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The Pentagon’s New Wonder Weapons for World Dominion

The Pentagon’s New Wonder Weapons for World Dominion

Alfred W. McCoy

[This piece has been adapted and expanded from Alfred W. McCoy’s new book, In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of U.S. Global Power.]

Not quite a century ago, on January 7, 1929, newspaper readers across America were captivated by a brand-new comic strip, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. It offered the country its first images of space-age death rays, atomic explosions, and inter-planetary travel.

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War is the business of the USA; and the profits are terrific …
just need to continue to fleece American idiot sheeple out of $$$$$ trillions …


Peace-Loving America” – What a Hoot!!   But at least Buck’s creator had the forethought to annihilate the Swamp that is D.C.!  And in only three hours – if only it were that easy!!


Depressing. Power corrupts…utterly corrupts. Resistance is futile!

Do you suppose that the Pentagon and the Orange House are studying carefully, the works of Ming the Merciless for new ideas?

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Unquestionably required reading

And if you understand anything about the impetus for imperialism

Put your money on the Martians

I ain’t puttin’ no money on no Martians – Stephen Hawking is gonna ship ALL of us hummin’ beans their to ensure (at usurious rates, no doubt) the survival of the specious.   Doubt me?  See Pack Your Bags: Human Have Just 100 Years to Get Off Earth to Survive, Says Stephen Hawking

Ohm my – Not to switch the subject, but it amperes to me that you have hit upon the electrifying solution (non­conductive, I presume) to the rectification of Power – resistance!!  Just remain grounded and insulate yourself from the magnetic attraction of power itself, and you’ll transform your effectiveness through the generations to come!  A battery of challenges awaits!!

There is no business like the war business. The greatest con on the American people. General, Smedley Butler nailed it when he said: “WAR IS A RACKET”. And what a racket it is! Almost the whole U.S. population has been brainwashed by probably the best racket ever devised by the greedy, punic and nefarious American oligarchy. And their modus operandi keeps on working for the gullible masses: ENDLESS ENEMIES; FOR ENDLESS WARS; FOR ENDLESS WAR PROFITS!

They use terms like: " peace with honor" when peace is their worst nightmare!

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Holy shit. Sorry for the obscenity, but HOLY SHIT!!