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The Perils of Pelosi vs. The Squad

I wish people would worry about the criminal in the White House first, and their own agenda later.

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No wonder we’re flying in circles . . .


Anytime Neera Tanden is a guest on one of the “news” shows I immediately change the channel.
She is even harder on one’s ears than that screeching hypocrite harpy, Hilliary Clinton.

It would be great if we had a viable third party – the Progressive/Socialist Democrats or some such – but the duopoly has taken control of enough State-level election boards to make a third party all but impossible.  Our only real option in 2020 is to promote as many progressives as possible within the framework of the DamnocRatic party, so be sure to Donate To / Work For ONLY Those Few Candidates Whom You Trust, and give or do NOTHING for the DCCC, DNC or DSCC.

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Hi JoanRobinsin:

As awful as that doctored tape of Nancy Pelosi speaking with stutters and gaps— to make it seem as if she was drunk-----it actually seems to tell a true tale of Nancy Pelosi.
The four ladies of conscience are trying to tell her that what she represented—doesn’t exist anymore. For her to insult the 4 and act as if they don’t matter— that’s why the Dems keep losing ground after they win it. The Four Ladies of Conscience-- work for WE the People, and Nancy Pelosi does not. Money might talk----but it turns into gibberish very quickly.


Pelosi is an absolutely horrible public speaker. Regardless as to what I think of her, her positions, her record or corruption, she is god awful in front of the cameras. Every time she gets asked a somewhat difficult question, not only is the response hard to follow logically, but the inflection in her voice makes it sound as if she is surprised by the question and is caught off guard. It’s comical that so many on the right say that she is the “left”. The hell she is.


Excellent. You could have written a much better article.


Though your argument is accurate, SkepticTank, missing is What’s Best for the People.
Joan’s final paragraph is key: “Winning an election where there is pitiful turnout is not a sign that the left isn’t popular…” It is a sign that elections fail to serve this majority of eligible voters, and has for years.

For the majority of eligible voters to show up, the elections, and especially the work of government must become those needs, values, and interests that define the lives of The People.

Gawd knows, what happens in Washington has for decades failed these people.
The Squad represent a move in that direction. They spit in the face of Government Business As Usual. They offer policy ideas in sync with the needs, values, and interests of the lives of that majority of eligible voters who stay home, because they have learned how government works --not for them.


I stopped reading at “too clever for her own good”. She’s a greed driven capitalist whose only concern is herself, and the system that enables her ilk.

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Pelosi (and her husband) are part of the Oligarchy. THAT is what they understand. She lives is a completely different world than most of the rest of us including the ‘Freshmen Insurgents’.

Pelosi’s forte, her ‘business’, and the reason she has the job, is shaking down Lobbyists. Those lobbyists represent others in the Oligarchy. THAT is her world. She can’t relate to the Freshmen that represent regular people because there is no money in it. The mechanics are diametrically opposed. The System, The Party (business), is broken. This is not going to be resolved by ‘taking over the Party from the inside’ as some pretend. The ‘Party’ is a business. No businesswoman (man) is going to let that happen.

We need a real 3rd Party on the Left. Too bad Bernie let that once in a generation opportunity slip.

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The "party leadership’ is playing Ninja BlackBelt 3D Chess. The party Base are their opponents not the Republicans.
Their ‘job’ is to keep their jobs.


I’m 63, but except as regards constantly changing technology, I don’t consider myself an old fogey. However, I recognize that many many people my age and older are, and they continually disrespect younger people. There are far too many elected people who have hung out with each other in their protected class for far too long. They care only about each other and maintaining their personal power and charade of government that keeps them from ever making any structural changes that would upset their apple cats. It’s class, and Pelosi and many other long-term term congresspeople use age as part of their class loyalty. They can’t/won’t listen. I have totally changed my mind about term limits. We need professional staff at the legislative bodies that aren’t associated with individual members who can teach the ropes of govt process and thus afford to get rid of those who feel entitled to stay there forever while doing nothing that benefits the American people. I now set entitlement as a bigger problem than being new to the job.

I think it obvious to most Americans that Ms Pelosi is corrupt and acts on the behalf of the deep pocketed donor class rather than in the best interests of the working class. What shows the scale of her corruption is she so obvious about it which means she really does not care what the progressive community thinks or she feels it still more important to support the people with money.

No matter which of these two it is it demonstrates how entenched the monied interests are and how the US in fact an Oligarchy.

When you do not even have to pretend you have the interests of the progressives in mind it suggest sthe oligarchs feel they have won. As to this author he strikes me very much as a Democratic party loyalist , one that would vote Democrat simply because they not a Republican. In that regard he is as progressive just as those people who claim they would still have invaded Iraq and Afghanistan but just “done it differently” are anti-war.


Is anyone noticing that many of the recent photos of Pelosi in articles on CommonDreams,such as this one, appear to be airbrushed to make her look younger and less haggard than she actually is? Now, why is that?

Today Al Sharpton was explaining why Biden has so much support from the Black community-----Sharpton explained that the black community is “conservative”. I think it has more to do with paid off black leaders---------but watch-------because there is a radical in the house and its not Bernie!

So we see a hint of a real democratic party------primary democrats who have supported Trump and Republicans.

Pelosi is (mercifully enough) out of focus* in the photo.

*out of focus – (adj., archaic) having a blurred appearance corresponding to relative distance; an artifact of paleolithic optical technology.

I read about half the article, but it was hard to tolerate the author’s obvious bias. People like AOC and “the squad” are why – much to my disappointment – the democrats could lose in 2020. Believe it or not, many democrats don’t want fully open borders, taxpayer funding for abortions, marginal tax rates as high as 70%, and full student loan forgiveness. Pelosi has every right to tell people like AOC to be less publicly critical of more moderate democrats, and AOC quickly pulling the race card represents everything that is wrong with the radical left.

Hi ProfessorK:

I’m glad that AOC pulled the race card because it needed to be called-----especially after the black elected guy that yelled at them— None of those women deserved to have a black guy in Congress yelling at them about race! I was wondering if he meant that only black people had the race card pulled-----if he thinks that—he is out of touch! There is enough racial prejudice in America to go around !
I think that there are the OLD Crats and the NEW Crats—because Nancy is old world politics— she’s an old crat but as people in America get more and more poor, they start to see how the Pelosi players are more and more like the Gopers----who view capitalism as winner take all-----and those long term Dems are taking the money and running with that and ignoring what the nation needs. Schumer is another out of touch one. But age doesn’t mean fossil for all------- as Bernie and Elizabeth are like the," Squad Ladies," in wanting America to live up to its advertisements----and the WORDS of the Constitution.
But maybe, as the positives of the Constitution seems to be slip sliding a away— and then—poof-- might be gone , I do not understand why Pelosi doesn’t see the world of 2019 with all its warts----The fossils ( and age does NOT denote the fossils–)-but muddled thinking does and their wanting to hang on to their power over all else.
But also about Nancy Pelosi—I read that she had 9 grandkids-------and the world she is creating for them—well there won’t be enough Nancy money to save them from the Sad New World of the Climate Crisis. The SQUAD ladies see the Future and that’s why they need to move into functioning power NOW! : (

This article misses the mark by a mile. No Labels is a group of conservative funded Republicans electing Democrats under the No Label label. They are controlling Pelosi.