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The Pope Smokes Out Congress on Climate Change


The Pope Smokes Out Congress on Climate Change

Michael Winship

The funniest line of the last few days came from Arizona’s Republican Congressman Paul Gosar.


Because the Vatican is a state, Mr. Winship, and the fact the Pope is head of state, that, is the reason the Pope's appearance before congress is appropriate, the Pope's is a state visit. That is also why he is invited to speak before the United Nations. Winship reminds me of those who post here on Bernie issues, with their endless, "I agree with Bernie on X, but he is late to the game, and what about Y, and Z, or other irrelevancy. Did the Bolivians give the Pope a 21 Gun Salute because he is Pope, nope, it is an appropriate way to greet heads of state.

I doubt, the Pope, or any single individual, can as the Nation writer opined, " ... single-handedly reshape climate politics, especially in this country, ..."


Do religions remember that Jesus acted like a liberal and the Devil acts like a conservative? They seem to have it backwards.


Capitalism was the economic system that initiated and drove the industrialization of the western world--its precepts of continuous growth and profiting regardless of the long term consequences to people or the planet are exactly the fundamental reasons we are in the mess we are in. Cap and trade have minimal impact--not zero, but not enough to curb the ever rising pollution that continues to endanger us all.


Agreed. Plus, Netanyahu is a "Jewish" head of state, so why is his presence any the more legitimate.


I am sorry, I will say it again, I am sorry...for what you might ask...I'm sorry for the state of politics in AZ. I have lived here off and on since 1959 and have done nothing to correct the mind-set of the flat-brain society. It is the heat, honestly, brains get cooked here. With over 300 days a year of complete and total sunlight and no seasonal changes to speak of we all have flat-brain dis-ease. Some we send away to the government in D.C. knowing full well that we send rattle snakes, they too have flat brain dis-ease. If any of you are thinking of visiting the Grand Canyon or such natural wonders, if you stay above the 5,000 foot level you will be safe, I think, maybe, I don't know. I can't think, my brain is flat, so is the earth...from Phoenix with love, onedman


While not doubting some benefits of cap and trade policy; have you been following what Volkswagen and possibly more automakers, have done in the name of capitalism and free enterprise, competition, etc. They've " screwed the pooch " in so many different ways even the financial analysts can't get their heads around it. And, self-regulating free markets is a disaster waiting to happen all over the globe. Do you really think these captured regulatory businesses are reporting accurate emissions data, etc? Having been involved in marketing and international business you can't trust these gov'ts ( or the businesses they front for ) to do the right thing when many billions of $$$$ and thousands and thousands of jobs are at stake. Truth in advertising, like truth in lending, shouldn't have to involve a NY City phone books worth of paper if everyone is working together to improve air quality and save the planet, should it? :wink: Hint: Sorry, but they're not.


The Soviet Union may have called themselves "socialist" but they still existed in, and competed against the capitalist system. that is what Khrushchev meant when he said "we will bury you" (in abundant and cheap consumer stuff). However, you really need to clarify what you mean by "industrial society" because unless you are suggesting a return to the bronze age or something, we are not going to do away with organizations engaged in industrial activity. The issue is the kind of industrial activity not the activity itself.


Ha!!!! Great one!!1


I do not know what you all are smokin'.... but if you ask me.... there is not real effort towards mitigating climate change, unless we reduce demand ....now, what I mean by that and what some others mean by that.... are two different things......like if you really want to reduce we'd get rid of almost all luxury oriented activities and manufactured items.... WHY? Because if we are not already in abrupt climate change, then we are so close to it we are kissing it's *ss..... so, we cannot WAIT for various programs to "kick in" ... when we say that certain programs have already made a difference... well, I say look at world wide emissions... THEY ARE STILL RISING.... okay so... the rate of emissions rise has slowed ever so sligghtly ...more due to slowing of world economies... but we are STILL INCREASING EMISSIONS..... so, I say, we TAKE SOME DRASTIC MEASURES..... make a REAL DIFFERENCE...Why is it we think we should manufacture enough renewable equipment to make electricity for professional sports stadiums and casinos and indoor beaches... is just ... well, delusional... we are never going to have the world we have now with renewables... even if we manage to produce a decent amount of them.... and we should not have the world we have now... we HAVE TO CHANGE OUR EXPECTATIONS OF LIFE.... that will make a difference....


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you funny guy. lived in tucson for a long time. :O)


Well geez polarbear4, did you laugh? I sure hope so hehehe


you described it well and with humor. politics in Arizona is just strange, b/c there are actually a lot of progs there (at least in Tucson and Flagstaff, ahem). always the rivalry b/w Phoenix and Tucson, eh?


Gotta love Michael Winship! I do, I do. This Congress has some of the most pronounced ignorant people. Unfortunately this means that a large number of people, lacking in good investigative decision making, are running around out there, and may push that same button again, if someone does not take the time to inform them. I mean really inform them.


Because for all his faults, BiBi was actually elected. The pope and the college of cardinals are unelected self appointed oligarchs in charge of a large cult.


There a lot of progressives here in "the pit" as well but something happens when you enter sun-city...the big thingy is Tucson and Flagstaff are college towns and still towns, "the pit" is just that, a pit full of vipers...funny, when we moved here in 1959 the population was 20,000, it was a very clean town with no trash on the streets and citrus groves everywhere and in the spring the smells were amazing...I'd move to Flag in a heart-beat if it weren't for poverty.