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The Political Economy of Black Opposition to Free-Trade Neoliberalism


The Political Economy of Black Opposition to Free-Trade Neoliberalism

Ajamu Baraka
The debased conditions of black working class existence in the U.S. is produced and reproduced as a result of the inner logic of this system.”

President Obama and the corporate Democrats continue to press Congress to provide Obama with trade promotion authority (TPA), or so-called “fast-track” authority to conclude the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the first of a series of pernicious so-called free trade agreements.


Many will remember the MAI and the reaction to it in Seattle some years ago during the Clinton Presidency. The MAI failed due to public response.

I still have a book written about the MAI during the time it was being negotiated detailing how it would destroy democracy in favor of the Corporate State.

What has been leaked about the TPP goes even FURTHER then what was in that MAI.

That is the real reason this all done in secrecy. The State realizes there would be universal widespread opposition to this. They have spent the past 20 years since the failure of the MAI to chip away at protections with other legislation and free trade agreements and now feel it time to reintroduce a refined version of the same that goes even further than the original version.

There NO OTHER reason for secrecy.


Seeing how history has confirmed time and time again that the degree of racism a society experiences rises and falls in sync with income and resource inequality, stopping TPP and TTIP are indeed the highest priorities for the black community and the rest of the 99%.

I get indigestion every time I watch Obama deliver feel-good speeches against racism and income inequality as he rushes off to meet with his corporate paymasters to assure them that TPP and TTIP are in the bag.

TPP and TTIP will exacerbate racism and income/resource inequality more than any legislation in recent years.


Sterling analysis. I would add that the neo-liberal colonialism model has also impacted (and continues to impact) Asia, much of the Muslim world, and of course, Africa. Truly, this beast has touched down everywhere with its martial policies of exploitation aimed at the animal, mineral, plant, and human kingdoms.


The TPP will be the Internationalist’s Rubricon.