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The Phony ‘Bad Intel’ Defense on Iraq


The Phony ‘Bad Intel’ Defense on Iraq

Ray McGovern

Presidential aspirant Jeb Bush this week may have damaged his chances by flubbing the answer to an entirely predictable question about his big brother’s decision to attack Iraq.


“the tragedy of 9/11”

It was an act of treason.

Of course it was tragic. Everyone realizes that.

But the word often implies the agency of fate, or the idea of “an act of God”, or the idea of a natural disaster like a flood or an earthquake: something beyond human control. 9/11 wasn’t that.

Of course, “tragedy” has other meanings, including events bringing loss of life, so Ray isn’t using it incorrectly.

However, it seems a poor choice, when “treason” is more accurate.

Everyone knows it was tragic, but not everyone knows it was treason. The public ignorance on the matter is the direct, intended result of the collusion of the media in the reporting falsely of everything from the actual events of 9/11 to the ludicrous story of the murder of bin Laden.

It’s all a book of fairy tales.
But the fairy tale Americans should really read is an old one by Hans Christian Anderson. It’s called “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. It could have been written for 9/11.

The late Bob Bowman called the “tragedy” by its rightful name: treason.

The “faulty intelligence”, “if we knew then what we know now” excuse is pure deceit.
It is the chewed-over bone thrown to the public- AGAIN.
This well-worn excuse is presented as a mea culpa- or rather, an impossibly vague “We-a culpa” which fixes no responsibility and has no consequences.

It’s a continuation, the latest chapter, of the book of lies we have been hearing for almost fourteen years,


The truth is that every time the IAEA reported there were no WMD in Iraq, Cheney and friends were encouraged to pursue war. After all, even Cheney, as heartless and ruthless as he is would not have liked the embarrassment of the Iraqis actually using those weapons against U.S. invading forces. All the rest was propaganda and perception management for the scared American masses. Now it is the Russkies or is it IS this week, I’ve lost track. And thank you once again, Mr. McGovern-you are one of our rare truth tellers.



Yes Ray many Americans still refuse to believe that all of it, ALL OF IT, was a lie. I believe that there are also many ordinary Americans that fully know and knew it was all a lie, approved, and dreamed of blood and glory.

During the run-up to the war I wrote many letters to the newspaper that were published saying all of the things in real time that Ray does here (and of course informed by Ray and others regularly appearing here) and do you know that not one of those letters elicited a responding letter from the resident collection of bible-thumpers, flag-wavers, and ultra-patriots. I expected to be taken to the woodshed, but - nothing.

Going beyond this damning expose there is a greater lie that was possible because of the already proven nature of US military aggression. The greater falsehood is that, even if all of the lies about Iraq were true, the war launched against Iraq was illegal by all international law. Iraq was not threatening anyone, had not attacked the US, and there is no “just cause” recognized by international law that authorizes preemptive war. Neither is “regime change” a recognized just cause for war. So turd blossom came out of the closet and acknowledged what we all knew, the US is an aggressive militaristic Empire with fantasies of global domination.

So where is the rest of humanity on righting this wrong, sanctioning and punishing the US for this obvious aggression? China, that emergent powerhouse, is busy assailing neighbors in all directions as it consolidates its frontier, as does Russia seek to regain some of its lost frontier. The so-called great democracies of old Europe, historical colonizers all, sense opportunity in the current status quo. Africa and the Middle East remain mired in tribal and sectarian conflicts going back centuries.

All of the lessons learned, and all of the high-minded treaties remain an un-realized ideal. The global leadership of the exceptional and indispensable nation has dragged humanity back to the breeding ground of fascism and global conflict. Hail Pax Americana.


Excellent post. I do not know who the people were that were guilty of treason and the cold blooded murder of 3,000 innocent people on 9/11 but this I do know: What the American people have been told by their government is an egregious lie…a fairy tale perpetuated by a complicit presstituted MSM. And the fact that the horribly, evil people that were behind this treasonous tragedy will never be brought to justice tells me they must be planning another similar incident like 9/11… when it is appropriate.


9/11 was covered up with lies, it’s so obvious the Saudis financed Al Queda & our treasonous leaders are covering it up.Then they railroaded us into Iraq war on a pack of lies.
Every congressmen,senator,that voted for this war commited treason & violated their oath to protect the us constitution…
& the outlaw neocons & Bush administration commited High Treason, violated thier oath to protect the constitution.
This Brazen deception was easily discredited at the time.
Yet they had their war anyway!! The criminal republican administration was enabled by a weak democratic party that offered little or no opposition to war.They are all war criminals now & should be prosecuted as such!


“Yet they had their war anyway.”

What that should tell you is we are all living in the Fourth Reich, a military dictatorship that is posing as a democracy.

" Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on its actions. Washington is the exceptional indispensable. No one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington’s will. ( MY CAPS ) IN ITS CLAIMS WASHINGTON SURPASSES THAT OF THE THIRD REICH.
Paul Craig Roberts.


