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The People Need to Seize This Moment of Uprising for Deep and Lasting Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/11/people-need-seize-moment-uprising-deep-and-lasting-change


How can this current moral force avoid dissipation ?

Evolve the racial equity protests into other issue protests to keep the media engaged. Issues like voter suppression and saving the US Postal Service (to improve voter equality) deserve mass protests at least as much as racial equity does.


Last summer as I crossed the Colorado River for the whatever-th time I got out at the bridge and walked to the embankment. On the outside of the bridge was the graffiti message “Hayduke Lives”. Now most of here at CD will know what that references. Most voters don’t. That is a shame. Monkey-wrenches for All!

also postal banking to provide at reasonable rates the needed banking services that the corporations do not find profitable enough to provide us with in the lower classes.


Ralph wants us to vote? I think voting Green or other third party or write-in is helpful, and boycotting elections is an option that makes sense, but voting D or R is granting your consent to the pure evil status quo.

Ralph says, “turnout is essential to replacing many of the corporatist racists like Senate ruler, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, with elected officials who will stand with and for the people.” Is there a Green running against McConnell? There are certainly no D’s or R’s who will “stand with and for the people.”


The seeds of permanent dissent have been sowed by the entitled elite class and their killer dogs which have maintained a state of fear in the population for decades.

The moment has been seized by the People.

We will never relinquish it.

Those that would attempt to do so may take my life, but they will never take my spirit.


It won’t matter if we replace the McConnell’s and Trumps with Pelosis, Schumers or Bidens. They are all big money politicians and voting for the false alternatives offered by the Dems is why Trump is in office now.

Seizing the moment is NOT securing funding from enlightened or guilt ridden wealthy citizens. Those are too few and far between and are usually not accessible even if they are enlightened or guilt ridden. You are more likely to get wealthy people that are only pretending to be enlightened or guilt ridden that will use the money they contribute to control any effort at change to make sure it is ineffective.

Seizing the moment would be ordinary citizens demanding that candidates run small donor only campaigns to earn their vote.

That is the new advocacy group that we need to force candidates to stop taking big money and get new leaders that will stand with and for the people over the big money interests.

I have been contacting Ralph since 2015 about just such an advocacy group that could enable citizens to make this demand and enforce the demand with their vote.

He said on the 10-24-2018 Washington Journal that he would have me on his Radio Hour to discuss the idea for this advocacy group but has not made good on this statement or explained why he has changed his mind.

Seizing the moment is not just joining protests in the streets and commenting on articles like this.

Seizing the moment would be contacting Ralph Nader (and getting as many people as you can to also contact Ralph Nader) and telling him to have a discussion on his Radio Hour and write about this and other new approaches/ideas instead of recycling the same old guests promoting the same old failed solutions (like expecting wealthy citizens to help).

This approach is exactly what Ralph is always saying we need, ordinary citizens working together on the common goal of getting the big money out of politics.

This is the first step to solving almost every other problem as big money in our political process is the main reason that available, affordable solutions to problems including but limited to the War on Habitat, income inequality and health care cannot be implemented.

Seize the moment and let Ralph know he should seize the moment by offering the new ideas that are available.


Difficult to seize the moment when our so-called democracy is dominated and controlled by two political parties that serve the same interests, albeit with some modest differences. Those at the top control who may run, who gets support, what issues and narrative they support and becomes picked-up by the corporate media that serves the same narrow big-money interests.

We have been down this road before and they all became dead-ends when the faux party “leaders” seize the narrative…Until there is a vehicle - a political party that serves the interests of the 99% without complicity, cowardice, silence, personal gain, serving the 1%, we will still be up against the status quo power to control the politics and voting via limiting voting access and gerrymandering, and thus change, reform, revolution.

The con and major problem in many ways is the Democratic Party playing the role of “opposition” - DINO, Democrat IN Name Only – an entrenched establishment that control this “moment” as all others, always, for the last 50 years at least - , the rule of sanctioned “money equals free speech” in politics that means those with money have more “free speech” than others - simple as that!, a corrupt apparatus that denies the ability of the 99% to gain power, to choose candidates for the people, elections won, and reforms to be enacted.
The fraud of that corrupt self-interested minority within the private corporation that is the DP, like Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Perez, all the shills for the establishment, and often the trump regime, that control the DP, the narrative, the voting processes, candidates, elections, and legislation must be broken and replaced - that would be seizing the moment!


The protests need to morph into a single minded purpose of getting rid of the most corrupt and dangerous president ever. Most US citizens have to feel a sense of hopelessness and desperation of a continuing Trump presidency, which embodies everything that’s wrong with this country. Why aren’t we focusing on just that? We need DUMP TRUMP rallies everywhere but starting in DC would help.


Why not the most pressing issue which is DUMP TRUMP? The world needs to know how desperate people feel about his presidency. Why is everyone avoiding focusing on the real elephant in the American parlor?

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Because nothing will be better when Biden becomes President.

Biden fully supports the corruption of the existing system. He’s a huge part of that corruption.

Biden is not the change we need.

What is? Revolution, perhaps. As the famous JFK quote goes “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”


Completely agree with you mbob.

I have been posing the question here on CD’s comment section about who people are voting for when they are voting for Joe Biden. He is a hollow shell and cognitively impaired and people need to know who is shaping policy (such as it is).

I’ve gotten some broad brush answers such as “you are voting for the elite! or the oligarchy!”

But I want to know names of who is calling the shots because no one knows who is behind Biden specifically----who is around him shaping policy? Personnel is policy.

FINALLY! Someone addressed this today and of course, it is very troubling:
They are keeping it secret!

Editor-At-Large at the Jacobin David Sirota discusses the secretive tactics the Biden campaign is using to cover his potential council of advisors from the public.

“David Sirota: The real reason Biden is HIDING his economic advisors”


Yeah, Biden – the more you know – the more you wish you didn’t.

There will be lots of joyous celebrations this November when Trump is defeated.

But those of us lying, dog-faced pony soldiers (whatever that means) will know better.

It’s just way too depressing.


I wonder if JFK were alive today he wouldn’t say: PEACEFUL REVOLUTION IS NOW IMPOSSIBLE!

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Beth Muffett of Austin, Texas declared “If you’re not standing up for George Floyd, who’s going to stand up for you?


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I’m reminded of another quote: “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

As the elite now have full control over our government, our economy, and our media, the quote seems particularly pertinent now.

So I looked the quote up. It was written by Lord Acton in 1887. Here’s some more.

“Acton took a great interest in the United States, considering its federal structure the perfect guarantor of individual liberties. During the American Civil War, his sympathies lay entirely with the Confederacy, for their defence of States’ Rights against a centralised government that he believed would, by what he thought to be all historical precedent, inevitably turn tyrannical.”

Now ain’t that a kick in the head!

And unfortunately, that quote applies to both Parties!

Yes, very depressing but thank you for the humor, your post cracked me up in spite of more and more and more bad news each day . . .
And I know, none of this is funny but it does help to keep some sense of humor.
I actually googled “dog faced pony soldier”, it was so bizarre I had to try to figure what the hell he was talking about. Still don’t know because he (Biden) doesn’t know!


Yes, please vote Green or Socialist or Progressive or whatever vote you can to register your disgust with what’s been happening politically.

We need radical change. We need to get rid of Trump and the GOP, but we also need to get rid of those Democrats beholden to corporate donors. We need to strengthen the democratic alternatives to the corporatist/fascist Duopoly.

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