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'The Poor, the Sick, the Homeless, the Children, the Low-Wage Workers': Moral Leaders Demand Coronavirus Relief for Most Vulnerable

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/02/poor-sick-homeless-children-low-wage-workers-moral-leaders-demand-coronavirus-relief


Rather than asking how individual Americans can guarantee the basic sustenance of 10s of millions of suffering Americans, we should be questioning an economic system that only halts misery and starvation if it is profitable.


I’m sure they’ll get right on it. In other news, you only get what you’re willing to fight for.

There are no saviors.


Too Late the Horse has left the Barn.

The time to make demands on Legislatures was when the Dems had some leverage over the Republican Corporate Puppets.

The Republicans and the Corporate Dems got what they wanted; Huge Bailouts for their Corporate Donors.

Now to go back and ask for help for the Poor is laughable.

Why would they lift a finger to help people that do not donate to their Coffers?

Nancy and Chuck are a Joke, they had the leverage to do more for the Working Class, especially the Poor but argued that they would include those that were left out in the next Bill.

Nonsense. And a complete dereliction of their responsibilities as Democrats supposedly representing the People and not the Corporations.

Good Luck trying to get something passed that will help the Poor, now that the Republicans got their Bail Out Money.

America is a Greedy Cesspool without the Leadership of Bernie. OH THE HUMANITY.


Record numbers of people at food banks throughout the country right now. Many are going hungry without jobs, and the administration’s first priority is to take care of the billionaires and the titans of industry.


‘The Poor, the Sick, the Homeless, the Children, the Low-Wage Workers’ - ie, the expendable, the worthless and non-productive, the seniors of society, who drain from our nation, not the “job-creators” we must bail out whenever their profits and salaries and wealth is threatened.
A system that marginalizes people in such ways has lost its way and all moral reason for being.

This government has lost all moral compass and thus legitimacy, and the society that allows such depraved indifference is also complicit for tolerating it!


“ A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones”. ― Nelson Mandela

"…the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped. " ~ Hubert Humphrey

“Our society must make it right and possible for old people not to fear the young or be deserted by them, for the test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members”.~ Pearl S. Buck

And further - “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man." ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Those ships, and those trapped people, are a metaphor for what the entire state of Florida — indeed, whole swaths of “Red State America” — are on the verge of experiencing, thanks entirely to an expeditious virus and the Republican hucksters who helped it spread. Thus far, COVID-19 has spent its wrath in places like New York, Seattle and Detroit. The storm is now coming to the farther reaches, to Fox News, to the doorstep of Trump’s most devout adherents, and it will be a horror when it happens.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, of course, but if I don’t say it out loud, my head will become a pillar of fire and that purring cat will run screaming. Never in history have two organizations — Fox and the GOP — been more utterly devoted to destroying their own foundations, and it is a dismal thing to encompass.

My heart is shattered at the thought of what is to come. I wish most devoutly that it was going to be different than it is, but that is futility. All of us — Red States and Blue States — are on the verge of bearing witness to a bloodletting that will leave us on our knees. It did not have to be this way, and I can’t stop weeping.

Fox News Has Been Lying Its Aging Viewers Into Early Graves
by William Rivers Pitt


Faux Noose was founded by GOP operatives in 1996 for the purpose of “lying its aging voters into early graves”. That is why US life expectancy has been declining for the past two decades, especially among the FOX cult.


Certainly more help is needed. However, it should be tied to filling out the 2020 Census rather than filing of income taxes. That will get to every one with the added benefit of boosting census response to the maximum, thereby granting all localities proper legislative representation and funding.

Pass this along to your congress people if you can. I believe this would help all.


Hi drone 1066:
RE: you comment, “there are no saviors.”
I guess that’s right ,as in the story, Jesus was done in by his friends and the money changers.

This needs to be posted over at Fox News.
The Prosperity Gospel says if I kiss Trump’s ass, kick a Muslim every morning, build that wall, force the homeless off my block and tithe to my fav evangelical born again preacher I’ll get rich. THAT’S WHAT JESUS WANTS FOR ME!


In my general estimation “we” are turning the community transmission corner just about now. Just because we’re going to find more cases with more testing doesn’t mean that actually community transmission hasn’t peaked, that you won’t be just a bit safer in the store next week. We’re still going to face a couple of peaks down the line: Institutional transmission hasn’t peaked and new deaths per day are at least two weeks away from peaking.

The “we” includes lots of people who took one for their neighbors. That includes the homeless who are struggling to stay warm but who are also struggling not to spread this thing. That includes the Amazon and UPS workers who risk getting fired in order not to risk giving their co-workers the corona, because they have consciences. That includes the people feeding the hungry, some of whom have weakened immune systems and are risking their lives. That includes the nurses working without a mask at nursing home chains.

Surviving the coronavirus requires that we release the kids from out of the kiddie cages before the prisons turn into coronavirus breeding grounds and the guards re-infect their local communities. We are all linked here.


Why didn’t the sentence end there.

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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man." ~ Mahatma Gandhi



In my general estimation, your baseless estimation would be a danger to the forum if anyone accorded it any credibility. I study the numbers intensively. I’m even relearning Python to automate my analysis, because pencil and paper is too slow for coronavirus.

The main point of my analysis, which applies to any region’s reporting, all over the world, is taking recoveries into account. This is crucial for anyone interested in navigating through incomplete data, largely due to suppressed testing. When recoveries are zero – that’s right folks, listen carefully: Zero recoveries are reported by 34 states. This indisputably indicates that testing has barely begun. Anyone willing to turn away from that obvious truth to express optimism about turning some corner, over and over, displays willful ignorance – a suspicious and deadly practice in these times.


"largely due to suppressed testing. "

Meaning inadequate testing?

First a march makes no sense when we need to be staying isolated for the near-term foreseeable future. Congress is gone now and may not return in 3 weeks if it’s deemed necessary to stay home due to the pandemic. So we’re screwed once again by the ruling classes. They get immediate relief and we wait for a system that has completely broken down because it was never meant to handle millions of claims as is now the case. It will only get worse this month as things disintegrate into further chaos. Rent, bills, all debt payments need to be suspended for at least four months. If smart, the president will cancel all debt and start afresh after the pandemic subsides. If not we will see further decay of a broken neo-liberal system. The collapse I’ve been predicting may be at hand. We’ll see. Maybe a few $trillion more of conjured dollars may allow this neo-liberal order to continue for a bit longer but its life support system of $trillions of printed money will be blown down as a house of cards, not if, but when. Suspend all payments for four months or chaos will assuredly follow.


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And here you go:


The hotter southern states have averted absolute disaster because they are warmer than the north.If Florida got a real cold snap their deaths would skyrocket like New York’s cooler climate allowed. Same with all the south as the bone-headed governors didn’t do a damn thing until way too late to matter. My state of New Mexico has been on lock-down for over two weeks already. Schools, bars, restaurants, theaters, etc, have been closed for a while now and I’m guessing we won’t have the percentile numbers of GOP controlled states that did nothing. Even today there are still states without saftey measures in place.