“I have been asking myself why so many Americans find it so painful to delve deeper. Why do they resist letting their judgment be influenced by the abundance of evidence, much of it documentary, exposing how little or no evidence there was to support what was a most consequential fraud? Perhaps it is because they know that responsible citizenship means asking what might seem to be “impertinent” questions, ferreting out plausible answers, and then, when necessary, holding people accountable, rectifying the situation, and ensuring it does not happen again.”
Because Mr. McGovern, amerikans hate to admit when they make mistakes. That’s why Slick Oily’s always babbling about amerika being the exceptional, indispensable country! Have another shit log amerika. They’re doing it to you again! Bon appetit, SUCKERS!


In '05 or '06 in another letter published I also made the case that the actions of the Bush Administration were treasonous and the war itself constituted a crime against humanity. Not even that elicited a response. Good Germans now. Bush should be hanged in his flight suit. But, the hangings, once begun, would end where? Down all the way through Bolton and his ilk, or should they continue through the uncurious halls of congress and all those who willfully failed to entertain the truth for such a momentous decision? Include the worst of the beltway literati that willingly joined in the incitement to war? So it is obvious, we can’t ever look back, but must look forward. So says the current place-holder, guilty as he is of his own war crimes.


If everyone has a price, who is to blame for our problems, the politicians or the intrinsically corrupt, oligarchy designed system of representative government?


“…most of our fellow citizens have felt an overriding need to believe that administration leaders are telling them the truth and to ignore all evidence to the contrary.”

The truth was a whisper amidst the barrage of lies fired off in the media. The press (as personified by Judith Miller in the New York Times) acted as the happy orifice for whatever shit Bush and the neocons wanted to spread.

Had anyone been held to account for the lies and illegal invasions of the Bush years perhaps the same individuals wouldn’t be spreading their poisons today.

Instead Obama said, "…we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards.” The U.S. let those who authorized the wars and torture avoid what should have been the consequences of their actions and chose to prosecute the whistleblowers who exposed their crimes instead.

The result is what you’d expect. Neocons are still disastrously impacting U.S. policy, proving, yet again, that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


Blech. Anyone with half a brain could have easily found the real facts online, staring them right in the face. That’s what gets me. Even if the administration is spewing lies and the “fawning media” are following the trail of BS, the evidence was right there all along, if one cared to look. The letter to Clinton from that pack of wolves urging an invasion of Iraq was online before 2001.


If you want to understand the man, read “JEB: America’s next Bush”, by S. V. Date. The book details his actions as Florida’s governor from 1999-2007.


The greater charade is that spooks, politicians, and noted journalists (even some from the Left/progressive community) go along with the LIE that served as trigger for all other lies… no wonder pundits get tongue-tied or lost in the maze of malevolence crossed with malfeasance.

This is a ridiculous incomplete view of the matter AND the Truth!

“The force with which CIA analysts were pressed to manufacture intelligence to serve the cause of war was unprecedented in CIA history and included personal visits by Vice President Cheney to make sure the intelligence analysts knew what was wanted. That many of my former colleagues in the Analysis Directorate took willing part in this unconscionable charade was hard to believe. But they did.”


From the article:

“I have been asking myself why so many Americans find it so painful to delve deeper. Why do they resist letting their judgment be influenced by the abundance of evidence, much of it documentary, exposing how little or no evidence there was to support what was a most consequential fraud? Perhaps it is because they know that responsible citizenship means asking what might seem to be “impertinent” questions, ferreting out plausible answers, and then, when necessary, holding people accountable, rectifying the situation, and ensuring it does not happen again.”

How FRIGGIN dare you! The American people were lied to 24/7 and as the NAZI infiltration of both state department and other ABC agencies well understands, savoir-faire and know-how in the art of using trauma-induced mind control was deployed in a major way in, by, and through the shock of 911.

When people are traumatized and then lied to by a media that is not just sycophantic, but acting as a militarized branch of State-sponsored propaganda in a manner reflective of that of the SS… you take this enormous crime of mass deception, and redirect it AT those impacted BY it?

Sorry, Mr. McGovern: You and your pals in “Intelligence” are complicit and in my view, guilty of war crimes on 2nd and 3rd tiers… since orders indeed came from the top. And in any top-down hierarchical system, those with the most power own the most responsibility and/or culpability.

But YOU were part of this insidious machine.

Why aren’t YOU–as a person arguably with a background in Intelligence–raising the questions raised by those 2000 architects and engineers who know that buildings don’t just happen to melt down at the speed of gravity and collapse into their own rather dense footprints.

Why aren’t YOU asking why a stand down order was issued and planes not intercepted?

Or why no debris was found outside the Pentagon?

Or why thermite and nano-thermite were found still burning weeks after the wreckage of the Twin Towers.

Seems to me you’re using your background to turn the GUILT around.

What agency do American people have these days with cops turning manic on citizens, 2.2 million incarcerated, jobs precarious, weather/earth changes wreaking havoc, so many impacted by Cancer, Heart disease, obesity, Depression, and Diabetes while prominent whistle blowers are treated like heretics forced before the new corporate-state-military Inquisitions.

