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The Pentagon’s Spoiling for Another War, But With China, Not Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/03/pentagons-spoiling-another-war-china-not-iran

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War with Iran, war with Venezuela, war with Mexico, war with China, war with Russia. The insanity level is beyond comprehension and rapidly expanding. How can these people remain be control of our biosphere? How can this be? Arghhhh!


And meanwhile, while Commindreams fills with the “anti-imperialist” left’s conspiracy-theory laden lurid Ludlumesque speculation of superpower intrigue - and even support for full-blown fascists and oligarchs like Putin in the process, there is not a single article on this site about the best news yet. An uprising in Honduras against the intolerable conditions of the JOH regime - including Molotov cocktails at the US embassy, is fully underway.


Don’t know if its still true but, Back under Bush II we were reading that we could not make a cruse missile or put boots on our soldiers without buying crap from China. We were sold out by our own MIC. So how the hell are we going to have a war with our supplier?


I"m still hoping for the Asteroid

In the interests of truth and honesty ( now archaic concepts ) the Department of “Defense” should revert to its former name, The War Department; for that is what it
truly is, always doing all that it can to justify its continued existence and endless growth.

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Kurt Vonnegut was right: We need a Department of Peace!


War with Iran would be merely a political move to help a disintegrating president’s chances of re-election.


Chinese stuff is not crap. Additionally the content of most stuff shipped from China is not made entirely in China. Before WWII the British weren’t making speedometers; they got them from the Germans. How can we have a war with our suppliers?

Global warming will destroy industrial civilization long before an asteroid and it is a done deal, so quit hoping.

Break the Pentagon into pieces: Army, Navy etcetera and then reduce funds. We can’t even find the black projects and black funds through the Pentagon so break into tiny pieces and hold it accountable for once. We’re barbarians. We rather spend bucks blowing up people than feeding them so there isn’t much hope for the descendants of Scotch Irish crusaders. There’s no 16,000 dead Syrian civilians, dead Palestinians, Yemen babies, fake Syrian gas attacks, nope. All censored by ABC, owned by white guys in suits from disney who steal oil and bomb babies, Imagineers banking bloody war profits in the Bahamas with Jesus. We may not be fixable.


Which would be a great win for Russia.

Well I’m not a masochist. I was hoping for something quicker and less painful.
I have a low tolerance for my own pain

When were you assigned to me?

Jesus christ, ‘crap’ in THAT context doesn’t mean….speedometers? - LOL never mind

Dear Generals and assorted military people with lots of shiny medals for—whatever.

I think that you have forgotten the olden days when Kings and military people like the Lords and knights all went off to war. I think we would have more thoughtful wars, if the generals and all those with the high pay grade-----if you all actually participated in the actual warring —like in the days of yore.
History remembers Caesar and Hannible, but remembers you modern military guys as less than the Anthonys of the world. In fact , we see a lot of you with your medals standing around like models or something So, really, if the guys with all the chest decorations really earned all that, maybe they should be the first to go to battle.

It seems like you generals want the money to be like kings----so maybe you should get out on the field as in days of yore. And oh yes, like ancient Greece, if you lose, you are ostracized .
I bet with these suggested changes , we would have a lot less war, and a less polluted and ruined planet. And war as a last resort ----that’s worth any number of current day Generals-----even 16 year old Greta Thunberg could tell you that. : )

The US has been pissing off Iran, Russia, and now China, yet no one has considered what we would be facing if the 3 came together. Not so far fetched considering the trading status of them today, and the amount of bile coming from Washington mouth pieces, directed at them.

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But then it wouldn’t be 1984, no would it?!

Our position is absurd. Iran is a threat to our power in the Mid-East. China is a threat to our power in the Far East. Venezuela is a threat to our position on Socialism. Russia is a threat to our struggle for dominance over Russia’s neighbors. Africa is ours now that colonialism by the Europeans has been abandoned. Apparently we feel we own the whole planet and thus any country on this planet is our enemy unless they capitulate and acknowledge that we run the show. What do the American people get from all this? Patriotic pride, a vast national debt, inability to afford the perks provided by many nations; like health care, child care, affordable college, etc. Those are things that make their lives so ‘miserable’ and us so lucky to not have them. We can take pride and be joyful that we have a country where everybody is free to become a multi-billionaire and those who don’t, it’s their own fault for not taking on the crushing debt of college loans, or for taking on that crushing debt,or following the example of our current President, being born to a rich father. We have the great advantage of being Americans, devoted to the idea we run the world, and if we don’t we ought to; suspicious of anyone who thinks we could do better. Joe Biden, he’s the guy who won’t upset our applecart. Donald Trump, he’s the guy who did upset our applecart and yet remains near and dear to so many of us. Collectively, our National Anthem should be, ‘If We Only Had a Brain’!

Our (working people everywhere) real enemy then, is not just Trump, Bolton, Pmpeo, nor even just the GOP and Democrats, it’s the Pentagon, the the National Security State - the Deep State - it is militarism in all its guises. It is they who stand in the way of a just and sustainable future - for the entire planet!


The MIC certainly causes trouble. I don’t agree that Africa is ours now like Marthaorne says, though it is a place where we can test out gear (like Gaza). Pieces of it are under China’s control. And you wonder if a lot of weird unreported relationships (like China previously counting on the US to deal with Boko Haram…just a theory) will end up changing things big time when they change. What I put in parens isn’t quite beyond the pale, cause you’ve got McKinsey and Erik P earning money in China, right?

Seems like the engines are finding more articles on this subj below. This one’s old, but I’d never seen it before. Scanning over it, I don’t see any mentions of the CIA.

“In 2011, the Saudi’s Aramco signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to supply China 200,000 barrels of crude a day through the China-Myanmar pipeline.”