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'The Planet Is at Stake': DNC Panel Pushes Biden to Support $16 Trillion in Spending to Fight Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/04/planet-stake-dnc-panel-pushes-biden-support-16-trillion-spending-fight-climate

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CD - let’s headline this plan with the positive things it calls for and does, not the dollar cost - the latter is bad strategy and completely takes the focus of what can and needs to be accomplished.

And when you do consider the costs, make sure to compare it with the costs of doing nothing in the same breath, as well as the savings.


Excellent points poiticscorner!


This proposal contains a comprehensive plan to transition to renewable energy and fight the climate crisis. Very admirably done. There is one small problem: there is no mention as to how it is to be paid for. I’d like to make two suggestions: 1) slash the military budget. There are hundreds of billions of dollars every year wasted on death and destruction; and 2) reform the federal income system–make it truly progressive. First step is to repeal the Trump tax scam passed in 2017.


Leftie for sure and much more. Another flawed candidate like 2016, some earned some not and we are left with holding our nose and voting for Biden with the hope and change we didn’t get from the capitulator Obama.

The cost of inaction is a whole lot of death and dollars are printed out of thin air, so what’s the big deal. This article brought Carlos Santana’s song to mind regarding politics in this country:



Lets not solve people’s most immediate problems, and funnel more money to huge corporations, I see.

By the way, it will create jobs in other countries, not here. Because of the Government Procurement Agreement.

Did I miss how this is dovetailing with the “Climate Change Task Force” of which AOC is a part?

Do they now have a “panel” and a “task force”?

I don’t see why these things need to wait until August to be adopted and advocated for. They should be a given and not something that has to be “pushed” (feet to the literal fire and all that crap) for.


Military is high margin and isnt subject to government procurement agreement - the other stuff all is so likely wont create many jobs here anymore. Unless wages were to drop to a fraction of what they are now.

You heard me right, green spending (and most other spending of taxpayer dollars) will likely create jobs for other countries’ firms + subcontractors, , not ours. (Shhhh!)

Please somebody tell AOC about these trade and procurement agreements.

Plan is to outsource a hell of a lot of jobs in the coming years.

It will be more than just “holding my nose if I vote for Biden”. I will have to bring a vomit bag then go home and feel like I abandoned and kicked to the curb my ethics, morals . . . everything I have fought for and believed in during my many decades here on earth.


I wish you luck!

Why does anyone pretend there’s even a tiny chance that (a) Biden will support fighting climate change or (b) even if he pretends to do so while campaigning, he’ll follow through?

Doesn’t anyone remember that Obama the President was nothing like Obama the President? Why do people think Biden will be better? He won’t even make fake promises about it unless he’s forced to! And Biden has repeatedly demonstrated he has no aversion to lying. So what does all that tell one?

Why do people still pretend that Democrats want to “do the right thing?”

Case in point: California and Medicare for All. Democratic politicians in CA pushed for Medicare for All until it got them full control (“super-control”) of the entire state government. The public wanted it and Democrats promised it. But, once in power, they stopped it.

Everyone should know this. So why the continued pretense that Democrats will make anything better? They have an abiding interest in criticizing the existing system so long as Republicans have control, and they have an equal or greater interest in pretending they’ll fix things if only we put them back in power.

But all they’ll do – all they ever do – is whatever their wealthy donors tell them to do. That’s all Republicans do too.

We know that Republicans won’t try to fix things. So why don’t we know that about Democrats as well? Because they say otherwise? What a foolish reason!

What is the point of trying to get Biden to make a promise he’ll never fulfill? To get him on the record? Why bother?


If all of us don’t vote for Biden, we will all die. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Peace

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The more damage Trump does to America in the next few months the more likely that not only will Biden get elected, things will be so bad that he and the Democratic Party will only have to do the bare minimum (ie, stabilize) in order to have the party faithful swoon over him. While people are worrying about what’s for dinner the last thing on their minds will be temperature. The disaster capitalists will move in and make record profits from the Biden administration by privatizing every government service that hasn’t been already.
Things are not getting better for us, or the environment, any time soon.


The people need bread.

(note also that with the trade agreement mandated privatization, comes the permanent irreversible offshoring of those jobs, under vastly expanded guest worker programs.)

That will mean the demise of the middle class job as we know it, as well as the other jobs. That is unless we can do them cheaper, which its clear we can’t because so many Americans have rent to pay, mortgages to pay off. We cant compete with crowds of young men living in houses six to a room, nor should we try.

GATS and GPA have gotta go! Lets dump the bad deals, and NOT SIGN ANY MORE OF THEM.


Black Magic Woman or Evil Ways?

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The problem is that the cost of doing nothing cannot be monetized, and market values in that regard make no logical sense. If you monetize two ecosystems, are you saying they then have an exchange value? We cannot monetize most environmental impacts, and it makes no sense to try. In fact, if we are going to effectively deal with the environmental crisis, we have to move away from markets to a large extent, and that will not be easy. But, putting up a cost of it isn’t a problem anyway, since the US government creates the currency it would spend. What we need to do is educate the public on money creation, what is called public debt, etc. Cause the media and politicians have filled their heads with nonsense.


Biden ain’t going to do shit, he was elected to change nothing, he will change nothing and is corrupt. People should get involved, organize, create an infrastructure outside of the control of that rotten party. But, let’s be honest about Biden, he is horrible and hasn’t budged an inch on policy. He is what he is. A corrupt, right wing Democrat who is mental decline and offers nothing on policy. Lets focus on organizing and pushing for actual alternatives, having a coherent program. Biden is a dinosaur and will, like Trump, make things worse. Maybe less so than Trump, but still worse.


Hey Biden!

Who’s big business pockets are you going to stuff all this money into? Who are you kidding? How dumb do you think we are?

Nancy is so into taking care of her donors first …and we the people are an after thought. WE NEED HELP NOW!!!


Oklahoma Sen. Inhoff once threw a snowball on the floor of the Senate to try to prove that climate change isn’t real. Another infamous Senate climate denier tactic is first to say “I’m not a scientist but” and then they become armchair climatologists except they decide to pick and choose only a few useful data points that suit their fancy.

As an inventor I expect that the climate movement shall succeed if they include engineers, tinkerers and inventors at the table. I equally expect that the climate movement shall fail catastrophically if they don’t. I’ve met a great number of non-techie climate activists who kind of agree with engineers when talking to the engineers, but later they seem to say to themselves, “I’m not an engineer so I’ll just ignore all that techie stuff.”

I approve of many scientific operating procedures when properly executed. For example, I like to see research studies published only after honest peer review. If non-techies are unable to talk to the techies, fine, but then I expect peer review decision-making processes to be organized and applied within groups of engineers, tinkerers and inventors. Either we’re going to be spending trillions of R&D dollars wisely because we looked at all of the proposals fairly, or you can bet the farm that the research money shall all be embezzled by political friends of whichever government is doling out the money. Remember, our government just blew $25 billion dollars just like that on one nuclear power plant in Georgia.

I’ll raise another auditing red flag. The “peers” who are professors at the elite universities control most scientific research money, and all of the other peers are simply locked out of the money deals. Engineering and especially inventing is a far more disruptive and open field than stodgy basic research, and so shoveling almost all of the R&D money onto the richer universities is on its face a mistake, problematic. We know that handing all of the medical R&D money to the largest medical corporations exclusively for patentable and therefore vastly expensive drugs may also be a financial mistake.

So, I don’t say “yes” to a mystery box labeled as a “Green New Deal.” I say “Trust but Verify.” The planet is at stake and that’s the point.