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'The People of Puerto Rico are Dying': Action Is Needed Now


'The People of Puerto Rico are Dying': Action Is Needed Now

Bonnie Castillo

Volunteer nurses describe deadly conditions and demand federal action immediately


So…what do we have?..we have a government for the rich, by the rich…if you are poor, making less than $50,000.00 a year, the median income, you will soon have nothing, no Medicare, no Medicaid, no food stamps, etc…if you are involved in a natural disaster, too bad, unless you are in the right place at the right time, Napa Valley? no problem, got rich folks there, gotta take care of them…if you are poor, living on an island out in a big ocean, too f-ing bad for you…if you live in Flint, too f-ing bad for you…the people in charge of our government are sicko’s, is Bernie Sanders the only sane one there??? oh, ya, I forgot, it’s after 12-noon, there’s a golf outing, they’re going to even play the back 9 I hear, here give me your putter so I can put it where _____________!!!


This keeps happening over and over. Please check water on ferrocement.com




Trump, that racist, bloviating gas-bag can’t be bothered by Puerto Rico. Neither can most of the rest of us it seems.


Everyday in this Haedes on Earth created and fostered by DJT and his henchmen at the helm of all agencies created to address natural disasters and calamities like what has happened to PR and the islands occupants (man and beast) brings yet more gut-wrenching, heart-breaking news. Meanwhile, Congress is paralyzed while we are faced with nuclear war and death of all life on our planet. Hard to breathe through the sobbing, hard to believe it is all happening…


And DJT and the Republicans have had total power for less than 1 year. Hard to even imagine how much more damage will occur during their reign.


This was why I cringed when I first thought about Trump going to Puerto Rico to assess the situation. What were we expecting? I had already reached the conclusion that Trump was a White Supremacist racist. So he did a horrific job as president basically because they were mostly and RACE of people therefore the hurricane damage could be somehow blamed on them instead of the weather. WHAT IF IT WAS BARACK OBAMA going to Puerto Rico??? I have no doubt there would be an absolutely huge POSITIVE difference between our first non white president and our current White Supremacist racist president. THERE WOULD BE AN ABSOLUTELY HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! So here we are soon afterwards and I blame the conditions in Puerto Rico on the Hurricane and Trump blames the non white people there. Trump is the most horrific president in recent history.