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The Plan Is to Save Capital and Let the People Die

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/09/plan-save-capital-and-let-people-die


This is as close as we have come to seeing 19th century robber baron Jay Gould’s dream of half the working class killing the other half coming true.


Here’s a New Plan For We The People …Who’s In…

16 Differences Between Highly Evolved Beings (HEBs) and Humans Living in an Unawakened State

In Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species we are told that there are Highly Evolved Beings who live in another dimension in our universe who are assisting human civilization in its evolutionary process. When asked, “What is the difference in their behaviors and those of humans?”, God replied. “I can give you a list of them.” Here, from the text, is that list. These are the common behaviors of Highly Evolved Beings, as compared to the behaviors of those humans who are living in an unawakened state.

  1. An awakened species sees the Unity of All Life and lives into it. Humans in an unawakened state often deny it or ignore it.

  2. An awakened species tells the truth, always. Humans in an unawakened state too often lie, to themselves as well as others.

  3. An awakened species says one thing and will do what they say. Humans in an unawakened state often say one thing and do another.

  4. An awakened species, having seen and acknowledged what is so, will always do what works. Humans in an unawakened state often do the opposite.

  5. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concepts that humans refer to as “justice” and “punishment.”

  6. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concept that humans refer to as “insufficiency”

  7. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concept that humans refer to as “ownership.”

  8. An awakened species shares everything with everyone all the time. Humans in an unawakened state often do not, only sharing with others in limited circumstances.

  9. An awakened species creates a balance between technology and cosmology; between machines and nature. Humans in an unawakened state often do not.

  10. An awakened species would never under any circumstances terminate the current physical expression of another sentient being unless asked directly by that other being to do so. Humans in an unawakened state often kill other humans without that other human requesting them to.

  11. An awakened species would never do anything that could potentially damage or harm the physical environment that supports the members of the species when they are physicalized. Humans in an unawakened state often do so.

  12. An awakened species never poisons itself. Humans in an unawakened state often do so.

  13. An awakened species never competes. Humans in an unawakened state are often in competition with each other.

  14. An awakened species is clear that it needs nothing. Humans in an unawakened state often create a need-based experience.

  15. An awakened species experiences and expresses unconditional love for everyone. Humans in an unawakened state often cannot imagine even a Deity who does this, much less do they do it themselves.

  16. An awakened species has harnessed the power of metaphysics. Humans in an unawakened state often largely ignore it.


(Each item on the above list is fully explained in the text of CWG-Book 4: Awaken the Species.)

Asked if we might have just a brief example of what is meant by Item #4 , the dialogue offers this, in God’s voice:

If your objective is to live a life of peace, joy, and love, violence does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to live a life of good health and great longevity, consuming dead flesh daily, smoking known carcinogens continuously, and drinking gallons of nerve-deadening, brain-frying liquids like alcohol regularly does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to raise offspring free of violence and rage, placing them directly in front of vivid depictions of violence and rage during their most impressionable years does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to care for Earth and wisely husband her resources, acting as if those resources are limitless does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to discover and cultivate a relationship with a loving Deity so that religion can make a difference in the affairs of humans, then teaching of a god of righteousness, punishment, and terrible retribution does not work. This has already been demonstrated.


How can we expect “common sense” in our politicians and government, when we as an electorate have voted against “our” interests for many decades by supporting Democrats and Republicans in our Federal Government that have continually been loyal to Industry, and neglectful of the masses?

A lack of “common sense” is everywhere.


I think I can safely say this is an ELE. Whether homo sap survives or not is in OUR hands. Oh, it will survive in small pockets such as Ladakh and other isolated places.
How is it in our hands? Only if we first realize we depend on Gaia for our very existence, not treat her as our chattel slave. Only if we, as a species, limit our numbers drastically over the next 20 or 30 years. Only if we, as a species, join together to stop injustice and inequality. That means those in Catalonia, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Idle No More, all Indigenous peoples but most especially those in Amazonia, we all join together and end the madness of continuous growth economics. The madness of violence against women and children(and men as well). An end to war and violence as a way to solve disputes. An end to private property and private vehicles for transportation. Decent housing, decent food, decent water, decent air, decent education, decent medical care for EVERYONE.
And, most of all, no more wealth as defined by money. No more entitlements for billionaires and millionaires. Make those entitled humans as welcome as a flea infested rat with the Plague.
We don’t have much time. Capital won’t have any meaning if 80% of humans are dead or too poor to buy Stuff. The entitled have depended on everyone else to keep producing more and more humans to keep the system going. It stops right now…


Yes. My first question about the handout of the soon to be $6T to corporations and Wall Steet was: why the rush? These entities were always gonna get that money. And why tie that handout to the meager crumbs doled out to some of the rest of us? For every reason stated in this article. Serving capital is their only reason for existence. And they needed to tie it to the weakened position we are all in now - the great shock and trauma of a pandemic - to prevent any challenge to such a move. This sort of unquestioned smash and grab was legalized just 12 years ago after the Wall Street manufactured financial crisis, our last round of shock and awe, and our dear leaders just could not wait to put it into practice. They grabbed that dough with smiles on their faces and a fresh blackening of their souls. The most shameless move I’ve ever seen our government make, and that is saying a whole lot. The message could not be any clearer. We mean nothing to them.


