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The 'People Versus the Powerful' as Greece Faces Down Troika in Brussels


The 'People Versus the Powerful' as Greece Faces Down Troika in Brussels

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

After weeks of heightened rhetoric and promises regarding Greece's economic future, the country's new leftist Syriza government on Wednesday at last met with European Union finance ministers in Brussels to discuss the plan to end the EU lenders' punishing austerity regime.


Well, Mr. Moscovici, according to your calculus there will be no compromise. Continue to hide behind the skirts of the law, and never question the divergence between what is legal and what is just. It is your duty to be a bulwark of the ancient regime, and is requisite of your position.


Leave the EU it is obvious their hearts are in their wallets and not their chest. You have only suffered under neo-liberalism you can continue to suffer under them or break and suffer with each other until you once again control your state.


I never did understand why the Euro countries turned over all decision-making to the well-suited men who believe the euro is much more important than the human beings who live in these countries. I suppose it really shouldn’t have surprised me, though, given that we have, over the last few decades, put more trust in the money men than in principled, humanistic leadership.

I hope that Greece does not lose courage. I hope it will persist in its demands and, as a result, have the opportunity to craft a brighter future for itself.


Go people of Greece! All those old white guys in suits are greedy moneychangers… and mad.


This has got nothing to do with hearts and humanity. It’s about money! the Greeks borrowed irresponsibly way beyond their means and the EU irresponsibly lent them money as if there was no tomorrow. One way or the other the books must balance.

Syriza may negotiate how it will generate the wealth to repay the debt (austerity or some other way) but it must repay the debt.

Personally I feel the lenders must also take a hit to teach them a lesson. Debt based economies will never succeed.


Debt based economies will never succeed.” The entire globalised capitalist system is based on debt so let’s hope you’re right and it comes crashing down pretty damn soon.

“Leave the EU it is obvious their hearts are in their wallets and not their chest” This is a problem of the Eurozone countries, not the EU.


Greece’s debt started growing long before the EU. Since WW11 Greece’s generals, bureaucrats and politicians have lived like kings on the bribes they have routinely accepted from the military contractors courting them. As Angelos Philippides, a prominent economist, explains, “For a long time Greece spent 7% of its GDP on defence when other European countries spent an average 2.2%. If you were to add up that compound 5% from 1946 to today, there would be no debt at all.”

The ECB/Trioka ‘bailout’ actually bailed out the banks who made the bad loans that then turned into profit for the shareholders of the corporate arms dealers. At least 90% of the Greek bailout has paid off reckless lenders who made the bad loans with less than 10% of it reaching the Greek people. IMO the debt itself is invalid at best


It is never the wrong time to do the right thing.


What is so bizarre, so inexplicable, is that our middle class and liberals have remained oblivious to the fact that the US has been implementing the austerity agenda for years. The vital difference is that here, we’ve been doing it one step at a time, and ignoring the consequences. A bit of history: Years ago, Newt Gingrich (remember Gingrich?) gave a series of lectures in which he stated that the only way to bring the “Reagan Revolution” to fruition was to focus on pitting the middle class against the poor, workers against the jobless. This is because each time in the past that the richest few gained power over govt., to the great harm of the country, the masses – poor and middle class – united to successfully push back, to everyone’s benefit. This time, much work went into successfully pitting us against each other. The Clinton admin. ended actual welfare aid. Our liberal media (with rare exception), being focused on the middle class, have ignored the appalling consequences ever since. We have a poverty crisis that has cost lives, and Dems and libs see nothing beyond the worries of the better-off. If you’re still in the middle class, by definition, you’re doing great! Many people are not. Not everyone can work (health, etc.), and there aren’t jobs for all who urgently need one. Once you no longer have a home address, phone, bus fare – you’re out. You can’t get a job, and there is no aid for the jobless poor. What do you think happens to these people?


The great thing about focusing on Greece is that it is also working well to distract Americans from the fact that the US has quietly, incrementally, been rolling out the same agenda. Democrats and lib media have, for years, done much to keep the country focused on the concerns of the better off alone, the middle class, and off of the consequences of America’s austerity agenda to date.


If only Americans were as perceptive as the Greeks. Since the 1990s, Dems and lib media here have focused on celebrating middle class elitism and ignoring the consequences of our own austerity agenda to date – our poverty crisis.


Hi, Amerika’s ‘defense’ spending and borrowing can only exist as long as the petrodollar exists. But this too shall pass one day and like every empire, the Empire of Debt will collapse.
Every empire sows the seeds of its own destruction.

peace, love and good vibrations, mr. mud