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The Petty Revenge of a Soon-to-Be Ex-President

Paramount to remember is that DT has his party and seventy-one million voters on his side. Could be more than “petty revenge,” if he decides to go deeper than that. Who or what will stop him, if he doesn’t stop at “petty?” The Supreme Court - if it comes to that - might just side with him. Since DT’s party is not placing country over itself, possible that the Court’s majority may do the same.

Indeed. Happier with Trump than they’d be with Sanders.


The revenge of the people against this pretender needs to be legendary. No one should ever even contemplate following in his foot steps lest they too forfeit their life by firing squad. Super Max should be filled with his cronies and his children. The Rethuglikkkan party should be RICO’d out of existence and the entire nightmare that was the trump regime should be annulled, from the Supreme Court to the District Courts, from Education to Environment, from Tax Breaks to Corona corporate give aways… the White House requires a MAJOR cleaning. I’m sure there must be orange sh!t stains EVERYWHERE.

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pedo joe for gitmo trump aint goin no where pedo joe and company cheated so much they got caught and no they will all take a vacay in club gitmo i hope for life…

no thats what the american patriots are going to do you scum

i vote we hang pedo joe

LOL Oh loser, you are making me laugh. Tell ya what, why don’t you morons go form your own country, I for just one would be glad to let you go. We have no intentions of sharing power with you. You’re unfit to exist in the modern world. We will never permit racist scum to dominate us again, and the upside for you is we don’t want your type around any more. So feel free to secede, there won’t be a war to stop you.