400 yrs has known that 'America' is a human error.


" What if instead of being plowed back into other military projects, that $125 BILLION was freed up for roads or schools or green energy? They ( the Pentagon ) wouldn't let it happen, so they pretended not to hear the news and buried the report."

The Pentagon has for many, many years has had a blank check. They have played the American public for fools for way too long. One wonders if the American public will ever wake up to the fact.