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The Pentagon Shouldn’t Get to Absolve Itself for Bombing a Hospital


The Pentagon Shouldn’t Get to Absolve Itself for Bombing a Hospital

Phyllis Bennis

The Pentagon just made it official: No war crime was committed when a U.S. plane attacked the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan last year, killing 42 patients and health workers and injuring many more.

At least, that’s the conclusion of its own investigation — nearly all of which remains classified.

"No one should be satisfied with this internal investigation."


Military personnel are, indeed, charged with crimes if 1) they are low ranking and 2) if it involves anything that might be considered a betrayal of the Deep State. Just ask Chelsea Manning.

War crimes, though? Perfectly acceptable. Bomb a hospital here, a school, there, kill civilians to get your target as long as you don't go over 10 at a time and don't forget to make sure your target is a male of the right age so we can call him a militant. We came, we saw, he died. What's the Geneva Convention got to do with it, anyway?


Too bad there is not some way to turn the Pentagon into an insane asylum! Because that is unequivocally and immutably what it is!


... This just in:

Rapists declare that NO rapes have been committed.

(There. That was easy.)

"An independent, international investigation is crucially required. Letting the Pentagon investigate itself simply isn’t good enough."



All the more so when it's fully understood and recognized that the 911 events were used as pretext to foment massive carnage upon the Middle East... all part of a 100% inside job.

The next one may be real... since eventually, karmic blow back happens.

But the "boy who cried wolf" can only deceive so often. A time comes when the real thing takes place and no one believes him.


The main problem is that it is a lunatic asylum, but the inmates are in charge.


Those in charge of the Pentagon HAVE transformed it into an "Insane Asylum"; the next logical step is to put bars around it.


Yes, and frog march all the inmates out in strait jackets!


" Boy who cried wolf."

That looks like where we could be headed because the American people have been lied to for so long that if a real terrorist attack came to America, many would not believe it !


"...we do not consider this to be a war crime.” Say what?

"The White House on Monday condemned the bombing “in the strongest possible terms”.

How can you say the government has condoned the bombing and let themselves off the hook? I heard this statement condemning the bombing myself on the evening news and read it in the newspapers. So this articlce is just wrong when it says the government has absolved itself.

What! You say they are talking about Syria and not Kunduz? The bad hospital/clinic bombing was the Ruskies bombing a MSF clinic in Syria and not the US bombing an MSF hospital Afghanistan or the Saudi's using US weaponry in Yemen to do the same?

Oh well, Never mind.
Ohttp://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/feb/15/airstrike-destroys-msf-clinic-northern-syriah, wait!

(With apologies and thanks forever, to Emily Litella. Miss you.)


As of yesterday, with the Trump/Cruz distraction, many are still buying Lee Harvey Oswald.


We have thoroughly and objectively looked at ourselves and have clearly found no problems.


They can and do, whatever they want to..at any time. at any place, to anyone–including American citizens.

So whachagonnadoaboutit? is basically their response.


How surrounding it with a million people...that refuse to leave? I know, I know..they hose us down & haul us off to Guantanamo.


Bombing the Wrong People is practically an American value. You'd think it was taught as a non-elective course in U.S. military flight schools. From WWII to Iraq, knowing the Americans were overhead has been considered bad news for their own ground forces, for their allies and for any non-combatants in a wide area. Incompetence? Arrogance? Simply not caring? An argument could be made for each. Want to do some good America? Stay the hell home. Maybe try bombing Washington, instead.


"absolve itself" What a sick, deadly joke! The murderers at the pentagon, and the lackeys who do the murders are all guilty! In a just World they would be doing life, all of them. That just World is coming!


I think America has officially become the assassination.....nation.