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The People Need to Take Down Trump. Not the Deep State


The People Need to Take Down Trump. Not the Deep State

Will Bunch

I fell asleep last night to the sounds of a media frenzy, as a wave of bombshell revelations in the Mike Flynn/Trump/Putin scandal had frothing cable TV pundits in full "All the President's Men"/what-did-the-president-know-and-when-did-he-know-it mode.


This is only tangentially on-topic, but in our fight against Trump, we will be fighting alone. Call me naĂŻve for ever thing differently, but in particular, forget about Canada providing us help and refuge like Trudeau the elder did back in the day. Trudeau the vile neoliberal yuppie kid continues to spread his Trump-love everywhere (not to mention pipelines and CETA) - now in Europe.



Well shed light into the current situation, and well argued points from this article.


Why did Obama pick a republican to run the FBI???

There was a great comic in the paper this last Sun PEARLS BEFORE SWINE/by Stephan Pastis.


I know Mr. Bunch is correct. It should be us that takes him down and for all the reasons he listed above. But I have to catch myself rooting for the deep state every time the Orange Buffoon does something disgusting.
In addition, the Repugs are protecting Trump and making it very tough to get the information needed to actually impeach him. If it wasn’t for leaks from surveillance here and our allies, we wouldn’t know half the stuff we do.
Trump is heavily invested with governments around the world in hotel deals and oil deals. How can we find those and investigate the legalities without the help of those with access? He is not going to be impeached by the Repugs unless something really big comes out.
We can’t wait till he destroys the country to remove him. This is worse than Nixon and much more dangerous for democracies everywhere. He refuses to stay within the laws of the constitution (nothing new there) but we have no way of knowing which countries are influencing him and his decisions. This is possibly treason.
I have no love for the deep state but right now it is their job to ferret out the information that relates to treason or other high crimes. What are we to do?
Trump, Tillerson, and several others in his close circle are involved with Russia over oil deals. Obama’s sanctions stopped some of those deals so Putin of course wants to influence T to get rid of the sanctions. We’re talking possibly trillions of dollars.
Trump is receiving money daily from foreign governments like Duarte in the Philippines, this stuff isn’t common knowledge. Someone needs to expose him and we don’t have the tools. Mass protests don’t seem to phase him, he has to be exposed and humiliated, something the deep state does very well. What a mess.


Trump has already lifted some of the sanctions, and now the rule about oil companies having to disclose payments to foreign governments is gone, too. Could Tillerson be any happier?


Putin is doing a happy dance too.


The headline needs a rewrite. Try “The people Need to Take Down Trump, or It Will be Left For the Deep State to Do It.”

But I am skeptical of the whole concept of a “Deep State” - the politicians and President are fully capable of, and do, commit outrages without any need for coercion from spooky rooms of generals, intelligence chiefs, Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, Trilateral Commissions and other conspiratorial stuff.


I agree that we have to take down Trump, but also the Deep State. This corporate state has brought us unnecessary wars where countries have been destroyed based on lies that are invented just for the gain of the Military Industrial Complex. Hillary was the candidate of the Deep State and Mr Bunch, coming from Media Matters, is obviously a staunch supporter of Hillary. Media matters, just like the DNC, never liked Bernie and were very willing to rig the primaries against him. Now, they even dare to accuse him of Hillary’s loss. Hillary lost because the strategy was wrong, because the Democratic party isn’t what it used to be. It is now a corporate and warmonger party. as the GOP. Accepting the Deep State is good for corporations but not for the rest and it is certainly not progressive.


Looking at pre-election polling, Clinton lost largely because of the Comey letter, which was leaked by Chaffetz, as I recall, who now won’t investigate Trump’s collusion with Putin.


Good question. Why would a Democrat have picked any Republicans?


You’re right. Just look at the CIA’s Team B during the Seventies/Eighties. No one forced Reagan to listen to them, that was a political decision he and his administration made. The “deep state” didn’t do that. Reagan did that.


Granted that Pence is at least as cold-heartedly evil as Tweetle-Dumb - possibly more so - but at least he appears conniving enough to avoid WWIII . . .

Right - keep hammering at this to keep Tweetle-Dumb off-balance and hopefully minimize the damage he’s able to do, while using his treason as a wedge to peel off all but his most ardent supporters and rally a majority of the more rational (less irrational?) eligible voters to oust as many Repooplicans as possible in 2018 and 2020.


It’s class war against capitalism no matter who goes down–includes all people, not identities. The Deep State doesn’t care who is in power, as long as Full Spectrum Dominance continues. If Trump goes down, we’re left with another capitalist to take the reins, no matter which party is in power. We’re fighting against capitalism–period!


This article bears reading, re-reading, downloading, printing, and posting on the fridge door! It should be read daily, to remind us of the tasks, and the opportunities
awaiting us.


And what did Pence know and when did he know it?


Yes this is the question the press isn’t asking. They seem content to buy the story that he was lied to. I don’t buy it just yet.


First, I can’t believe the headline.

As Glenn Greenwald said yesterday, on Democracy Now, about Trump, at least he was elected.

No one elected anyone in the Alphabet Agencies, and they are unaccountable to anyone.

That the author begins his history lesson with the Deep State involvement in Watergate, instead of their actual freaking coup, that took place in Dallas, is a major question for me.

He captures the essence of what voters, such as myself, felt when we voted our conscience and bypassed Hillary for Jill, in that Hillary, and her policies, would have been much more difficult to organize against, whereas at least Trump gives us a focus.

Glenn also pointed out that the Alphabets were firmly behind Hillary, as she was ready to deliver the Antagonisms, and Wars, that they desire, and now, they are using everything they have, in their formidable and Well Funded arsenal, to unseat Trump.

Yes, organize, and fight for what is right, but not in support of the Deep State.


Anyone, posting on this site, who has the gaul to actually doubt the existence of the Deep State, is either woefully ignorant, or in on it, and their contributions to this site should hereon be regarded as such.


Glenn Greenwald is looking more and more defensive and silly. If he was being given this information from intelligence, I bet you’d be praising him to no end. I think the guy’s jealous and doesn’t know what to do now that the Post, to its credit, has been doing real journalism when it comes to Trump for the last year. IC clearly has information on Trump and his people that are cause for great concern, maybe the biggest being someone probably leaked intelligence sources to Russia. Putin’s purging his tech intelligence staff for a reason.

Oh, and did I mention, our intelligence agencies appear to have supported the Iran nuclear deal and never back-stabbed Obama when it came to his differences with Netanyahu? That deal went forward despite Netanyahu’s protests. Sometimes I think the world is a little more complicated than “military industrial complex–bad” simpletism.

I agree with your point though–we need to vote Trump out of office. We have an opportunity to put a check on him by taking some governorships. Congress will be tougher, but let’s do that too.


And here’s one now…