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The Plummeting of U.S. Standing in the World


The Plummeting of U.S. Standing in the World

Paul Pillar

The Pew Research Center released last week the results of one of its periodic surveys of global views of the United States and its leadership and policies. More than 40,000 people were polled in 37 countries across six continents between February and May. The most salient finding is a dramatic drop in confidence in the United States and, more specifically, in the current U.S. leadership.


Coalition of the Willing etc. etc. Just what is the evidence that the rest of world psychopathic leaders are that much better?


It begs the question "Which came first?"
A. our mass idiocy and denial of even the most basic undeniable science?
B. electing science deniers to local/national political offices?


The mainstream media is getting increasingly worried. They are so worried that today's NY Times has a question/answer opinion piece with the generally banned Noam Chomsky.


I think everyone is aware that our standing has fallen, this data just proves it. However, I think Trump would spin this as him putting America first, which is complete BS.


The diabolical demagogue has no foreign or domestic policy...NONE...short of his sick compulsion to use the Executive Order to undue all that his arch nemesis, President Obama managed to accomplish in spite of facing a gang of nasty, obstinate, angry Repugs in Congress (House and Senate). DJT lives only to create chaos, incite violence, exact revenge, objectify/prey on women, hate the "other" and fill his own coffers...he is a textbook narcissist and sociopath whose "image" is his own creation (while posturing, gesturing, and posing for hours on end in front of his gilded mirror in his ostentatious, gaudy room). And that empty shell of a human being is transparent for all to see through around the world (and the Saudis laugh at him behind his back, to be sure).


"...And the people were genuflecting to the Emperor, watching themselves to see that no expression other than mindless joy showed on their faces.
* "A little boy suddenly jumped up and down shouting, 'Look, look, the Emperor has no mind!'
* "Others looked and saw that it was so. Soon, everybody was laughing and pointing at the mindless emperor..."
* What happened next?


I say good! The US has no right to be well regarded by other countries anyhow. We view the rest of the world as possible opportunities to enhance 'our interests'. We support horrible regimes like Saudi Arabia and then lecture China about human rights. We play games with the lives of our military and call people who are defending their own countries terrorists. Trump actually suits being the face of our country. We don't answer to anyone and anyone who doesn't answer to us better watch out. And our government does not respond to what the American people want and need. It is too busy spending our money playing geo-political games around the world which might land opportunities for American businesses to swoop in and make a bundle for the billionaires who will make gigantic donations to re-election campaigns. And we think we're Number One! Well, we are first class idiots!


Yes there's no denying the 50% of 1.6 billion Islamists, who PEW research identified as wanting to replace Western Law with Sharia Law, held the USA in greater standing when their Sharia enabler, Barack Obama, was POTUS. Trump won't allow 24,000 know jihadists into the USA like Merkel has allowed so USA can never attain the standing that Germany has in the Islamic World that seeks to eliminate Western Civilization..


How silly you are! For example you completely ignore the role of the Saudis in funding extremists. Trump and Co. make fools of people like you but you can damn well be sure that they will pat you on the back while they do it. Does Grandma need Medicaid or maybe the boy has a prexisting condition? Trump and the Republicans want to use that money to give more tax cuts to the rich!

Can you feel him (them) patting you on the back with one hand and picking your pocket with the other? Or are you so used to it by now that you no longer even notice the con?


I am well aware that Barack Obama/Cinton colluded with Saudi Arabia to fund ISIS and other Islamic extremists. I'm well aware that American pilots were told to "stand down" from attacking ISIS oil assets which would have cut off ISIS funding. I'm well aware of the millions of dollars that the Clintons received from Saudi Arabia.

My bottom line is that I could care less what Angela Merkel or a drunk like Jean-Claude Juncker thinks of the USA They are headed for disaster and the USA is distancing itself from these clownshoes in the nick of time as far as I'm concerned. I am doing extremely well in this Trump economy earning $35,000.00+/month after tax and if Trump cuts taxes I will be doing even better. If $35,000.00+/month is silly to you, hat's fine with me.