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The Politics of Petulance, From Donald Trump to Boris Johnson

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/01/politics-petulance-donald-trump-boris-johnson

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Very awesome essay, the way she points out the childish responses of the “Knownothings” in UK, and USA, and their supporters. This woman nails it quite perfectly! Another book for my must read list! PS, Love my local library and librarians! One of the best things humans have come up with!


Red plastic straws are just Trump’s new poster child now that his coal miner poster child lost its punch.

The UK and US sensational media has always loved poster children, so they never miss an opportunity to lend them cred.


I am sure the author of this article meant to type ‘flatulence’. Damn auto correct!


Patrick Cockburn has described a British Exceptionalism propelling UK over the abyss and into the arms of Orangeman (Ughhhh!). It’s a quite popular secular religion apparently, like USAmerican Exceptionalism. Cockburn has been hiking all over, talking to ordinary British folk, encountering the paradox of citizenship in a declining empire. He mentions Welsh sheep-herding country, where their main market is across the damn channel, but they want to Brexit because they fear migrants (of which they have very few, at present).

This is a good one:

Britain’s National Breakdown Over Brexit


Entitled white guys scared of “losing their power” should be anathema to humanity, unfortunately they are NOT! The tragedy is that this has been at least 35+ years in the making, along with the consolidation and co-opting of our “free press” that has info-tained the citizenry into somnambulance regarding “the real issues” that WE need to confront.

Those children should have been spanked more and put in the dunce chairs - maybe then that petulance could have been averted.

Thanks for the link. Any of the Cockburns are worth reading. Andrew had a good warning about Joe Biden months ago in Harper’s. And I still miss Alexander, who died too young. We could use him now.

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OMG! Alex Cockburn. What a collossus – with some collossal flaws, naturally. He had an unshakeable confidence in his deep hunches which were dead right maybe 95% of the time, and such a pen! I miss him emotionally, in the deepest places. Like I miss my dearest friend.