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The Plot to Keep Jeremy Corbyn Out of Power

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/04/plot-keep-jeremy-corbyn-out-power


British Politics appears to be no different then American Politics.

The Israeli Lobbyists are extremely powerful and quickly label anyone showing sympathy for the Palestinian cause as Anti-Semitic.

Corbyn is the Bernie Sanders of British Politics and would make a great Prime Minister.


terrific essay by Cook. I hope it gets the "likes’ it deserves so we can see more of Cook’s work on here rather than the typical Democratic establishment toadies we’re generally infected with.

The connection between Corbyn and Sanders has been fairly clear for over 3 years now, in spite of the fundamental differences between the two politicians (Corbyn being the real thing, Sanders being an “ersatz pinko”). This is an ideological response, not a national one. It will happen–and has happened–to any western politician who attempted to resist austerity and neoliberal domination. Most have been broken and, in Clintonese, “brought to heel”.

But a few soldier on, and for those of you completely paralyzed by the prospect of a bloody, global revolt, you need to act now to defend these stalwarts’ attempt to wrestle power from power via ballots while such a thing may still be possible. Because there won’t be any second or third chances.


The plot is only slightly different between the US and Europe, but the results remain the same, to shut down any critique of Zionism or Israel. The link below has a video imbedded, in the video is a confession.


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Remember the days when the resignation of a UK PM meant a new elections? Not so now as the Tories put up a fake display of democracy between Johnson and Hunt, choosing a PM by backdoor edict, while denying Corbyn the chance to make his case to the UK voters. The UK has jumped on the US bandwagon declaring Venezuela’s election a fraud but at least Venezuela actually had an election. The UK sold what little remained of their soul in Northern Ireland decades ago in memory of a long lost empire and now is just a sock puppet for US imperialism.


oh please, opposition to Corbyn is politics as usual, not a conspiracy.
He and the Labor Party, for understandable reasons, have no coherent policy on Brexit, not because of a cabal against him but because the base is split and it is proving impossible to reconcile that. And as there are far more Muslim than Jewish voters it is understandable that Corbyn would pander to the Muslims, but he has flirted with open anti-Semitism truly alarming the British Jewish population that are in the best position to evaluate this (most had been strong Labor supporters.) Corbyn has openly supported terrorists whose stated goal is driving out virtually all the Jews in the Middle East (as they have already done in Arab lands.) You might agree with all that but you can’t expect to adopt such policies without getting push-back from people who don’t agree. That is not a “plot” it is a response to policies.

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Corbyn, like Sanders, is under attack because he’s anti-austerity and anti-imperialist. Spurious charges of “anti-Semitism” are simply another weapon of convenience, entirely divorced from substance.