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The People Need to Take Down Trump. Not the Deep State


And here's one now...


Exactly! I was sickened by the "Deep State" support of the neocon Hillary during the campaign. The propaganda media like CBS news constantly interviewing Mike Morell and Michael Hayden telling us what a serious threat Russia is. All along the Deep State/Empire would like nothing more than regime change in Russia and China, at what cost to people all over the world? It is imperative that we fight capitalism--which includes the Deep State along with the Trump administration and the wealthy establishment politicians of both parties who are destroying all life on this planet. My question is, what is their end-game, where will they go? Mike Pence and his goofy "rapture' end-game certainly isn't the answer--all that will survive are the cockroaches--of course maybe they will go into their bunkers, and do what?


There are two areas where I do agree with Donald Trump. The US ought to be working with Russia on world problems. And when Trump says "you think we the US are so innocent?" he is totally being honest unlike all the blarney spouted by the patriotic nationalists. The deep state has totally invaded our politics so much so that the system is just not working. The politicians we the people elect are merely puppets where these guys run the show and make the decisions.


A veritable chameleon with a flashy smile and mastery of the art of BS and he showed his true colors (like T-dump) within a week or so of taking the oath of office. May his next vacation home be in the middle of the Alberta Tar Sands extraction operations...where he will have an unobstructed view of complete environmental devastation including the carcasses of every species of wildlife that happen through.


Well then, just send him a thank you note.


I believe he kept three members of Bush's cabinet for the one he formed himself in 2008. That's when I knew the jig was already up.


Important article. I hope it reaches a lot of people.



Very good article.


Additionally, I think that the fact that the "Deep State" and the neocons came out so openly for Hillary, trotting out creeps like Mike Morell and Bill Kristol for the cause, may actually have cost the Queen of Chaos more than a few votes. It gave the game away, so to speak. Obama, whether one likes him or not (and I don't) played a much better game, keeping his Deep State cards much closer to his chest and pretty much fooling the country and the Western world.


The elegant, cool, smooth-talking con man played a good game throughout his tenure. His support of the TPP and TIPP (goes along with the Deep State) and Hillary's fake reversal cost her votes in states that mattered. It made no sense to many.


I agree with you. Trump throws in what are critically obvious truths with a mound of falsehoods.

Another critically obvious truth is that all sides are full of greedy liars with no interest in the real issues the planet and people are facing.


Or, it could be the IC's been conducting counter intelligence operations for months and is leaking because it knows, with Sessions as AG, it's unlikely there will be a full investigation of Trump and his people? Maybe it thinks the White House leaked the names of the sources on the Russian side now being purged?

Call me crazy, but those certainly seem like the easiest, most reported, explanations. But you know, it can't be that. It's gotta be the super nebulous double-back flip answers about neoconservatives, neoliberals, and other name-the-liberal-shibboleth we love to hate.