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The Pincer Movement Against Security


The Pincer Movement Against Security

Harmit Kambo

While two of the Vice journalists who were recently arrested in Turkey and charged with terror offenses have now been released, this remain a deeply concerning incident.* It is the latest episode in what is a pincer movement against our right to protect our data.


Beyond the arguments made in this article, there is a bigger issue of whether or not the rule of law is necessarily justification for state access to data... or for anything else for that matter. When Obama can legally finger anyone and have them killed, and remembering that even Hitler came to power within the law, there can be no automatic justification for any measures simply on the basis that they help enforce the rule of the law. Hands up everyone who cannot think of at least one VERY BAD law,


Encryption would allow safe online voting and voter turnout would explode. It would facilitate direct democracy in continual voter initiatives and referendums, to let the people decide instead of sold out politicians.

Instead of fulfilling its vast positive potential, corporations and governments are using technology to fight its own people. Net neutrality is being violated openly now.


An amendment to the USA's Constitutuion? "Everyone has the right to encryption".