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The Poor People’s Campaign and the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize: A National Call for a Moral Revival

The Poor People’s Campaign and the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize: A National Call for a Moral Revival

Philip Lederer MD

"We must challenge systemic racism, poverty, voter suppression, environmental destruction, and militarism, they argued. Wars increase social upheaval and hurt the poor. Instead, invest in schools, affordable housing, job training, and healthcare for all."

The Costs of War project at Brown University documented that the U.S. federal government has spent or obligated $4.8 trillion dollars on wars in the Middle East. Most Americans are not aware of that enormous waste of money and human lives. Professor Andrew Bacevich has argued that our military is on autopilot and these foreign wars are not putting Americans first.

Thank you Dr Lederer for reiterating and focusing the call for revival of moral leadership in America.

Dr King said “We as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values” - that was true then and critical now in the age of staggering ignorance, overt greed, political complicity with usury and exploitation, and a military that has become what Prez/General Eisenhower warned our nation against - a Military Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC). A for-profit war-machine complex that has subverted our civilian government and diverted resources and energy from civilian priorities to endless for-profit wars. The plight of millions is directly tied to this diversion of resources from education, health care, housing, nutrition, regulatory agencies, environmental protections and much more.

A major problem is the subversion and corruption of the Fourth Estate that a democracy and civilian government cannot survive without - if the public, politicians/leaders and voters do not have the facts - the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth, we are doomed to serve deceit and lies - witness the current reprehensible regime…

Another prescient comment by Dr King that speaks to what we have allowed our nation to represent and become is - “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

That obscene squandering of resources is no longer about “defense” but profits measured by the deaths, displacement, and misery of millions…
"War is a racket. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives." - Maj General Smedley Butler

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Emphyrio & Philip Lederer MD

There are so many things that we ‘should be doing’ - and if we are doing them at all - the numbers are small - not enough apparently to effect change - or at least not quickly - arguably not quickly enough.

Where is the key ?

Surely not just pointing out the almost too numerous to mention details.

Is there a key that would let loose all the pent up anger, fury and dissatifaction which is surely present, but manifesting in seemingly unrelated ways ?

Right now I am pausing - seeking a place from which to act. Reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Love Letter to the Earth”, and Carlo Rovelli’s “Reality is not what it Seems”.

Strangely, both calm me down - both come to essentially identical conclusions on much of life - and non-life - both assert that really there is no life or death - only transformations.

Of course that doesn’t solve our problems, one of which is the nuclear arsenal and the comercial nuclear reactors.

In other words, I read this article - and do not expect a massive popular response - everyone is exhausted, and scared.

But there is a key somewhere, I am sure of it.

Too true and feelings felt by millions, including myself manysummits. Thank you for your activism and heart.

I feel that we do have the numbers and pent-up well of energy and rage, that need only a party representative of the 99% and peace, and the candidates willing to expose themselves to what must be the utter nightmare of politics today - a cesspool of corruption and greed. We must heal our selves and maintain our spirits - stay strong - to allow the destruction and corruption of so much, so many, by so few depraved self-interested scum cannot win the struggle. Peace to you and yours…there must be a key.

I couldn’t agree more - thanks for that Emphyrio !

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Much moral than a mere ‘moral revival’, there is already a moral, spiritual and intellectual revolution taking form around the web. It’s genius is in the ability to by pass all conventional political process, while still able to advance the ideals of peace, justice and change and which entrenched elites and the modern corporate/national security, surveillance state can neither stop nor interfere with. For such a simple, unassuming web site, the material it makes available has considerable punch! http://www/energon.org.uk