Spot on article - you nailed it!


Excellent article. I would only change one thing to this:
“Your willingness to work for very little after this means that you may be valuable enough to bring manufacturing back to the USA by competing with China for rock-bottom wages. Congratulations.”

I want to hear from this guy again.


Unflinching, spot-on description of our predicament. Glad to see CD still at work.

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This article is some Socialist propaganda crap. Stop posting crap like this to twist what our government is doing right now. Stop trying to pull the wool over unsuspecting peoples eyes to push your socialist agenda and ideology. It’s not right, and it’s not fair to the people who don’t know any better.

Hey Bun, what planet are you from?

This article sounds very much like some Pollyanna utopian idealistic nonsense… Just saying in what reality the fed pay shelter, food, medical and health care costs for the population? Even in communism, people have to pay for shelter, clothing and food (I assume. Maybe just one or two…?).
I’m all for human kindness. I just can’t begin to make sense out of how this pie-in-the-sky liberal wet dream could begin to approach the realism of having a too- close-to-half the country at a completely opposing stepping off point?

  1. Prioritize profits rather than people – corporate wealth rather than peoples’ health;

  2. Cut taxes of already-wealthy investors, and let new debt pile up on individuals;

  3. Keep health care private and for-profit (not long ago, for-profit health care was illegal);

In order to create an enormous pool of cheap and desperate labor, create more human suffering!

  1. Enable MORE Coronavirus cases and deaths by encouraging false “rights rallies” to defeat self-isolation and other emergency measures against the deadly epidemic;

  2. Since the poor, elderly, and racial-ethnic minorities are most vulnerable, particularly by dint of their service as front-line caregivers, first responders, and ‘essential’ workers, use the pandemic to racially ‘cull’ the population;

  3. Force a return to lower wages and compensation by throwing most people (especially the working class) out of work, then continue or stimulate consumer demand via unemployment benefits instead of keeping workers on existing payrolls;

  4. Let small businesses go bankrupt, ceding market share to bigger, richer businesses (i.e. Home Depot vs Mom & Pop hardware stores).


Can you please be more specific about the Capital Gains tax cut you are referring to? There were no Cap Gains tax cuts for tax year 2019.

Twenty years into the 21st century and we, the many or too few, have so far managed to admit we’re the pawns being manipulated by the players with little regard to our survival. May 1st the World of too few or just enough to get noticed is planning a Global Strike. If everyone that reads these articles that expose the truth chose tp write letters to their “Letters to The Editor” part of their local papers they’d get in before the 1st and in solidarity, with this act of resistance, we might get more corporate media notice with the result of even more like people’ participating. And if we share our letters on social media we could get even more participating. Hit the circuit breakers, and stay home and love the ones you’re with, inclusively with the planet, I would think we adults should be as excited as our grandkids on Christmas morning about this chance for us to participate in this. Or what the hell forget about it and admit we’re screwed and there’s nothing the too few of us can do! Put your articles of solidarity in your social media before tomorrow and see what others think and then step out of your normal and get them into the paper. before the due dy date. Just a thought!

You have no idea what socialism. Go back to Fox News.

Anyone calling themselves “progressive” is probably clueless. Anyone letting someone else call them “progressive” should protest that meaningless labelling. Anyone calling someone else “progressive” is trying to marginalize them. Anyone calling a large group of people “progressive” is engaging in political ‘spin’.
Progress toward what?
Progress toward what?

Thank you, Hemp, for this. A welcome expansion upon an article with some nice cleansing qualities: cleansing the fluff away from more clearly seeing the backwardness dimension of this time… yet, of course, it is also a time of amazing potential for uplifting transformation.

I especially like, in your list you’ve shared, #13 and #14. I have loved Nonviolent Communication (NVC, a la Marshall Rosenberg), but I often prefer saying “wants” or “values” instead of “needs” in that part of NVC. I find attaching too strongly to “I need” is not always helpful.

Thank you again,

Thank you for this article. However, please, please stop using “the government” when you are talking about ruthless, corrupt politicians. Dr. Fauci, whistleblowers, and healthcare workers public hospitals including the VA are also the government. Many are risking their lives for us and deserve our support and gratitude. .


Good point! I’ll try to remember to do that too.