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The Political Revolution Is Back: Bernie Sanders Announces 2020 Run for President


The Political Revolution Is Back: Bernie Sanders Announces 2020 Run for President

Jon Queally, staff writer

With an interview with Vermont Public Radio that aired early Tuesday morning, Sen.



I am in 100%!



Sanders is keeping the Democratic Party alive, the Party will not allow him to win unless he adopts the neoliberal capitalist and imperialist agenda which is anti-human rights, anti-worker and anti-environment. Otherwise his role will be the same as 2016: a sheepdog for the Dems, bringing the rightly disillusioned former Dem base back into the Party of Wall Street.

The longer the oligarchs and their cronies in our corrupt political economic system stay in power the closer we get to ecocide. If human beings are to survive with a decent future, capitalism must die and along with it the agents of the .1%, the Democrats and Republicans.



Trump = “I” (that is, him)

Bernie = “We”

It really is just about that simple.



The next POTUS may well be the one that has to help us recover from the worst economic crisis the world has ever seen. I can’t think of a better person to lead us through than Bernie.



I dont think T is particularly a hater of any sort of people. I just think he lacks morals altogether and is easily ushered here and there into anything at all without much pushing.



The strategy for Bernie will be quite a bit different this time around as he will be able to compete in the Super Tuesday primaries at a much better level than in 2016 - his resources didn’t really build up last time until after that. Also, 8 of the 9 Super Tuesday primaries allow independents to vote in the Democratic primary (5 states) or register that day to vote in the Democratic primary (4 states) which obviously is good news for a candidate with appeal outside the party regulars.



Im most intereseted in hearing him talk about preventing war and conflicts in Iran, Venezuela, and and other targets along the way.



If he jumped ship with the Dems and ran as an independent, I might start to listen. But his jumping on the Russiagate bandwagon and echoing the Madura is Dictator BS has to make people question where this man really stands on foreign policy.



I want to hear Bernie say “I plan to undo much of the crap rump did as president.”
That’s because rump made a concerted effort to erase Obama’s actions.
Also, it would be the right thing to do.

Oh yeah, and I want to hear “I will stop construction on that wall.” yeah it better be said.

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Yeah, you go, Bernie . . . but this time around I’ll reserve my enthusiasm until he actually has the nomination, to see if the controlling elements of the mainstream dems allow his quest.

And, at a minimum, his presence in the race, much like 2015/16 should keep the conversations well to the left of center, which can’t, in the final analysis, be at all bad.

An interesting footnote: I just read that our Oregon legislature is considering putting forward a bill to ammend our constitution, lowering the voting age from 18 to 16.



Then you are interested in disappointment. None of the Democrats running for President espouse a progressive foreign policy. Even Tulsi Gabbard, who is clearly most inclined to advocate staying out of the kind of regime change wars we often get into like those in Iraq, Syria and Venezuela, is still quite islamophobic.

The Democrats have domestically progressive candidates like Bernie - and to a degree Elizabeth Warren - but none that will radically alter our foreign policy. About the best one can say in this regard is that with the domestic policy progressives we are likely to see slower growth, or perhaps even small reductions, in the military budget in order to fund their domestic priorities.



This time the establishment will go into attack overdrive. Many former-progressive sites like C&L, Democratic Underground, Americablog, Alternet, Raw Story, etc… were “funded” to start purging progressives from the comments sections. Last time they even paid people to attack Sen. Sanders in the comments sections. “Correct the record” admitted this in public; now PACS will do the same… only with dark money and a vengeance.

Prepare for the worst; our DNC/RNC corporate masters control the election process… the media and the establishment. It’s going to get bumpy.



What i heard negative in regard to Tulsi was in her college years, which she has reversed on. Did you have something more current?
My husband is from India and has changed on ethnic issues since living in the US.



Yes. I look forward to hearing actual progressives speak on foreign policy… not the same establishment half-truths and paid comment-section trolls.



Looks like an exact replay of 2016 almost down to the last detail. All that’s left is Hiildawg announcing a final run. I’m guessing her health i intruding in that, because she was sure acting like she didn’t want to get the hook from the stage.

I’m sure the eventual nominee will be wearing the Clinton crown.

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One speech, but definitely all about religious tolerance. Have a look:



Bernie’s firmly imperial on foreign policy. he’d better be good domestically, because he’s going to slaughter a lot of poor brown people in that house of white.



I hear Bernie’s video was produced by Means of Production, the socialist Detroit filmmakers who made AO-C’s cool and inspiring campaign video. In any event, he chose well.

Yes, that’s a plug for a local company.



Yes - I think her early years included a number of anti LGBT statements that she seems to have changed her position on. But I think her foreign policy is still rooted in the standard islamophobia we see in American politics generally.

Here’s a quote from Tulsi Gabbard in 2016 (printed in West Hawaii Today): “When it comes to the war against terrorists, I’m a hawk. When it comes to counterproductive wars of regime change, I’m a dove.”

However, I hadn’t seen the speech @SkepticTank posted above so I may have the wrong idea about her.