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The Police and the Pentagon Are Bringing Our Wars Home

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/01/police-and-pentagon-are-bringing-our-wars-home

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If this is the case, why are we even paying taxes for war to be made on us?

2020 must be the year to face our fears, and topple the “Elitist Empire.”

"Long Live The People."


The photograph chosen for this article just screams “Failure!” to me. I do not see bravery. I do not see solution to whatever problem is at hand coming to fruition. I see training to dehumanize the people on both sides of the shields. Follow the money of who is funding this training and the stench will be strong.


Here is an accurate history of one of those wars that has come home from Abby Martin. Everyone should see this.




The writers have shamefully ignored a basic and central part of the militarization of police Occupation Forces in the US from numerous jurisdictions including Minneapolis, and that is Israeli training or indoctrinating US cops in Israel or by Israeli “security forces” here - exported racist violence and killings of Palestinians - a significant piece of the institutionalized violence and killings here, viewing people as the “enemy”! Why has that connection been ignored and omitted?

The other aspect I see is that the police have become a business and jobs program; part of the Prison Industrial Complex,. From cops and brass, to unions, to judges, lawyers and courts, training that dehumanizes all who come into their sights, and laws that shield depraved serial killers and brutal cops from prosecutions, honest trials and convictions -the “training” and racism that dehumanizes people and focuses entirely on aggression, provoking confrontation, brutality and violence often becoming killings/murders, regardless of gender, age, or situation of the victims!



~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/01/los-angeles-sheriffs-department-reckoning-police-shootings - a must-read on the entrenched racist brutal, violence within one force - the largest in the US, the LASD.

Defund, demilitarize, disband, and prosecute! ENOUGH!

No Justice, NO Peace!


To ensure nothing like the WWII a perceived lack of lethality, such as Col. Samuel Lyman Marshall’s claim that only 15% of soldiers ever chose to fire their weapons (://www.americanheritage.com/secret-soldiers-who-didnt-shoot), the US War machine focused on dehumanizing “The Enemy”, to ensure that soldiers would be ethusiastic about killing. I remember watching Black Mirror’s “Men Against Fire” in which fictional soldiers of the future have implants that make them see “The Enemy” as zombie monsters. The reality is that, now, no such implants are necessary. So, instead of nature feelings of remorse and sadness with the killing of fellow combatants, military personnel are filled with such vehement hatred of “The Enemy”, that they take pleasuring in everyone from soldiers, to innocent men and women, to children and babies. With the institutional promotion of the notion of a “Thin Blue Line” US police are trained to view the public as a massive un-humans who pose terroristic threats that are only prevent by the Thin Blue Line of the police.

The US military, is an imperialist and White Supremacist institution that must be abolished just as US policing must be abolished.

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The biggest leap in “bringing our wars home” occurred in 2008 when the Dubya regime stationed a battalion (at Fort Drum, New York) dedicated to “quelling domestic disturbances”.

Ever since then US Army units from bases all across the US have been staging practice drills with their helicopters landing in small towns, enabling them to provide initial attack and back-up for the Fort Drum battalion.

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They lost all the wars overseas. Maybe they can win one here…

I mean the people here are much less likely to fight back. They have already been winning the class war here for decades.