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The Petro Dictatorship: Who Benefits From Keeping Ousted President of Maldives in Jail?

The Petro Dictatorship: Who Benefits From Keeping Ousted President of Maldives in Jail?

Mark Lynas

With the recent judgement of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention that the jailing of former President Nasheed of the Maldives is indeed illegal under international law, it is becoming clear that there is more to the continued detention of this climate change and democracy hero than the mere ambition of an autocratic regime to stifle dissent and opposition.

Mohamed Nasheed is A true Hero and everyone, everywhere should fight for his release- If this country was sincere in fighting for Democracy as has been it’s false clarion call for years and years, it would step up and do something about this flagrant injustice- But just as in Honduras, Vietnam and many, many other places this corrupted Government is on the wrong side-
“And we call ourselves the human race”- JFK’s remark after meeting with the Joint Chiefs of staff on the timely, agressive opportunity of A Nuclear strike on the USSR-
Jesus Christ is long overdue for his promised return to square things up…

Thank you, Commondreams for publishing this article. Surely this news–if it appears anywhere at all–would frame Nasheed AS a Terrorist for daring to stand up to the rapacious oil cartels in their business-as-usual rape and pillage of such sacred places as underwater ocean reefs.

Although I am a great supporter and admirer of Mohamed Nasheed, I am having some troubles reading an article written by Mark Lynas, the values of whom I doubt, to say it the least. Lynas has turned on two essential points: He became supporter of nuclear power and genetically modified organisms. Without going into details, both technologies are in my personal opinion not the solution to our climate chaos. Supporting such technologies is a contradiction to a sustainable answer to the combination of our global crises. Hence, having failed in two such essential issues, I find it difficult to take Mark Lynas serious in any other comment he may share.