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The People's Budget: Progressive Proposal Aims to Un-Rig Failed Economic System


The People's Budget: Progressive Proposal Aims to Un-Rig Failed Economic System

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Offering a sustainable alternative to regressive federal budget proposals put forth this week by the Republican majorities on Capitol Hill, the Congressional Progressive Caucus on Wednesday released The People's Budget: A Raise for America, which aims to "level the playing field" for low- and middle-income Americans.


And the current power center of the new UnDeal Democratic Party will rush to any microphone in sight to do a big political push of this budget to counter the Republican proposal.

Not. I wish that were the case.

Obama and the rest of the corporate club that now own the current power center of today’s New UnDeal Democratic Party are much more aligned with the Republican budget proposals than that of the Progressive Caucus.


Now here’s what’s interesting (besides the fact that the CPC is all mouth, and no action): the MSM’s coverage of alternatives to rightist governance. There isn’t any.

Just went to Google News, and did a search for the “People’s Budget”. There is, at the moment, one article, an op-ed in the Washington Post.

Then, using the same parameters, I searched for “Republican Budget”. 1,191 news articles and op-eds in the last week.

That “Left Wing Media”… it just can’t manage to tell any sort of truth, can it? Orwell himself would stand amazed at what America’s become.


And of course the words “People’s Budget” will not be uttered on air by any of NPR’s corporate servicing talking heads. The place where all of my “progressive” acquaintances stay “informed”.


Hmmm. Three articles this morning on the CPC budget proposal, all of them saying pretty much the same thing.



I like to call it National Pentagon Radio, mostly to shock, but also to make a point.

My Democratic friends think I’m a wild-eyed leftist maniac, but when I point out that NPR’s guest roster on any given day is as establishment and pro-war as any on Fox, they sputter and change the subject.


There is plenty of money in the U. S., controlled by the .01% of course. We could do everything that needs to be done for the working and poor, our infrastructure, and the environment if we took the correct actions. Things like: Taxing incomes and estates of over $1 billion at 90% with no loopholes, and instituting graduated brackets up to that for the lesser wealthy; cutting the defense budget 50%; doing away with the “black budget” of 17 “intelligence” agencies that mostly cause mischief around the World and make the rest of the World hate us; raising the corporate tax rate to at least 25% and closing loopholes; preventing the wealthy from moving the money they earned here off-shore untaxed. Halving the defense budget alone would give us nearly $500 bil. more for other things, without any discernible decrease in our ability to defend ourselves, since no other country comes close to what we spend on weapons. Several billion more could be saved if we quit supporting governments that oppress their own people - like Israel.

We could further save money if we instituted true national health care and put the for-profit insurance and health care industries out of business - no middle men needed. All considered, if we did those things we could have health care and education through grad school as an included right of citizenship, up-to-date and environmentally sound infrastructure, and foreign relations with the rest of the World that were civil and based on our being good neighbors, instead of bullies trying to control “our” oil that happens to be under the soil of other countries. Unfortunately, I never expect to see any of that in my, or most people living now, lifetimes.


A volunteer military requires poverty. Sorry, it is as simple as that.


The only thing the CPC proposal aims to do is con the Demobots (pretty easy to do) into thinking that these corporate hacks are actually progressive. There is no chance in hell this proposal will pass and they know it. It’s the most disgustingly cynical display of hypocrisy imaginable. If the CPC were in control of Congress they would never propose anything even remotely resembling a “people’s Budget” because they know that would mean the end of the feast at the corporate trough which is their only reason for existence.


Gosh darn it, it really is so tragic that none of these intelligent ideas existed in 2009, when the political party that these people represent had control of both houses of Congress and the White House. And it is too bad that there was not something like a massive financial and economic crisis at that time, to enable consideration of bold action.

It’s just such a painful historical irony that these wonderful ideas were only developed after the political party that these people represent lost control of both houses of Congress, following years of inaction on all these issues.

