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'The People Have Spoken': Thwarting GOP Push for Cuts, Oklahoma Voters Approve Medicaid Expansion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/01/people-have-spoken-thwarting-gop-push-cuts-oklahoma-voters-approve-medicaid

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Yet, they keep voting for politicians that don’t support Medicaid expansion or any kind of state influence on the healthcare “free market.”
Imbecilic doesn’t even begin to describe the average Oklahoma voter.


I’d stop short of decrying the PEOPLE as ‘imbecilic’ because we are witnessing the consequences of entire hierarchies of power reaching claw-like from corporate funders (Citizens United), into the state and local political feeding chains, massaging messages (billions of unlimited dollars in some if not all cases) , applying CONSTANT pressure (remember “Full Spectrum Dominance”? - it ain’t just for breakfast anymore).

Question being, will the spectrum of dominance prevent the necessary resurgence of actual representation of the people, by the people, for the people in time?


time to make the organ sing and pull out all the functional stops


Had Justice Roberts not BLOCKED the expansion of Medicaid in the “Obamacare” Affordable Care Act, they would have had their medical coverage almost TEN YEARS AGO!!
He upheld only the INDIVIDUAL MANDATE the most REGRESSIVE part of the ACA, but he STRUCK DOWN the expansion of Medicaid.


Go back to Townhall where you belong. Or Fox News website.

Do you have anything constructive to contribute or just more pseudo-progressive crap?

Personally I couldn’t care less what a republican voter wants. Electing right wing radicals on a regular basis isn’t only destroying their own lives, its destroying mine, and the rest of the world.


Necessity is the mother of invention as the aphorism goes. Perhaps this virus crisis has awakened some Oklahomans to the fact that they are not well represented by Republicans. Perhaps, just perhaps, they can break with their long-standing tradition and trend toward purple (blue would be asking too much) this November.

“Democrat” Leaders? You’re such a tool you’ll even speak like a moron.

Stop voting for puppets. If they receive corporate funding or corporate PAC money, they’re puppets.

Worth remembering that ObamaRomnaCare barely passed in Nancy Pelosi’s House with its overwhelming d-party majority back in 2010. That’s because, even after being watered down in every conceivable way until it became primarily a healthcare industrial complex welfare program (that still hasn’t curbed cost increases!), 34 Blue Dogs in the Nancy’s House voted against – it was still too liberal for them. I suspect EdBenti was cheering that process on – Yay ObamaRomnacare!

The #1 achievement of ObamaRomnacare: Cementing the primacy of a for-profit healthcare industrial complex into place and thus insuring that M4A will not happen, even as a depression looms.

And to ice that cake, ObamaRomnacare is hailed as the biggest d-party accomplishment in decades.

And what happened to those Blue Dogs who voted NO? Every one of them lost their seat in the 2010 mid-terms. Which is the lesson on why putting principle over political expedience is what really matters over the long haul. Ten years later, we’re all screwed. Then again, the d-party would actually have to have principles for my lesson to work – so, forget it.


Looks like your comment has awakened the DP stooges from their orgy of self-congratulations at their party’s sabotaging of democracy per the Sanders campaign. Anytime you are accused of being a Fox News viewer because you point out the corruption of the democratic party, you are right to suspect the accusers of being brain-washed neoliberals; those who gave us Trump, in essence.


"Occupy The Streets!"

Let The People’s Voices Be Heard.


If they’re track record screams imbecile at a hundred trillion decibels, might as well call them as such.

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OK is one of the reddest states in the US and has been as long as I can remember, so, as inflammatory as name calling them imbecilic may seem, I think it fits. A synonym for imbecile is fool, and I think it accurate to say that they have been foolish at best, racist at worst. By voting red in election after election they have done irreparable harm to this country and themselves, but only now, may be ever so slightly waking up to that. That qualifies as imbecilic as far as I am concerned.

The real morons are those who believe there’s anything small-d democratic about the Democrat party.


The d-party does have principles, but as Groucho said, if you don’t like them, they have others.


I’d be careful about alienating those who have been alienated by the systemic lies that the education system has so assiduously brainwashed so many. Keep in mind when the $#i! hits the fan, you definitely want to have consciously NOT made enemies of so many people. We are very much in the same boat. Respect and inform - if for no other reason than informed self interest.

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Tried that PB. They won’t listen until an insurance building burns. But no worries, the building is probably insured.
And to Maineac, what corruption? Lobbying is legal. Accepting money from big donors, also legal.

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I understand your reservation and admit that I am taking advantage of Internet anonymity to openly express an opinion that I would not utter in public due to the blow back likely engendered. However, I am reasonably confident that very few people whom I described are on this site and anyone from OK who is, is likely equally frustrated with voting patterns there. I don’t disparage all voters from anywhere, but those that voted for and still support Trump have earned the ire of decent people. When the shit hits the fan, as you described it, those voters will not distinguish between those that criticized red states and those who didn’t. They can’t even distinguish between voting for their own self-interest or not. Come November, if OK doesn’t go for Trump (or any republican) I will change my point of view. Otherwise, I’m not inclined to be muzzled out of fear of offending when the fate of the country is dependent on changing the political disease we are suffering.

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