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The Perfect Trumpian Friendship

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/11/perfect-trumpian-friendship

Is it possible that Kim and unbeknownst to trump, that their “friendship” was purely a ploy for N. korea to continue to build their arsenal uninterrupted by the U.S…? And possible Ahmadinejad saw that as a great idea and plans to do the same? Is Trump still celebrating his victory over the North? Yay Trump…

As we now know, Little Rocket Man has become the Trump’s best friend, replacing in his affections even Vladimir Putin of Russia. Their mutual affection was on display during their trysts in Singapore and Vietnam as well as on the short honeymoon trip they took together over the DMZ in Korea

Enough of this shit. With all of the truly evil things Trump has done, this fucking cretin has to give us homophobic criticism of the two good things he has done: trying to end the Korean War and trying to repair the relationship with Russia that the Democrats cynically destroyed for a perceived domestic political advantage.

The president’s job is to get along with foreign leaders.

The author of this article shouldn’t be published anywhere.

Perhaps the fat one is just anticipating being inducted into “The Used Dictators Hall of Flame.”

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