YOU have a lot of 'splaining to do!

If Americans can’t stop the banks from being bailed out while citizens lose their homes, and can’t get actual health care without being extorted by insurance companies, and God forbid lack permission to have their now toxic food (Monsanto & friends, incidentally–as per Agent Orange, a War Crimes Company!) labeled so that they can know what they’re eating… you ask why they don’t hold Power to Account?

Nice redirection, you clown!


Good post, but it can be taken MUCH further.

A lot of people like Rachel Maddow, but as pointed out by Abby Martin of R.T.V, Ms. Maddow pushes the “tin foil hat” idea linking anyone who questions the official 911 narrative with loony-tuners.

Or how about Cass Sunstein, not exactly a foe of “the throne” publishing a very sophisticated (and quite Nazi-like) paper equating any challenge to the existing State Narrative with mental illness. Need I remind you how the old Soviet State took a similar stance in linking any dissident behavior to mental deficiencies.

With the state forcing health insurance and access to our DNA, the sinister merging of political dissent with allegations of mental disorders is chilling and with sickening historical precedents.

I agree with the rest of your post.

Today I heard that same ridiculous passive voice used to suggest that the man whose spine was severed just “ended up” that way… leaving out the ACTUAL perpetrators: the types of cops who miss the old days when they could just hang any Black guy that looked at them the wrong way.


Sure, genius.

What is meant by Americans? White guys who go to football games, like to kick some ass, salute the military and stroke their guns like extensions of their “male members,” and the pathetic women indoctrinated from childhood into being obedient to top-down patriarchal religious beliefs?

It’s mostly fundamentalist Christians who are incurious… and a HUGE part of the blame goes to their “spiritual leaders” who invert the actual teachings of Christ to those that support “holy war.” They are taught NOT to question authority… and that it’s all about “their faith.” They are the Western version of the Taliban and equally limited in their understanding.

Eric Prince is a “devout Christian” but made millions murdering people a half a world away because they held a different religious set of beliefs.

How about that imbecile Boyken, a General, I believe who went on record stating, “I knew my god was a bigger god than their god.”

Very few people in this forum took in the significance of what it meant to have Christian Chaplains infiltrating the U.S. Air Force with the purpose to convince young pilots that dropping drone ordnance (or bombs) on civilians (somehow) comports with god’s will.

All this CRAP repeated often, celebrated fallaciously as “God’s Word,” and used as a rationale for EXTREME violence signifies beliefs held by the same spiritually retarded demographic that focuses on abortion but has no problem with spreading wars, and thinks God is in control so there is no human aspect to Global Warming!

They represent a PART of America and I am sick and tire of that demographic being held up as one uniform example that allegedly speaks for all.


I’ve pondered on this question a great deal. My conclusions are that even if this LIE were exposed, I don’t believe the american people will care or demand retribution or halt any of the wars. In fact I believe the american people are totally immune from the truth. They will just shrug it off and carry on business as usual, tuning in to the MSM for guidance on how to react.


Thank you for your astute observations! Especially your description of “trauma-induced mind control,” which has also been described as a deliberate form of “amygdala hijack.” Cults use it. Adolph Hitler effectively used it in combination with his Nazi propaganda. So did the planners behind Nine One One and the neoconservative propagandists of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

This and the JFK assassination were carefully planned psy-ops directed at the American people. Each event cleared the way for a major American war based on fabricated intelligence. Kennedy had issued an executive order to bring American advisers home from Vietnam. Each event helped pave the way to the permanent war economy that is undermining the Rule of Law and hollowing out “The American Experiment” in constitutional government.

It is indeed a stretch to portray the corruption of the CIA after Nine One One as a new development. After all, author / researcher Joan Mellen has thoroughly chronicled CIA involvement in both the Kennedy assassination and coverup.

McGovern does expose the lie behind the “Bad Intel” Defense. But, besides unfairly characterizing the American public as apathetic, his commentary has the flavor of partisan spin. As if to say it’s just the blood thirsty Republican sociopaths who are to blame. American hegemony and American wars are bipartisan in nature.

Thanks again! It is a pleasure to read your comments. I consider them a treat.
[Search Joan Mellen & Clay Shaw Unmasked: Garrison Case Corroborated.]


The American military, the fundamentalist Christians, the bankers and the industrialists, the Republican Party form an unholy alliance that controls the main street media that is control of our nation and that has launched it upon an imperial path. Wars in increasing number occur abroad and civil strife increases at home. Wealth concentrates in the hands of a few people and even Democrats succumb to these mighty negative forces.

Can the nation be saved? Can the drift to a dictatorship of the right be averted? I don’t know. We have an awful lot of unconcerned citizens backed up a bunch who don’t know and don’t care, even about climate deterioration. And, yet there are those who do care and who are willing to battle for the good cause. Mayhaps, they can pull it off. Maybe, they can be planet paramedics. I sure hope so.