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The People Are the Story–and Corporate Media Are Missing It


The People Are the Story–and Corporate Media Are Missing It

Janine Jackson

At FAIR, we always say the primary measure of media in an election is not how fair they are to this or that candidate, but how fair they are to the people—all of the people who are affected by the outcome of this particular process, such as it is, and need to see how it functions in relation to them and their needs and concerns. The people are the story—and how well they are represented by a process that’s ostensibly intended to do that.


Many foreign sites have the news in English, also, and often I feel that they are more honest in their reporting.


Keep in mind this movement of the people is not limited to the USA. Some of the largest protests by labor in French History are going on right now with millions taking to the streets . The media is not reporting on this or the numbers to any great extent.

In Brazil the press was pretty well on top of the protests arranged by the right wing in the leadup to their Coup yet are silent as those who supported Rouseff take to the streets in the hundreds of thousands.CNN, Reuters the BBC carried all manner of articles on the protests against Rouseff but if you want to read about the counter protests against the Government that illegaly removed her from power you have to go to independent media.

This is why the Sanders movement is so important. It persists in spite of media collusion against that movement and this helps show that around the world people are coming to the same understanding as to the nature of that 1 percent and the swill political leaders feed them in order to stay in power.


They're not "missing" it, they are actively, systematically -- and rather desperately -- trying to re-frame it to fit the prescribed narrative. The problem is, it's not working this time, which brings me great happiness.


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Could you give us some recommended sites?


Watching Chris Hayes or Maddow these commentators are fueling hate and division. MSNBC was promoting Trump all last summer-it was 24 hrs of Trump---now they act all confused that he will be the republican nominee. But what is more outrageous is how they fuel hate and division.

This is the media not addressing real issues-income inequality--a corrupt political system---and a corporate media that wins by fueling hate and division.

As the economic system fails it is the job of the corporate media to distract and create scapegoats -and not address the real issues.

Bernie Sanders has been saying we have a corrupt political system and a rigged economy--yet the media never want to go there---WHY?


This article reminds me of the presidential election of 1948. There was one candidate that virtually everyone who was supposed to know such things figured had all but won the race and another who just kept campaigning and campaigning to election day.
The principal contenders were Thomas Dewey former governor of New York and the incumbent Harry Truman who became president because of the death of FDR while in office. Dewey had tried to run against FDR in the '44 election and lost big time, but all the polls seemed to indicate that in '48 the presidency was his for the taking.
Truman was not about to concede anything to anybody. So he whistle stopped his way across the US and on election day he beat Dewey without the solid south (four Southern states voted for Segregationist Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond) and an insurgency on the part of the progessive wing of hte Democratic Party (who nonimated Henry Wallace for their presidential candidate). Below is a reminiscence of that election with actor James Whitmore playing Truman.


Computer translation is also fairly efficient these days. I followed the Clinton backed coup in Honduras reading online Brazilian news, for example.


Interesting article. Thank you for getting it straight and referring to "corporate media." Corporate is the proper descriptor for the media you refer to. Sounds picky but it is actually a big deal to maintain as much language purity as possible.


Try to quit using the word "mainstream." That is a term invented for those who serve a tiny group of mainstream owners.

Corporate economist is another term that better describes economic brainwashers who work as slaves for the billionaire class.


The most infuriating term used in connection with this is "stakeholders." During the early part of the legislative process, there are always meetings between the legislators and affected parties, so that a bill can be shaped in a way to minimize meaningful opposition. Typically, individuals are invited to the meeting who are assumed to have a stake in the process, "stakeholders," who are comprised of representatives from each major company or corporation that could be affected by the legislation, along with some representative from the relevant regulatory body and usually one person, one, to represent "consumers," i.e., the public. All these people at the meeting are called "stakeholders." It is as if the entire public gets one vote while each major corporation that is a player in that area gets one vote. When I first learned this, I found it shocking because I had assumed that every individual in society was a "stakeholder" with regard to any legislation that could have some impact on the whole of society. I guess I was wrong.


You can type any nation with "news in English" after it. For example, German news in English, Russian news in English, etc. You will have numerous sites available to you. Good luck.


The author is the one "missing the point". It is not that the corporate media doesn't understand the mood of the people, it is that the corporate media chooses consciously not to report it. In fact the MSM goes out of their way to SHAPE the public consciousness regardless of their rate of success. The headline should read...."corporate media conspires to prevent public opinion from becoming public knowledge"


I started using the internet for news more than 30 years ago while working for AT&T, starting with sites like geocity. It didn't take long to wean myself away from television and radio broadcast news and opinions. As the quality of printed and broadcast news over the subsequent years degenerated, I acquired more and more information from the internet. Display of data was not particular pretty in the beginning, but the veracity and presentation of digital content and verity of subject matter increased rapidly over the next several years. As the internet improved through expansion, the broadcast channels of information degraded into the wretched state it finds itself today.


They are doing exactly as told to do.


Wouldn't that be "with the cooperation" of mostly Democratic Mayors?

It seemed to be a Nationally coordinated Purge.

But, yeah, they would love to have the Appearance of Will of the Governed.