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The Perils and Possibilities of Billionaire Charitable Giving: MacKenzie Scott (Bezos) Makes Her First Move

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/29/perils-and-possibilities-billionaire-charitable-giving-mackenzie-scott-bezos-makes

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Being in the top 1% and with more money than God, this group must not be entitled to more of this country’s government benefits than the 1% they represent.

The 99% deserve the remaining 99%, and legislation to make sure this is so must be made clear this is what is expected from this point on.


Wish we could have seen this article back in 2006 when Dick Cheney “donated” millions to charity. BUT, scams and millionaires go hand in hand.

Scariest concept here: family foundation, controlled in perpetuity. That’s why we invented the estate tax in 1916. Make the money die.


Don’t count on Pelosi and Biden to do anything about it


An important aspect of the charitable giving of the 1% not mentioned is that billionaires involved directly in politics will often give funds to an organization in order to keep that group silent in opposing political actions they take. (e.g. remove funding from arts programs in schools but avoiding arts organizations from complaining because you gave them a little donation or giving civil rights organizations a little donation to avoid their criticism of your policing policies). This tactic was a favorite of Michael Bloomberg as mayor of New York.

Basically the same “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” tactic as when they donate to politics parties or candidates.


Charitable giving was seriously co-opted as part of what Democrats continue to label “bipartisan 1986 tax reform”, that limited meaningful charitable deductions to corporations and itemizers. Subsequent tweaks to the tax code, especially Trump’s 2017 tax cuts have made charitable contributions increasingly lucrative for corporations and the 1% while most taxpayers have no meaningful opportunity for any tax advantaged charitable giving.

During that 35 year time frame corporations and the 1% have determined which “charities” survive and which perish.

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Bring on the ooohs, and aaahs! Republicans and the wealthy believe the poor should exist on handouts from the “church,” in other words, not the government’s problem. So how is waiting for the 1% to have a pang of conscience any better than waiting for a handout from the church? Why not abolish all government social services and let the weak and vulnerable beg for handouts from the over-entitled, eh?

Until Ms. x-Bezos, et al, are dipping into their mortgage payment or grocery budget to help out the destitute, I’m not impressed.

In fact, it is the not-so-well-off that give a higher percentage of their incomes to charities that benefit others, when the wealthy give it’s usually for the tax deduction and to their alma mater, the symphony, museums and the arts. IOWs, not charities that benefit the poor and working class.

This "… the least well-off give a higher proportion of their income to charity than the wealthy, no matter what their age, class or beliefs."


US: The 2000 Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey shows that households with incomes below $20,000 gave 4.6% to charity , higher than any other income group. Households earning between $50,000 and $100,000 donated 2.5 percent or less.

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Why the hell don’t these greedy cretins pay taxes–progressive taxation, that is, instead of stroking their egos? The greates charity is not to have need for it.

We see the barbarism–time for eco-socialism!

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Maybe it is time to start biting their hands until they bleed.

Ah, now to just get her to donate about a billion or so to CD!

Why don’t we just tax the billionaires out of existence, and let the people decide what to use the money for? Instead of one person forcing their opinion on what/who is worthy to spend it on.

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…politics parties or candidates.

…add Media.

DEAR MacKenzie Scott:
PIease give a HUGE amount of money to the Post Office—because everybody in America uses that entity, and it is horrific that the Mr. DeJoy man , who is now ruining the post
office, is pretending that it can’t function and needs cuts. HA! Oh and make sure that you specify that the MONEY is going to the postaI workers heath pIan that some insane peopIe said had to be prepaid for 75 years!
The Post Office is one of the few government entities that works weII and serves everyone equal. IT IS NEEDED. Besides, ask your ex husband, because he doesn’t deIiver everywhere—but the Post office does! Could you PIease make a giant donation to finish paying up the prepayment of 75 years of heaIth costs for the post office workers? IF you can’t afford that --try getting the other reaIIy, reaIIy rich peopIe to donate.
REMEMBER, it’s not that many months until Christmas—and the POST OFFICE makes deliveries on Christmas Day… unless that heartless Mr. De Joy person wants to kiII Christmas for kids and families too!

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