But hey, now that they’ve rolled out these “new” ideas, maybe we should focus our primary political energy on putting the political party that they represent back in control of both houses of Congress! The very thought of it gives me hope for change!


besides the fact that the CPC is all mouth, and no action

no kidding. almost didn’t bother. media coverage would also be nice. maybe they’d get coverage if they ever actually refused to vote for the alternatives and if they grew their numbers.


National Propaganda Radio also gets distasteful looks. :O)


Right on!! I was about to mention the $billion plus per day that is spent on killing people, spying, and raping the world of its resources for the benefit of a hundred or so people who own more than the rest of the world combined.

  • Remember, they get most of that billion back in arms sales, foreign and domestic, not to mention the additional billions they get from raping the planet of its resources.


Yeah, but what a wonderful solution! Thanks!


We’ll never get a new deal in this century, but it would be nice to resurrect Roosevelt’s again. That was not perfect, but it was a "New Deal" with teeth that got us back on our feet again.

  • It took the rich bastards nearly a century to get rid of all of its provisions and set us up for another, worse, depression.


I’m surprised. I thought that the comments on this article would be ones of support and excitement. Here is an alternative to the corporate agenda that is out to destroy the poor and working classes of this country. What other alternative do people see in the public arena that makes an effort to reverse some of the ultra-right’s attacks? Who else is addressing the issue of taxes, student debt, infrastructure repair, creating jobs, building alternative energy and saving the environment? Sure, I don’t agree with every line of the “People’s Budget,” but it is by far the best proposal that progressives can unite and organize around. Let’s stop bashing anything that is not totally “pure” or “perfect.”


No one here is bashing “The People’s Budget.” i advocate for policies that go beyond what it proposes, but the proposals outlined in “The People’s Budget” would be a very healthy start toward laying the groundwork for real economic justice and democracy. The “bashing” is against the phonies in the political party to which these members of Congress belong, who are playing this game.

Please refute my previous comment and timeline above, and demonstrate how “The People’s Budget” is going to make any progress under the leadership of the party to which these members of Congress belong.


The People’s Budget must include preserving Medicare as it exists first. Then promote a nation wide single payer system. The elderly and disabled cannot afford to pay for a for-profit partial voucher Medicare system.

Why should we cede any ground to the radical right?

SSDI is my sole source of income. Do the math.


I will, on the grounds that it isn’t really a “People’s Budget.” This has nothing to do with demanding perfection, etc. Our own modern history shows how and why it’s impossible to save/rebuild the middle class as long as we ignore our poverty crisis, refusing to put the rungs back on the ladder out of poverty. We need a budget that recognizes the reality that not everyone can work (health, etc.) and that there aren’t jobs for all who urgently need one. Instead, this budget addresses poverty with promises of trickle down economics (and where have we heard that before?).

A People’s Budget would, by necessity, build on the evidence and experience of modern history. From FDR to Reagan, we implemented policies and programs that took the US to its height of wealth and productivity. With Reagan, we began reversing course, ending those policies and programs. Look at the results. During this time, as we pursued our “war on the poor,” the overall quality of life in the US went from #1 when Reagan was first elected, down to #43 by the time Obama was elected. Without restoring a legitimate poverty relief system, we’ll remain on our downhill slide.


Right but almost all the insurance company middle men are middle aged conservative white men as are the government defense contractors, the police force, the military brass, the church pastors, real estate agents, stocks traders, bank owners and officers, corporate head honchos and managers, etc…The point i am trying to make is that they belong to the tyrant fascist clan that has been ruling America since day one. Hence the job of uprooting them will be seriously difficult and can only be done in comprehensive, small incremental steps. They are deeply clannish regardless of what they might state in public but when cornered they will confess their various biases and a deep since of anger and hatred for the poor, the blacks, the Hispanics, gays, progressives and the rest who don’t agree with them.